World Cup

TITLE TEAMS: Tunisia v Panama
Thursday, June 28, 2018
 Full TimeFS1/NBCU
Y. Meriah (og) 33' 1-0 
 1-1F. Ben Youssef  51'
 1-2W. Khazri  66'
TUNY. Meriah (og) 33' 1-0
TUNF. Ben Youssef  51' 1-1
TUNW. Khazri  66' 1-2
HT: 1-0
Mordovia Arena (Attendance: 37,168)
Referee: Nawaf Abdulla Shukralla
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CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Panama vs. Tunisia
Minute Commentary
90' Tunisia earn themselves a win
In the final group stage game of the entire 2018 World Cup, Tunisia come out a head over Panama. Neither team had points before the match and the African side come away with all three points from the game. They were simply the better team this game and deserved the win. Though it may not have been the most clean or skilled game of the tournament, Tunisia will still be happy with the result. Despite not winning any points, Panama fans will still be happy because the team made its' first ever World Cup and scored two goals. It is an important moment for the country and they will still be celebrating when the team returns home.
90' Game over
Tunisia earn the win in a 2-1 victory over Panama.
90' Another yellow
Luis Tejada earns himself a yellow card after following the ball in and making contact with Aymen Mathlouthi.
90' Panama freekick
Panama earn a dangerous freekick near the Tunisian penalty area. Edgar Barcenas takes the kick. His shot is on-target but Aymen Mathlouthi is right there to catch the ball.
90' Tunisia yellow
Ghaylen Chaaleli gets himself a yellow card after a tough foul on Anibal Godoy. It's the third yellow card Tunisia has gotten this match. Panama take the free kick and go on a quick attack. Anibal Godoy has a chance to score but puts his shot wide of the post.
90' Five minutes added on
At least five more minutes will be played in this match. Tunisia still hold the lead.
89' Tunisia substitution
Tunisia makes their final substitution bringing out Wahbi Khazri and replacing him with Bassem Srarfi.
84' Chaos on the sideline
The ball goes out for a throw-in. As Hamdi Naguez sets up to take the throw-in he is wasting time for his team. A Panama assistant coach tries to put the ball in Naguez's chest and the ref comes in to interfere and make sure nothing bad happens.
81' Panama sub
Panama brings in Abdiel Arroyo for Ricardo Avila to help them get a goal that will equalize this match.
80' Another yellow
Gabriel Gomez is late with his challenge and stamps hard on the ankle of Ghaylen Chaaleli. Chaaleli goes down in pain.
78' Avila shown yellow
Ricardo Avila recklessly goes into a challenge on Fakhreddine Ben Youssef. He gets nowhere near the ball and is shown a yellow card for the tackle.
76' Tunisian substitution
Naim Sliti is subbed off for Ahmed Khalil in Tunisia's second sub of the match.
73' Panama thought they had a goal!
Luis Tejada is called for a foul in the lead-up to an attack. Edgar Barcenas took a shot and scored the goal but the ref called it back for the foul and no goal is given.
71' Tunisia yellow card
Substitute Anice Badri earns a yellow card for pulling on Edgar Barcenas. He earns a yellow card for this foul.
71' Panama shoots
Jose Rodriguez attempts his luck in the Tunisia penalty box. Tunisia was sloppy in defending inside their box and that allowed Jose Rodriguez to take a shot. His shot was very tame and Aymen Mathlouthi collects easily.
66' Tunisia take the lead
Tunisia have attacked well this match and this time they are rewarded with a goal yet again. Oussama Haddadi plays a back-and-forth with Anice Badri. Haddadi takes the ball close to the byline. He puts in his cross and no Panama player is able to clear the ball. Wahbi Khazri is at the back-post to put the ball in the net.
63' Madness in the box
Aymen Mathlouthi messes up on a punch from a cross as he runs into Luis Tejada. He tries to recover on the play and makes a save after Edgar Barcenas attempts a volley. The save deflects the ball into the air and eventually Tunisia wins the ball after offside is called on Panama.
58' Tunisia causing trouble
Since scoring the equalizer, Tunisia have continued to press and threaten another goal. They are controlling the ball in their offensive half. Panama has been up to the task of defending but they may not be able to hold out. Without captain Roman Torres it will be tough in defense without his presence.
56' Panama second substitution
Roman Torres has to leave the match after an injury sustained in a collision with Wahbi Khazri. Luis Tejada comes on in his place.
