World Cup

TITLE TEAMS: Belgium v Brazil
Friday, July 6, 2018
 Full TimeFS1/TELE
 0-1Fernandinho (og) 13'
 0-2K. De Bruyne  31'
Renato Augusto  76' 1-2 
BRAFernandinho (og) 13' 0-1
BELK. De Bruyne  31' 0-2
BRARenato Augusto  76' 1-2
HT: 0-2
Kazan Arena (Attendance: 42,873)
Referee: Milorad Mazic
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Brazil vs. Belgium
Minute Commentary
90' Brazil heads home
For the fourth consecutive World Cup, Brazil has been eliminated by a European team.
90' Belgium moves on to the Semifinals
With Belgium's 2-1 victory, they move on to the semifinals where they will face France on July 10th. This is the second time that Belgium has advanced to the semifinals of a World Cup, the first time came back in 1986 where they lost to Diego Maradona and Argentina.
90' And it's OVER!!!!!
Milorad Mazic has blown the whistle and the match is over!!!! Belgium holds on for the 2-1 victory over Brazil. An outstanding effort by the Belgium defense and keeper Thibaut Courtois made several world class saves, and an own goal by Brazil along with a masterful strike by Kevin De Bruyne provide the scoring. Belgium moves on to the semi-finals while Brazil is going home.
90' WOW!!!!!
Courtois saves the day for Belgium with an outstanding save on the curling shot from Neymar just outside the box. That ball was headed for the back of the net, but Courtois managed to leap up and deflect the shot over the crossbar with his left hand.
90' Coutinho's shot blocked
A mass of red shirts are right there at the top of the box to block the shot off the foot of Philippe Coutinho. And Eden Hazard earns a foul on the counter attack in the attacking half.
90' Dangerous cross goes out
A brilliant cross by Fagner toward the far post is just missed by Neymar and goes out for a goal kick.
90' Stoppage Time added
Five minutes of stoppage time has been added to the match.
90' Fagner shown a Yellow Card
Fagner has been shown a yellow card after a tactical foul on Eden Hazard to prevent a Belgium counter attack.
86' Belgium makes their second change
Belgium and Roberto Martinez has made their second change of the match, sending on Youri Tielemans in place of Romelu Lukaku.
85' Fernandinho shown a Yellow Card
Fernandinho is shown a yellow card by referee Milorad Mazic after a hard tactical foul on Eden Hazard just inside the attacking half.
84' Countinho misses wildly
Neymar makes a brilliant run down the left wing, and leaves off a great pass to the top of the box where a charging Philippe Coutinho has a chance to even the score but Countinho misses well high and wide to the right.
82' Beligum makes a change
Belgium has made a change, sending on Thomas Vermaelen in place of Nacer Chadli. Belgium has two more subs.
81' Augusto misses an open chance
Renato Augusto has a brilliant chance to level the score with a free run at the top of the box but he pulls the shot wide left of the post.
78' Firmino nearly levels the score
A counter attack by Brazil nearly results in the score tied. Neymar flicks a pass into the box to the feet of Roberto Firmino who tries to spin and get one past Courtois but he can't get the shot on target, as it goes out wide.
76' Brazil gets on the scoreboard!!!!
Brazil has scored!!!!! A brilliant cross from Philippe Coutinho finds Renato Augusto by the far post, and Augusto flicks it past a diving Thibaut Courtois to make it 2-1 Belgium with about 15 minutes left of regulation.
75' Courtois makes the save...again!!
A nice counter attack by Brazil leads to a long run down the right wing from Douglas Costa. Costa slows up and sends a shot toward goal but it is punched away by Thibaut Courtois. The ball finds the feet of Neymar but Neymar can't get the shot past Jan Vertonghen.
73' Brazil makes their final change
Brazil has now made their final change, sending on Renato Augusto for Paulinho.
72' Courtois makes the save
Thibaut Courtois makes another save as a shot comes through a pair of legs.
71' Yellow Card on Meunier after foul on Neymar
A hard foul by Thomas Meunier on Neymar gives the Belgium defender a yellow card from the referee Milorad Mazic. Meunier will miss the next match if Belgium holds on.
69' Play resumes
The delay is over and play has restarted. Both Fernandinho and Axel Witsel have been waved back onto the field by the referee.