53' Tunisia close
Wahbi Khazri makes a strong run down the middle of the field. He holds off two defenders and loses the ball. The ball does fall to Fakhreddine Ben Youssef who takes a shot. His shot is saved by Jaime Penedo and deflects over for a goal kick.
51' Tunisia equalizes
Another great attacking play is finally rewarded for Tunisia. Naim Sliti controls the ball at the top of the penalty area. He slides the ball to Wahbi Khazri who is on the right side of the box. Khazri calmly slides the ball across the face of goal to Fakhreddine Ben Youssef who slots home his shot and gets a goal.
48' Tunisia threaten
Hamdi Naguez makes a strong run down the right, showing his strength by holding off Luis Ovalle. He puts in a cross but no Tunisian player is there to meet it. Adolfo Machado flicks the ball away from the danger area.
46' The half starts
Tunisia gets the half started. They will look to grab a goal and even up this game.
46' Tunisia also makes a sub
Ferjani Sassi is taken off for striker Anice Badri.
45' Half-time sub
Panama makes a change at the half. Harold Cummings comes on for Gabriel Torres.
45' Panama lead
Despite looking like the better team for most of the half, Tunisia finds themselves down 0-1 as they head into the locker room. Panama took full advantage of their few attacking opportunities to grab a goal off of a deflection by Yassine Meriah. Tunisia just needs to keep doing what they are doing but find that extra quality to get the ball into the net. Panama will most likely sit back like they have done and look for chances on the counter.
45' Half-time whistled
An own goal by Tunisia is the only thing separating these two sides at the half.
45' Great opportunity for Tunisia
Right as the injury time is announced, Tunisia construct a great attacking play. Wahbi Khazri shot is narrowly blocked by a Panama defender and the ball bounces in the penalty area. Jaime Penedo pushes the ball out of the danger area before a Tunisia player can take advantage of the loose ball.
45' Two minutes added
There will be at least two more minutes played in this half.
44' First yellow card
Ferjani Sassi commits a tactical foul on Jose Rodriguez as Panama attempt a counter-attack. The foul takes place near the half-way line.
41' Khazri strikes high
Once again Tunisia attack with pace and power down the left side. Oussama Haddadi's cross finds it's mark in Wahbi Khazri. Khazri takes his shot on the volley but he smashes it high of the goal.
39' Tunisia so close
Great passing play in around the Panama penalty area by the Tunisia team. Oussama Haddadi finds himself with the ball and in space on the right side of the penalty area. His cross gets to the head of Fakhreddine Ben Youssef. His header his just wide of the post.
36' Goal is changed to an Own Goal
FIFA credits the goal, as an Own Goal, to Yassine Meriah. The deflection of of Meriah took the ball the opposite way to catch the keeper going the wrong way.
33' Panama scores
Panama show some good attacking play. They have their first shot on goal but that is saved by Aymen Mathlouthi. They control the rebound and look for their next chance. Jose Rodriguez takes the shot and the ball is deflected by Yassine Meriah. The deflection changes the path of the ball the other way. Aymen Mathlouthi gets caught going the opposite way and the ball hits the back of the net.
29' Panama sits back
Panama's gameplan has been obvious since the start of this game. It is the same one they have had this entire tournament. They sit back deep and look to defend. They will take their chance on the counter-attck. Tunisia is looking to break through that deep defense with long balls over the top from Ferjani Sassi.
24' Sloppy game
The game has been incredibly sloppy with both teams playing errant passes and poor touches. There are frequent giveaways where the other team is able to start an attack but they eventually give it away. Tunisia has had the better chances thus far.
19' Tunisia corner
Wahbi Khazri swings the ball in from the right corner and he finds himself with the ball as it gets headed to him. His second cross is much better and the ball finds its' way to the head of Rami Bedoui. His header is on-target and Jaime Penedo is forced into a sliding save to keep the ball out.
16' Tunisia threaten
An excellent long ball finds its' way to Wahbi Khazri who times his run well to stay onside. The attack breaks down as Fakhreddine Ben Youssef has his shot blocked and the ball goes far from the penalty area.
12' Tunisian corner
Tunisia has been the better team so far this game. Wahbi Khazri wins a corner for his team. The ball is played out towards midfield and the cross from that area reaches no Tunisia player and gets cleared away.
10' Sliti misses again
Ferjani Sassi launches a great long ball from his own half to Wahbi Khazri who is in front of the Panama penalty area. Wahbi Khazri's first touch puts the ball to the rushing Naim Sliti. Sliti takes his shot but it goes well over the crossbar and out.
7' Sliti tries his luck
Tunisia bring the ball into the penalty area once again. The ball gets deflected up into the air and the ball drifts in the air to Naim Sliti. He attempts an athletic bicycle kick but takes his shot across the face of goal and wide of the post.
6' Tunisia chance
Naim Sliti works the ball down the left side and cuts the ball to fake out Adolfo Machado. He puts in the cross to Fakhreddine Ben Youssef but his shot is clunky and it bounces off both him and a Panama defender. Jaime Penedo collects the ball in the box.
6' Wasted opportunity
The freekick from Wahbi Khazri goes well over any heads of the Tunisian players and presents no danger to the Panama defense.
5' Khazri wins a freekick
Wahbi Khazri gets fouled in the Panama half off the right side of the penalty area. He stands over the freekick to take it.
3' Tunisia attack
Tunisia is the team that's attacking first. They were throwing balls into the box but were unable to get a shot off and test the goalkeeper.
1' Kick-off
Panama get the game started. Both teams are looking for their first points of this tournament in a game which they are already both eliminated from the tournament.
0' Teams are on the field
Panamaa and Tunisia are on the field. Panama in red jersey's and Tunisia in white.
0' Group G - Matchday 3 - Panama vs Tunisia
Tunisia and Panama have nothing to play for besides their pride. Both teams are knocked out of the tournament after two losses for each. Panama are competing in their first ever World Cup and fresh off scoring their first World Cup goal, they will be looking for their first points in the World Cup against the African side. Panama have not looked good this tournament but have one final chance to put on a good game for their fans that traveled all the way to Russia. Hernan Gomez has made a formation change along with personnel changes from the team that fell 1-6 to England. Starters Murillo and Cooper are suspended for this game due to consecutive yellow cards and number 10 Diaz will miss the game due to injury. Adolfo Machado, Luis Ovalle, Gabriel Torres, and Ricardo Avilla get the start in a 4-6-1 formation.<br> Tunisia are in a tight spot since injuries have ravaged the squad and leaves them with only one goalkeeper. Tunisia performed well against England though they struggled against Belgium. The team may struggle against Panama because of all the injuries. Defenders Syam Ben Youssef and Dylan Bronn are out injured and goalkeepers Mouez Hassen and Farouk Ben Mustapha are out. Captain Aymen Mathlouthi is forced into the starting line-up without any game time previously. Naim Sliti, Ghaylen Chaaleli, Rami Bedoui, and Oussama Haddadi come into the squad after not starting last game. The team will line-up in a 4-3-3 formation, same as they did against Belgium. With their backs up against the wall, Tunisia will find it tough to get a result. A tie or win would give Tunisia their first points of the tournament as well.