68' Injury Delay
There is a stoppage in the match due to an injury on Fernandinho and on Axel Witsel.
63' Courtois keeps it 2-0 again
Another brilliant save by Thibaut Courtois, as a cross by Brazil looks to be heading to a teammate at the far post but a diving Courtois slaps it away from danger. Courtois has made several outstanding saves to keep Brazil off the scoresheet.
62' Belgium counter attack goes just wide
A poor touch by Brazil in the attacking half leads to another Belgium counter attack chance. Eden Hazard makes a great run down the left wing but his shot curls wide right of net.
60' Brazil on the attack
Brazil has been on the attack since the whistle starting the second half. Their pressure has made it difficult for Belgium to clear the ball out of their own half, and when they have, Brazil has gotten it right back. but so far, the Belgium defense has held strong led by Thibaut Courtois.
58' Brazil Substitution
Brazil has made their second change, sending on Douglas Costa in place of Gabriel Jesus.
57' No VAR penalty given
The review is over, and the discussion is upheld as no foul is called.
56' Possible VAR situation
There is a slight delay now, as the VAR room signals Milorad Mazic for a possible review of a foul on Vincent Kompany inside the box.
55' Courtois stays huge for Belgium
A loose ball down the right wing and inside the box finds the feet of Paulinho but Thibaut Courtois is right there and deflects the shot across the goal mouth. And Belgium clears it away from further danger.
51' Firmino just misses the cross
A great low cross by Marcelo slides just by the outstretched foot of Roberto Firmino and goes out for the goal kick. If Firmino gets a touch on that ball, the Belgium lead is most likely halved.
47' Alderweireld shown a Yellow Card
Toby Alderweireld has been shown the match's first yellow card, after a tactical foul to break up a Brazil counter attack chance.
46' Paulinho foul gives Belgium set piece chance
A foul by Paulinho on the right wing gives Belgium another set piece chance. Kevin De Bruyne stands over the free kick
46' And the second half is underway
The second half has begun with Belgium starting with possession moving left to right. Belgium did not make a change at halftime, Brazil sent on Roberto Firmino, replacing Willian.
45' Halftime changes: Brazil
Tite makes a change in the lineup coming out of halftime, sending on Roberto Firmino for Willian.
45' And that's the half, Belgium leads 2-0.
Halftime has been called in this match. Belgium leads 2-0 over Brazil thanks to an own goal by Fernandinho off a corner kick early, and a world-class goal by Kevin De Bruyne later on.
45' Neymar caught offsides
Neymar is caught just offsides while making a nice run down the left wing.
45' Stoppage time added
One minute of stoppage time has been added to the first half.
42' Alisson keeps it 2-0
On the corner kick by Nacer Chadli, a low inswinging ball, the kick is deflected on target near post by Vincent Kompany but the Belgium defender is unable to put much on it and Brazil keeper Alisson grabs the shot for the save.
41' Alisson punches De Bruyne's shot over the bar
Kevin De Bruyne sends the free kick on frame but Alisson gets a clean look at it and punches it over the crossbar for the Belgium corner kick.
40' Belgium gains a set piece chance right outside the box
A foul by Paulinho on Kevin De Bruyne sets up Belgium with a golden set piece opportunity just outside the box. Kevin De Bruyne steps up to take the free kick.
37' Courtois saves Belgium again
A short corner by Brazil gives Philippe Coutinho some space outside the box, and he nearly takes advantage. But Thibaut Courtois leaps to his left and gets both hands on it to punch it clear of goal. Courtois has made several outstanding saves to keep a clean sheet so far.
36' Gabriel Jesus' header goes just wide
A cross by Marcelo finds Gabriel Jesus alone in the middle of the box but he can't get the header on target.
31' BELIGUM LEADS 2-0!!!!!
On the counter attack once again for Belgium. Off the ensuing corner kick from Brazil, Belgium races down field with Romelu Lukaku. The Manchester United striker makes a brilliant run down the center of the field. He finds Kevin De Bruyne on the right wing at the top of the box, and the Manchester City midfielder blasts one past Alisson into the side netting for a Belgium 2-0 lead.
30' Belgium's defense holds strong
The cross in by Brazil finds some open space and comes to the feet of Fernandinho. But Belgium's defense reacts quickly and blocks the shot. Neymar finds some open space and his shot is deflected out for a corner kick.