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Jaime Penedo1
Adolfo Machado13
56' Roman Torres5
Fidel Escobar4
Luis Ovalle17
Aníbal Godoy20
80' Gabriel Gomez6
78' 81' Ricardo Avila19
Edgar Barcenas8
46' Gabriel Torres9
Jose Rodriguez21
José Calderon12
Alex Rodríguez22
46' Harold Cummings3
Felipe Baloy23
Eric Davis15
Valentin Pimentel14
81' Abdiel Arroyo16
90+6' 56' Luis Tejada18
Blas Pérez7
16Aymen Mathlouthi
21Hamdi Naguez
6Rami Bedoui
4Yassine Meriah 33' 
5Oussama Haddadi
13Ferjani Sassi 44' 46'
17Ellyes Skhiri
20Ghilane Chaaleli 90+3'
8Fakhreddine Ben Youssef 51' 
10Wahbi Khazri 89' 66' 
23Naïm Sliti 77'
3Yohan Benalouane
12Ali Maaloul
9Anice Badri 71' 46'
14Mohamed Ben Amor
15Ahmed Khalil 77'
18Bassem Srarfi 89'
19Saber Khalifa
7Saîf-Eddine Khaoui
Hernan Dario Gomez 
Nabil Maaloul 
1Jaime Penedo
13Adolfo Machado
5Román Torres
Substitution Luis Tejada (on) 56'
4Fidel Escobar
17Luis Ovalle
20Aníbal Godoy
6Gabriel Gómez
Yellow Card 80'
19Ricardo Avila
Yellow Card 78'
Substitution Abdiel Arroyo (on) 81'
8Edgar Barcenas
9Gabriel Torres
Substitution Harold Cummings (on) 46'
21Jose Rodriguez
12José Calderón
22Alex Rodriguez
3Harold Cummings
Substitution Harold Cummings (on) 46'
23Felipe Baloy
15Eric Davis
14Valentín Pimentel
16Abdiel Arroyo
Substitution Abdiel Arroyo (on) 81'
18Luis Tejada
Yellow Card 90+6'
Substitution Luis Tejada (on) 56'
7Blas Pérez
Hernan Dario Gomez 
16Aymen Mathlouthi
21Hamdi Naguez
6Rami Bedoui
4Yassine Meriah
Goal 33' Own Goal
5Oussama Haddadi
13Ferjani Sassi
Yellow Card 44'
Substitution Anice Badri (on) 46'
17Ellyes Skhiri
20Ghilane Chaaleli
Yellow Card 90+3'
8Fakhreddine Ben Youssef
Goal 51'
10Wahbi Khazri
Substitution Bassem Srarfi (on) 89'
Goal 66'
23Naim Sliti
Substitution Ahmed Khalil (on) 77'
3Yohan Benalouane
12Ali Maaloul
9Anice Badri
Yellow Card 71'
Substitution Ferjani Sassi (off) 46'
14Mohamed Ben Amor
15Ahmed Khalil
Substitution Naim Sliti (off) 77'
18Bassem Srarfi
Substitution Wahbi Khazri (off) 89'
19Saber Khalifa
7Saif-Eddine Khaoui
Nabil Maaloul 
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Team Stats
PanamaPAN TunisiaTUN
1 Goals 2
0 Assists 2
9 Shots 15
4 Shots on Goal 7
5 Saves 4
0 Penalties Scored 0
0 Penalty Kicks 0
9 Crosses 22
0 Corner Kicks 6
4 Offside 1
18 Fouls Committed 19
3 Cautions/Yellow Cards 3
0 Red Cards 0
36% Ball Possession 64%
No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1Jaime Penedo 90 - 0 0 2 5
4Fidel Escobar 90 0 0 0 - -
5Roman Torres 56 0 0 0 - -
6Gabriel Gomez 90 0 1 0 - -
8Edgar Barcenas 90 0 0 0 - -
9Gabriel Torres 45 0 0 0 - -
13Adolfo Machado 90 0 0 0 - -
17Luis Ovalle 90 0 0 0 - -
19Ricardo Avila 81 0 1 0 - -
20Aníbal Godoy 90 0 0 0 - -
21Jose Rodriguez 90 0 0 0 - -
3Harold Cummings 45 0 0 0 - -
16Abdiel Arroyo 9 0 0 0 - -
18Luis Tejada 34 0 1 0 - -

No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
16Aymen Mathlouthi 90 - 0 0 1 4
4Yassine Meriah 90 0 0 0 - -
5Oussama Haddadi 90 0 0 0 - -
6Rami Bedoui 90 0 0 0 - -
8Fakhreddine Ben Youssef 90 1 0 0 - -
10Wahbi Khazri 89 1 0 0 - -
13Ferjani Sassi 45 0 1 0 - -
17Ellyes Skhiri 90 0 0 0 - -
20Ghilane Chaaleli 90 0 1 0 - -
21Hamdi Naguez 90 0 0 0 - -
23Naïm Sliti 77 0 0 0 - -
9Anice Badri 45 0 1 0 - -
15Ahmed Khalil 13 0 0 0 - -
18Bassem Srarfi 1 0 0 0 - -
PanamaPAN vs. TunisiaTUN
Minute Event
90+8' Game Over Panama 1-2 Tunisia
90+8' Half Over Panama 1-2 Tunisia
90+8' Free Kick Aymen Mathlouthi (Tunisia)
90+6' Yellow Card Luis Tejada (Panama)
90+6' Foul Mathlouthi fouled by Luis Tejada (Panama)
90+6' Shot on Goal Edgar Barcenas (Panama)
90+6' Free Kick Edgar Barcenas (Panama)
90+4' Foul Ahmed Khalil (Tunisia)
90+4' Goal Kick Aymen Mathlouthi (Tunisia)
90+3' Shot Aníbal Godoy (Panama)
90+3' Free Kick Jaime Penedo (Panama)
90+3' Yellow Card Ghaylen Chaaleli (Tunisia)
90+2' Foul Godoy fouled by Ghaylen Chaaleli (Tunisia)
90+2' Free Kick Luis Ovalle (Panama)
90+2' Foul Ovalle fouled by Anice Badri (Tunisia)
90+1' Free Kick Anice Badri (Tunisia)
90+1' Foul Srarfi fouled by Gabriel Gomez (Panama)
90' Injury Time (Tunisia)
90' Free Kick Aymen Mathlouthi (Tunisia)
90' Offside Abdiel Arroyo (Panama)
90' Cross Luis Ovalle (Panama) - Offside
89' Free Kick Adolfo Machado (Panama)
89' Foul Godoy fouled by Ahmed Khalil (Tunisia)
89' Goal Kick Aymen Mathlouthi (Tunisia)
89' Substitution Bassem Srarfi (on). Khazri (off). (Tunisia)
87' Throw-In Adolfo Machado (Panama)
86' Free Kick Ghaylen Chaaleli (Tunisia)
85' Foul Khazri fouled by Gabriel Gomez (Panama)
85' Goal Kick Jaime Penedo (Panama)
85' Free Kick Rami Bedoui (Tunisia)
84' Foul Chaaleli fouled by Luis Tejada (Panama)
84' Throw-In Hamdi Naguez (Tunisia)
83' Throw-In Hamdi Naguez (Tunisia)
83' Free Kick Luis Ovalle (Panama)
82' Foul Rodriguez fouled by Hamdi Naguez (Tunisia)
81' Free Kick Rami Bedoui (Tunisia)
81' Substitution Abdiel Arroyo (on). Avila (off). (Panama)
80' Yellow Card Gabriel Gomez (Panama)
79' Foul Chaaleli fouled by Gabriel Gomez (Panama)
79' Throw-In Hamdi Naguez (Tunisia)
78' Free Kick Hamdi Naguez (Tunisia)
78' Yellow Card Ricardo Avila (Panama)
78' Foul Ben Youssef fouled by Ricardo Avila (Panama)
77' Cross Edgar Barcenas (Panama)
77' Goal Kick Aymen Mathlouthi (Tunisia)
77' Substitution Ahmed Khalil (on). Sliti (off). (Tunisia)
76' Cross Ricardo Avila (Panama) - Directly Out
76' Free Kick Ricardo Avila (Panama)
75' Foul Rodriguez fouled by Anice Badri (Tunisia)
75' Free Kick Edgar Barcenas (Panama)
75' Foul Godoy fouled by Yassine Meriah (Tunisia)
74' Free Kick Adolfo Machado (Panama)
74' Foul Barcenas fouled by Ghaylen Chaaleli (Tunisia)
73' Free Kick Aymen Mathlouthi (Tunisia)
72' Foul Meriah fouled by Luis Tejada (Panama)
72' Throw-In Hamdi Naguez (Tunisia)
72' Free Kick Gabriel Gomez (Panama)
71' Yellow Card Anice Badri (Tunisia)
71' Foul Barcenas fouled by Anice Badri (Tunisia)
70' Shot on Goal Jose Rodriguez (Panama)
70' Throw-In Luis Ovalle (Panama)
70' Free Kick Luis Ovalle (Panama)
70' Foul Gomez fouled by Fakhreddine Ben Youssef (Tunisia)
69' Throw-In Luis Ovalle (Panama)
68' Throw-In Luis Ovalle (Panama)
68' Throw-In Adolfo Machado (Panama)
68' Cross Wahbi Khazri (Tunisia) - Completed Pass
67' Free Kick Gabriel Gomez (Panama)
67' Foul Godoy fouled by Oussama Haddadi (Tunisia)