29' Foul by Vertonghen gives Brazil a set piece chance
A foul by Jan Vertonghen gives Brazil a dangerous set piece chance down the right wing near the goal line and the corner flag.
24' Corner Kick much too long
The corner kick by Kevin De Bruyne is much too strong and goes all the way across the field and Belgium has to play the ball back, ending the threat.
23' Lukaku's nutmeg leads to a Belgium Corner
A Belgium counter attack, featuring a nutmeg by Romelu Lukaku, leads to another Belgium corner kick.
21' Witsel's foul ends Belgium's attack
A foul by Axel Witsel on Fernandinho ends the Belgium attack. Brazil's defense blocked or intercepted several dangerous looking crosses from the wings but they hold strong.
19' Courtois smothers Coutinho's shot
Philippe Coutinho finds some space outside the Belgium box and sends a low drive on net but Thibaut Courtois sees it clearly and catches it easily.
16' Belgium's defense swarming
Brazil keeps coming, trying to find the equalizer in the match. The five-time World Cup champions get another golden opportunity but the Belgium defense swarms back and smothers a shot right near the six-yard box.
15' Courtois' punch saves Belgium
A great cross from Willian down the right wing looks dangerous but the Belgium keeper Thibaut Courtois dives to his right and punches the ball clear.
On the first corner kick for Belgium, Brazil's defender Fernandinho deflects the kick into the back of the net for the own goal. Nacer Chadli is the one who sent the kick into the box. Belgium takes the early 1-0 lead.
12' Belgium struggling to find their footing
The constant pressure by Brazil has seemingly put Belgium on the back foot as the Red Devils are having trouble building out of the back.
10' Scramble in the box leads to another Brazil corner
Brazil comes right back on the attack and there is a scramble in front of Thibaut Courtois and the net. In the end, the ball is cleared away for a Brazil corner kick. The kick finds some open space in the box but Paulinho can't get enough on the shot to find the back of the net.
9' Chadli's shot off target
On the counter attack, Belgium finds Romelu Lukaku racing down the left wing. The Brazil defense scrambles back to slow up the attack but a loose ball comes to Nacer Chadli outside the box but the hero of the previous match pulls his shot wide left of net.
3' Turnover leads to Brazil's first chance
A turnover by Belgium along the left wing gives Brazil and Neymar their first chance in the match. However Neymar's cross is too close to Thibaut Courtois and the Belgium keeper springs off his line and makes the easy catch.
2' De Bruyne gets match's first shot
Kevin De Bruyne gathers a loose ball in the attacking half and tries to test Brazil keeper Alisson early but he pulls the right-footed wide left of goal.
1' And we are underway in Kazan
The referee has blown the whistle and the match has begun. Brazil starts with possession moving left to right.
0' Lineup and Formation: Belgium
Belgium and manager Roberto Martinez will send out his team in a 3-4-3 formation, with Thibaut Courtois in net, Toby Alderweireld, Vincent Kompany and Jan Vertonghen as the defense, Thomas Meunier, Marouane Fellaini, Axel Witsel and Nacer Chadli as the midfield, and up top will be Kevin De Bruyne, Romelu Lukaku and Eden Hazard as the strikers.
0' Lineup and Formation: Brazil
Brazil and manager Tite will send out this lineup in a 4-5-1 formation. Alisson will be in net, with Fagner, Miranda, Thiago Silva and Marcelo, who returns from injury, making up the defense. In the midfield will be Paulinho, Fernandinho, Willian, Philippe Coutinho and Neymar, with Gabriel Jesus playing up top as the lone striker.
0' How they got here: Belgium
Belgium cruised through group play, finishing with a 3-0-0 record and scoring 9 goals in the process. However, the Red Devils had to come back from a 2-0 second half deficit in order to get past Japan in the Round of 16. Nacer Chadli scored the game winner in the 94th minute to complete the comeback.
0' Which Streak will end tonight?
Both Brazil and Beligum enter tonight's match looking to break some interesting streaks. Brazil has been eliminated by a European side in each of the previous three World Cups, their last knockout victory over a European side was a 2-0 victory over Germany in the 2002 World Cup Final. Belgium has never beaten a South American side in the knockout stages, failing to score even a single goal in any of those matches.