66' Goal Wahbi Khazri (Tunisia). Assist by Haddadi
66' Shot on Goal Wahbi Khazri (Tunisia)
65' Free Kick Aymen Mathlouthi (Tunisia)
63' Offside Luis Tejada (Panama)
63' Shot on Goal Edgar Barcenas (Panama)
63' Cross Jose Rodriguez (Panama)
63' Free Kick Gabriel Gomez (Panama)
63' Foul Gomez fouled by Anice Badri (Tunisia)
62' Free Kick Luis Ovalle (Panama)
62' Foul Rodriguez fouled by Hamdi Naguez (Tunisia)
62' Shot on Goal Wahbi Khazri (Tunisia)
61' Cross Ghaylen Chaaleli (Tunisia) - Headed Out - In Play
61' Free Kick Ghaylen Chaaleli (Tunisia)
60' Foul Naguez fouled by Jose Rodriguez (Panama)
60' Free Kick Fakhreddine Ben Youssef (Tunisia)
60' Foul Naguez fouled by Luis Tejada (Panama)
60' Throw-In Luis Ovalle (Panama)
59' Goal Kick Jaime Penedo (Panama)
59' Cross Ghaylen Chaaleli (Tunisia) - Directly Out
59' Corner Kick Oussama Haddadi (Tunisia) - Completed Pass
58' Cross Wahbi Khazri (Tunisia)
58' Corner Kick Wahbi Khazri (Tunisia)
58' Corner Kick Wahbi Khazri (Tunisia) - Clearance Out of Play
57' Shot Ghaylen Chaaleli (Tunisia)
57' Goal Kick Jaime Penedo (Panama)
56' Substitution Luis Tejada (on). Torres (off). (Panama)
56' Cross Ghaylen Chaaleli (Tunisia) - Directly Out
56' Corner Kick Ghaylen Chaaleli (Tunisia) - Directly Out
53' Shot on Goal Fakhreddine Ben Youssef (Tunisia)
53' Throw-In Luis Ovalle (Panama)
52' Free Kick Gabriel Gomez (Panama)
52' Foul Gomez fouled by Ghaylen Chaaleli (Tunisia)
52' Cross Fakhreddine Ben Youssef (Tunisia) - Headed Out - In Play
51' Goal Fakhreddine Ben Youssef (Tunisia). Assist by Khazri
51' Shot on Goal Fakhreddine Ben Youssef (Tunisia)
51' Cross Wahbi Khazri (Tunisia) - On Target
50' Throw-In Oussama Haddadi (Tunisia)
49' Free Kick Jaime Penedo (Panama)
49' Offside Oussama Haddadi (Tunisia)
48' Throw-In Oussama Haddadi (Tunisia)
48' Cross Hamdi Naguez (Tunisia) - Headed Out - In Play
47' Free Kick Ellyes Skhiri (Tunisia)
47' Foul Meriah fouled by Aníbal Godoy (Panama)
46' Substitution Anice Badri (on). Sassi (off). (Tunisia)
46' Substitution Harold Cummings (on). Torres (off). (Panama)
46' Start Half
45+3' Half Over Panama 1-0 Tunisia
45+2' Free Kick Yassine Meriah (Tunisia)
45+1' Foul Chaaleli fouled by Aníbal Godoy (Panama)
45+1' Throw-In Oussama Haddadi (Tunisia)
45+1' Shot on Goal Wahbi Khazri (Tunisia)
45+1' Shot Wahbi Khazri (Tunisia)
45+1' Injury Time (Tunisia)
45' Cross Adolfo Machado (Panama) - Headed Out - In Play
45' Throw-In Adolfo Machado (Panama)
45' Free Kick Ricardo Avila (Panama)
44' Yellow Card Ferjani Sassi (Tunisia)
44' Foul Rodriguez fouled by Ferjani Sassi (Tunisia)
42' Cross Adolfo Machado (Panama) - Headed Out - In Play
42' Throw-In Adolfo Machado (Panama)
42' Goal Kick Jaime Penedo (Panama)
41' Shot Wahbi Khazri (Tunisia)
41' Cross Oussama Haddadi (Tunisia) - Off Target
41' Throw-In Luis Ovalle (Panama)
40' Goal Kick Jaime Penedo (Panama)
40' Cross Fakhreddine Ben Youssef (Tunisia) - Headed Out - In Play
39' Goal Kick Jaime Penedo (Panama)
39' Shot Fakhreddine Ben Youssef (Tunisia)
39' Cross Oussama Haddadi (Tunisia) - Off Target
38' Throw-In Ferjani Sassi (Tunisia)
37' Throw-In Yassine Meriah (Tunisia)
37' Free Kick Rami Bedoui (Tunisia)