0' Battle of Two Heavyweights
The match up tonight in Kazan is one between heavyweights. Both Brazil and Belgium were considered favorites to make long runs in the World Cup. With disappointing performances by Germany, Portugal, Argentina and Spain, these two sides are considered the best remaining in the field.
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
90' Fagner22
Thiago Silva2
73' Paulinho15
85' 13' Fernandinho17
46' Willian19
Philippe Coutinho11
58' Gabriel Jesus9
Ederson Moraes23
Pedro Geromel4
73' 76' Renato Augusto8
58' Douglas Costa7
46' Roberto Firmino20
1Thibaut Courtois
2Toby Alderweireld 47'
4Vincent Kompany
5Jan Vertonghen
15Thomas Meunier 71'
8Marouane Fellaini
6Axel Witsel
22Nacer Chadli 83'
7Kevin De Bruyne 31' 
9Romelu Lukaku 87'
10Eden Hazard
12Simon Mignolet
13Koen Casteels
3Thomas Vermaelen 83'
20Dedryck Boyata
23Leander Dendoncker
17Youri Tielemans 87'
19Moussa Dembele
16Thorgan Hazard
11Yannick Carrasco
14Dries Mertens
21Michy Batshuayi
18Adnan Januzaj
Roberto Martínez 
22 Fagner
Yellow Card 90'
2 Thiago Silva
3 Miranda
12 Marcelo
15 Paulinho
Substitution Renato Augusto (on) 73'
17 Fernandinho
Yellow Card 85'
Goal 13' (Own Goal)
19 Willian
Substitution Roberto Firmino (on) 46'
11Philippe Coutinho
10 Neymar
9 Gabriel Jesus
Substitution Douglas Costa (on) 58'
16 Cássio
23 Ederson Moraes
6 Filipe Luis
4Pedro Geromel
13 Marquinhos
8 Renato Augusto
Substitution Renato Augusto (on) 73'
Goal 76'
18 Fred
7 Douglas Costa
Substitution Douglas Costa (on) 58'
20Roberto Firmino
Substitution Roberto Firmino (on) 46'
21 Taison
1Thibaut Courtois
2Toby Alderweireld
Yellow Card 47'
4Vincent Kompany
5Jan Vertonghen
15Thomas Meunier
Yellow Card 71'
8Marouane Fellaini
6Axel Witsel
22Nacer Chadli
Substitution Thomas Vermaelen (on) 83'
7Kevin De Bruyne
Goal 31'
9Romelu Lukaku
Substitution Youri Tielemans (on) 87'
10Eden Hazard
12Simon Mignolet
13Koen Casteels
3Thomas Vermaelen
Substitution Nacer Chadli (off) 83'
20Dedryck Boyata
23Leander Dendoncker
17Youri Tielemans
Substitution Romelu Lukaku (off) 87'
19Mousa Dembélé
16Thorgan Hazard
11Yannick Carrasco
14Dries Mertens
21Michy Batshuayi
18Adnan Januzaj
Roberto Martínez 
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Team Stats
BrazilBRA BelgiumBEL
1 Goals 2
1 Assists 1
26 Shots 8
9 Shots on Goal 3
2 Saves 9
0 Penalties Scored 0
0 Penalty Kicks 0
31 Crosses 9
8 Corner Kicks 4
1 Offside 0
14 Fouls Committed 16
2 Cautions/Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
57% Ball Possession 43%
No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1Alisson 90 - 0 0 2 2
2Thiago Silva 90 0 0 0 - -
3Miranda 90 0 0 0 - -
9Gabriel Jesus 58 0 0 0 - -
10Neymar 90 0 0 0 - -
11Philippe Coutinho 90 0 0 0 - -
12Marcelo 90 0 0 0 - -
15Paulinho 73 0 0 0 - -
17Fernandinho 90 0 1 0 - -
19Willian 45 0 0 0 - -
22Fagner 90 0 1 0 - -
7Douglas Costa 32 0 0 0 - -
8Renato Augusto 17 1 0 0 - -
20Roberto Firmino 45 0 0 0 - -

No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1Thibaut Courtois 90 - 0 0 1 9
2Toby Alderweireld 90 0 1 0 - -
4Vincent Kompany 90 0 0 0 - -
5Jan Vertonghen 90 0 0 0 - -
6Axel Witsel 90 0 0 0 - -
7Kevin De Bruyne 90 1 0 0 - -
8Marouane Fellaini 90 0 0 0 - -
9Romelu Lukaku 87 0 0 0 - -
10Eden Hazard 90 0 0 0 - -
15Thomas Meunier 90 0 1 0 - -
22Nacer Chadli 83 0 0 0 - -
3Thomas Vermaelen 7 0 0 0 - -
17Youri Tielemans 3 0 0 0 - -
BrazilBRA vs. BelgiumBEL
Minute Event
90+6' Game Over Brazil 1-2 Belgium
90+6' Half Over Brazil 1-2 Belgium
90+5' Free Kick Miranda (Brazil)
90+5' Foul Firmino fouled by Marouane Fellaini (Belgium)
90+5' Corner Kick Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium) - Completed Pass
90+5' Cross Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium) - Blocked
90+5' Goal Kick Thibaut Courtois (Belgium)
90+4' Shot Roberto Firmino (Brazil)
90+4' Cross Neymar (Brazil) - Off Target
90+4' Corner Kick Neymar (Brazil) - Off Target
90+4' Shot on Goal Neymar (Brazil)
90+3' Free Kick Miranda (Brazil)
90+3' Foul Eden Hazard (Belgium)
90+3' Free Kick Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium)
90+3' Foul Hazard fouled by Miranda (Brazil)
90+2' Shot Philippe Coutinho (Brazil)
90+1' Goal Kick Thibaut Courtois (Belgium)
90+1' Injury Time (Belgium)
90+1' Cross Fagner (Brazil) - Directly Out
90' Free Kick Vincent Kompany (Belgium)
90' Yellow Card Fagner (Brazil)
90' Foul Hazard fouled by Fagner (Brazil)
89' Cross Marcelo (Brazil) - Headed Out - In Play
89' Throw-In Marcelo (Brazil)
88' Goal Kick Thibaut Courtois (Belgium)
87' Free Kick Axel Witsel (Belgium)
87' Substitution Youri Tielemans (on). Lukaku (off). (Belgium)
86' Foul Fellaini fouled by Miranda (Brazil)
86' Free Kick Axel Witsel (Belgium)
86' Foul Witsel fouled by Roberto Firmino (Brazil)
85' Free Kick Axel Witsel (Belgium)
85' Yellow Card Fernandinho (Brazil)
85' Foul Hazard fouled by Fernandinho (Brazil)
85' Goal Kick Thibaut Courtois (Belgium)
84' Shot Philippe Coutinho (Brazil)
84' Throw-In Jan Vertonghen (Belgium)
83' Goal Kick Thibaut Courtois (Belgium)
83' Substitution Thomas Vermaelen (on). Chadli (off). (Belgium)
81' Shot Renato Augusto (Brazil)
80' Cross Neymar (Brazil) - Headed Out - In Play
80' Corner Kick Neymar (Brazil) - Headed Out - In Play
79' Cross Douglas Costa (Brazil) - Blocked
79' Goal Kick Thibaut Courtois (Belgium)
78' Shot Roberto Firmino (Brazil)
78' Goal Kick Thibaut Courtois (Belgium)
76' Goal Renato Augusto (Brazil). Assist by Coutinho
76' Shot on Goal Renato Augusto (Brazil)
75' Cross Philippe Coutinho (Brazil) - Headed Out - In Play
75' Throw-In Marcelo (Brazil)
75' Shot Neymar (Brazil)
75' Shot on Goal Douglas Costa (Brazil)
75' Goal Kick Thibaut Courtois (Belgium)
74' Cross Douglas Costa (Brazil) - Directly Out
73' Free Kick Marcelo (Brazil)
73' Foul Coutinho fouled by Romelu Lukaku (Belgium)
73' Substitution Renato Augusto (on). Paulinho (off). (Brazil)
71' Shot on Goal Douglas Costa (Brazil)
71' Free Kick Fernandinho (Brazil)
71' Yellow Card Thomas Meunier (Belgium)
71' Foul Neymar fouled by Thomas Meunier (Belgium)
70' Shot Douglas Costa (Brazil)
70' Goal Kick Alisson (Brazil)
69' Free Kick Vincent Kompany (Belgium)
67' Foul Witsel fouled by Fernandinho (Brazil)
67' Throw-In Nacer Chadli (Belgium)
67' Throw-In Jan Vertonghen (Belgium)