37' Foul Sliti fouled by Jose Rodriguez (Panama)
36' Cross Ricardo Avila (Panama) - Headed Out - In Play
36' Free Kick Ricardo Avila (Panama)
36' Foul Avila fouled by Hamdi Naguez (Tunisia)
36' Throw-In Luis Ovalle (Panama)
33' Own Goal Yassine Meriah (Panama)
33' Shot Jose Rodriguez (Panama)
33' Shot Roman Torres (Panama)
33' Shot on Goal Fidel Escobar (Panama)
33' Free Kick Gabriel Gomez (Panama)
32' Foul Rodriguez fouled by Ferjani Sassi (Tunisia)
32' Throw-In Adolfo Machado (Panama)
31' Cross Hamdi Naguez (Tunisia) - Directly Out
30' Free Kick Hamdi Naguez (Tunisia)
30' Offside Edgar Barcenas (Panama)
30' Throw-In Luis Ovalle (Panama)
30' Goal Kick Jaime Penedo (Panama)
29' Throw-In Hamdi Naguez (Tunisia)
28' Throw-In Oussama Haddadi (Tunisia)
28' Goal Kick Jaime Penedo (Panama)
26' Throw-In Oussama Haddadi (Tunisia)
25' Throw-In Oussama Haddadi (Tunisia)
25' Free Kick Fidel Escobar (Panama)
25' Foul Barcenas fouled by Ghaylen Chaaleli (Tunisia)
24' Throw-In Luis Ovalle (Panama)
22' Free Kick Rami Bedoui (Tunisia)
22' Foul Edgar Barcenas (Panama)
21' Shot on Goal Naim Sliti (Tunisia)
21' Throw-In Luis Ovalle (Panama)
21' Throw-In Hamdi Naguez (Tunisia)
19' Shot on Goal Rami Bedoui (Tunisia)
19' Cross Wahbi Khazri (Tunisia) - On Target
19' Cross Wahbi Khazri (Tunisia) - Completed Pass
19' Corner Kick Wahbi Khazri (Tunisia) - Completed Pass
19' Free Kick Hamdi Naguez (Tunisia)
18' Foul Sliti fouled by Ricardo Avila (Panama)
17' Throw-In Oussama Haddadi (Tunisia)
16' Shot Fakhreddine Ben Youssef (Tunisia)
16' Throw-In Luis Ovalle (Panama)
15' Cross Hamdi Naguez (Tunisia)
14' Throw-In Adolfo Machado (Panama)
13' Free Kick Rami Bedoui (Tunisia)
13' Offside Edgar Barcenas (Panama)
13' Cross Oussama Haddadi (Tunisia) - Headed Out - In Play
13' Corner Kick Ghaylen Chaaleli (Tunisia) - Completed Pass
12' Cross Wahbi Khazri (Tunisia) - Blocked
12' Free Kick Ferjani Sassi (Tunisia)
11' Foul Sassi fouled by Ricardo Avila (Panama)
11' Goal Kick Aymen Mathlouthi (Tunisia)
11' Shot Gabriel Torres (Panama)
11' Cross Adolfo Machado (Panama) - Completed Pass
11' Throw-In Adolfo Machado (Panama)
10' Throw-In Adolfo Machado (Panama)
10' Goal Kick Jaime Penedo (Panama)
9' Shot Naim Sliti (Tunisia)
9' Goal Kick Aymen Mathlouthi (Tunisia)
9' Shot Ricardo Avila (Panama)
8' Goal Kick Jaime Penedo (Panama)
7' Shot Naim Sliti (Tunisia)
7' Shot Ferjani Sassi (Tunisia)
7' Free Kick Oussama Haddadi (Tunisia)
7' Foul Gabriel Gomez (Panama)
6' Cross Naim Sliti (Tunisia) - Clearance In Play
6' Throw-In Oussama Haddadi (Tunisia)
6' Cross Wahbi Khazri (Tunisia) - Defended
6' Free Kick Wahbi Khazri (Tunisia)
5' Foul Khazri fouled by Ricardo Avila (Panama)
4' Cross Ricardo Avila (Panama)
4' Free Kick Ricardo Avila (Panama)
3' Foul Godoy fouled by Yassine Meriah (Tunisia)
2' Cross Hamdi Naguez (Tunisia) - Defended
2' Throw-In Hamdi Naguez (Tunisia)
2' Cross Hamdi Naguez (Tunisia) - Clearance Out of Play
2' Cross Oussama Haddadi (Tunisia) - Headed Out - In Play
1' Free Kick Ellyes Skhiri (Tunisia)
1' Foul Bedoui fouled by Gabriel Torres (Panama)
1' Start Half
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