66' Free Kick Paulinho (Brazil)
66' Foul Neymar fouled by Toby Alderweireld (Belgium)
65' Throw-In Nacer Chadli (Belgium)
64' Free Kick Toby Alderweireld (Belgium)
64' Foul Lukaku fouled by Miranda (Brazil)
63' Shot Philippe Coutinho (Brazil)
63' Free Kick Axel Witsel (Belgium)
63' Foul Hazard fouled by Fagner (Brazil)
62' Shot on Goal Douglas Costa (Brazil)
62' Goal Kick Alisson (Brazil)
62' Shot Eden Hazard (Belgium)
61' Free Kick Miranda (Brazil)
60' Foul Marouane Fellaini (Belgium)
60' Shot Marcelo (Brazil)
59' Throw-In Fagner (Brazil)
59' Free Kick Nacer Chadli (Belgium)
59' Foul Hazard fouled by Fagner (Brazil)
58' Throw-In Thomas Meunier (Belgium)
58' Substitution Douglas Costa (on). Gabriel Jesus (off). (Brazil)
57' Throw-In Marcelo (Brazil)
57' Goal Kick Thibaut Courtois (Belgium)
55' Cross Neymar (Brazil) - Clearance In Play
55' Corner Kick Marcelo (Brazil) - Completed Pass
55' Shot on Goal Paulinho (Brazil)
54' Cross Marcelo (Brazil) - Completed Pass
54' Free Kick Thiago Silva (Brazil)
53' Foul Fagner fouled by Eden Hazard (Belgium)
53' Cross Gabriel Jesus (Brazil) - Clearance In Play
53' Throw-In Marcelo (Brazil)
52' Free Kick Miranda (Brazil)
52' Foul Miranda fouled by Romelu Lukaku (Belgium)
52' Shot Philippe Coutinho (Brazil)
52' Throw-In Neymar (Brazil)
52' Cross Marcelo (Brazil) - Clearance Out of Play
51' Goal Kick Thibaut Courtois (Belgium)
51' Shot Roberto Firmino (Brazil)
51' Cross Marcelo (Brazil) - Off Target
51' Throw-In Marcelo (Brazil)
50' Throw-In Thomas Meunier (Belgium)
50' Throw-In Philippe Coutinho (Brazil)
50' Cross Roberto Firmino (Brazil) - Clearance Out of Play
48' Free Kick Thiago Silva (Brazil)
47' Yellow Card Toby Alderweireld (Belgium)
47' Foul Paulinho fouled by Toby Alderweireld (Belgium)
47' Free Kick Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium)
46' Foul Hazard fouled by Paulinho (Brazil)
46' Substitution Roberto Firmino (on). Willian (off). (Brazil)
46' Start Half
45+2' Half Over Brazil 0-2 Belgium
45+2' Free Kick Marouane Fellaini (Belgium)
45+1' Offside Neymar (Brazil)
45' Injury Time (Belgium)
45' Cross Neymar (Brazil) - Blocked
44' Throw-In Miranda (Brazil)
42' Shot on Goal Vincent Kompany (Belgium)
42' Cross Nacer Chadli (Belgium) - On Target
42' Corner Kick Nacer Chadli (Belgium) - On Target
41' Shot on Goal Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium)
41' Free Kick Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium)
40' Foul De Bruyne fouled by Paulinho (Brazil)
38' Cross Fernandinho (Brazil) - Clearance In Play
38' Cross Willian (Brazil) - Headed Out - In Play
38' Corner Kick Willian (Brazil) - Headed Out - In Play
37' Shot on Goal Philippe Coutinho (Brazil)
37' Corner Kick Neymar (Brazil) - Completed Pass
37' Cross Marcelo (Brazil) - Blocked
37' Throw-In Fagner (Brazil)
36' Goal Kick Thibaut Courtois (Belgium)
36' Shot Gabriel Jesus (Brazil)
36' Cross Marcelo (Brazil) - Off Target
35' Free Kick Marcelo (Brazil)
35' Foul Coutinho fouled by Marouane Fellaini (Belgium)
34' Throw-In Nacer Chadli (Belgium)
33' Cross Willian (Brazil) - Clearance In Play
31' Goal Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium). Assist by Lukaku
31' Shot on Goal Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium)
31' Cross Neymar (Brazil) - Headed Out - In Play
31' Corner Kick Neymar (Brazil) - Headed Out - In Play
30' Shot Neymar (Brazil)
30' Shot Fernandinho (Brazil)
30' Cross Willian (Brazil) - Headed Out - In Play
30' Free Kick Willian (Brazil)
29' Foul Paulinho fouled by Jan Vertonghen (Belgium)
29' Free Kick Thiago Silva (Brazil)
28' Foul Paulinho fouled by Eden Hazard (Belgium)
26' Free Kick Marcelo (Brazil)
26' Foul Marcelo fouled by Romelu Lukaku (Belgium)
26' Cross Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium) - Headed Out - In Play
26' Shot on Goal Marcelo (Brazil)
26' Throw-In Fagner (Brazil)
25' Throw-In Thomas Meunier (Belgium)
23' Cross Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium) - Completed Pass
23' Corner Kick Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium) - Completed Pass
22' Cross Willian (Brazil) - Clearance In Play
22' Free Kick Fernandinho (Brazil)
21' Foul Fernandinho fouled by Eden Hazard (Belgium)
21' Cross Thomas Meunier (Belgium) - Headed Out - In Play
21' Cross Thomas Meunier (Belgium) - Blocked
21' Throw-In Nacer Chadli (Belgium)
20' Free Kick Axel Witsel (Belgium)
20' Foul Witsel fouled by Gabriel Jesus (Brazil)
19' Shot on Goal Philippe Coutinho (Brazil)
19' Throw-In Thomas Meunier (Belgium)
18' Cross Nacer Chadli (Belgium) - Headed Out - In Play
17' Throw-In Fagner (Brazil)
17' Throw-In Jan Vertonghen (Belgium)
16' Cross Marcelo (Brazil) - Clearance In Play
16' Throw-In Marcelo (Brazil)
15' Cross Marcelo (Brazil) - Blocked
15' Shot Gabriel Jesus (Brazil)
15' Cross Neymar (Brazil) - Off Target
15' Cross Willian (Brazil)
13' Own Goal Fernandinho (Belgium)
13' Shot Vincent Kompany (Belgium)
13' Cross Nacer Chadli (Belgium) - Off Target
13' Corner Kick Nacer Chadli (Belgium) - Off Target
13' Shot Marouane Fellaini (Belgium)
12' Throw-In Nacer Chadli (Belgium)
11' Free Kick Thomas Meunier (Belgium)
11' Foul Hazard fouled by Marcelo (Brazil)
10' Shot Paulinho (Brazil)
10' Cross Willian (Brazil) - Off Target
10' Corner Kick Willian (Brazil) - Off Target
10' Shot Paulinho (Brazil)
10' Cross Marcelo (Brazil) - Headed Out - In Play
9' Goal Kick Alisson (Brazil)
8' Shot Nacer Chadli (Belgium)
8' Shot Eden Hazard (Belgium)
8' Cross Romelu Lukaku (Belgium) - Defended
8' Shot Thiago Silva (Brazil)
8' Cross Neymar (Brazil) - Completed Pass
8' Corner Kick Neymar (Brazil) - Completed Pass
7' Cross Marcelo (Brazil) - Blocked
7' Free Kick Miranda (Brazil)
6' Foul Neymar fouled by Marouane Fellaini (Belgium)
5' Free Kick Neymar (Brazil)
5' Foul Coutinho fouled by Marouane Fellaini (Belgium)
4' Throw-In Marcelo (Brazil)
4' Free Kick Jan Vertonghen (Belgium)
4' Foul Witsel fouled by Willian (Brazil)
3' Cross Neymar (Brazil)
3' Throw-In Thomas Meunier (Belgium)
3' Throw-In Jan Vertonghen (Belgium)
2' Goal Kick Alisson (Brazil)
2' Shot Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium)
2' Goal Kick Alisson (Brazil)
1' Throw-In Jan Vertonghen (Belgium)
1' Start Half
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