World Cup

TITLE TEAMS: Saudi Arabia v Uruguay
Wednesday, June 20, 2018
 Full TimeFOX/TELE
Saudi ArabiaKSA
L. Suárez  23' 1-0 
URUL. Suárez  23' 1-0
HT: 1-0
Rostov Arena (Attendance: 42,678)
Referee: Clement Turpin
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Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia
Minute Commentary
90' Thank you!
Thanks again for tuning in and following our coverage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Last up for the day, we have Spain taking on group leaders Iran, with the Spanish looking to match the Portuguese performance from this morning and grab a win for themselves. Until next time!
90' Final Thoughts
Even though Uruguay have won this match, they will have a lot to improve on if they hope to make any sort of deep run in this tournament. Most notably, they need to find a way to get Suarez and Cavani more clear opportunities in the box – although both strikers are talented with their heads, the magic truly happens when they have the ball at their feet near the penalty area. If the Celeste are able to find a midfielder or defender who can provide their strikers with the sufficient service, their attack will quickly become one of the most fearsome in the tournament. Discussing the Saudis now, it is clear that they made massive improvements since their performance in their first match, but it wasn’t quite enough to get past a very difficult Uruguay side. Even though they’re going home from this tournament, they do have a lot to be proud of, and will surely try to grab a win in their last game against Egypt.
90' Uruguay through, Saudi Arabia out
With the narrowest of scorelines, Uruguay have defeated Saudi Arabia and will progress into the next round of play following their third match against Russia. The Saudis will definitely be extremely disappointed in the way in which they’ve lost this game, especially since they showed so much promise on so many opportunities during the match.
90' Game over! Uruguay 1-0 Saudi Arabia!
And that's it, the game is over! Uruguay have qualified for the knockout rounds!
90' Blocked Saudi Shot
A blocked shot from Yasir rolls easily to Muslera.
90' 4 minutes added
Four minutes added to the end of this match.
87' Attempt from Suarez
A hard cross from Laxalt on the left side finds Suarez at the top of the box, but the striker is unable to make solid contact on the ball that was fizzed in.
85' Shot for Cavani!
A turnover in the middle of the pitch finds Cavani alone against a single Saudi defender. The Uruguayan does well originally to beat his man, but his shot isn’t able to beat Alowais in the goal.
84' Slowing Down
The game has slowed down a bit and gotten slightly more chippy in these final stages, as Uruguay try to just get over the finish line while Saudi Arabia try to keep the pressure up.
82' Final Uruguayan Change
In the final change for the Celeste, Sanchez will leave the pitch for Nandez.
80' Cavani Header
Lucas Torreira has a shot from long that Cavani tries to redirect with his head, but his effort is off target.
78' Saudi Change
Almuwallad leaves the pitch as Alsahlawi enters.
75' Nice link-up
Link-up play between Suarez and Cavani looks promising but the chip from Suarez is just too high and Suarez is unable to get on the end of it.
75' Saudi Change
Change for Saudi Arabia, as Hatan leaves and Kanno enters.
71' Saudi Pressure
With 20 minutes to go in the second half, Uruguay still have not been able to grab the second goal and the Saudis have continued to apply pressure.
67' Chance for Uruguay
A free kick whipped in to the box is headed over by Caceres. Another good chance for Uruguay.
65' Uruguayans taking control
The Uruguayans are in control now, and are fighting hard to win the ball back immediately if they turn it over.
62' Another good chance for the Celelste!
After a foul on Suarez, the Uruguayans restart play quickly and find Cavani streaking up the left side. The striker is alone for a while, but after a bit picks out Sanchez with an incredible cross to the back post, but the midfielder is unable to put his header on goal.
61' Almost for Uruguay!
CLOSE! An excellent delivery from Carlos Sanchez is inches away from finding Suarez in the middle of the box, but Saudi captain Osama is able to block the ball from finding the striker’s foot.
58' Double change for Uruguay
Two changes for Uruguay – Rodriguez exits for Laxalt, and Vecino exits for Torreira
54' Saudi Counter
The Saudis continuing to do what worked well for them in the second part of the first half – this time, a counterattack is cut short by an offside by Fahad.
52' Foul by Suarez
Counter-attack from Uruguay sees Suarez pick the ball up on the left side of the box. He tries to go between the defender’s legs but Hawsawi is wise to it, and the Uruguayan ends up fouling the defender.
50' Good Effort!
Luis Suarez will actually look to strike this free kick – quite far away but not impossible! His strike is deflected off the wall put still goes goal-bound, forcing the keeper to make a good save at his near post.
50' Foul by Salman
Foul by Salman on Carlos Sanchez in the middle of the pitch will give Uruguay to put a ball into the box.
46' Second Half!
Second half kickoff is here!
45' Waiting for the whistle
The teams are back on the pitch as they wait for the whistle to signal the start of the second-half.
45' Keys for Uruguay
Even though Uruguay had less of the ball than their adversaries in the first half, their attacks have been much more dangerous and they’ve been able to find space on the wings to attempt some dangerous crosses. Suarez won’t mind at all that the goal was handed to him, and he’ll hope that it’ll be the one to boost his confidence and get him up and running in the World Cup. The only worrying thing from the standpoint of the Celeste will be that they seemed to relax quite a bit after scoring the goal – even though the Saudis only had a single shot on target in the first period, Uruguay will not want to let them continue attacking their goal in the second half.
45' Half Time Thoughts
Saudi Arabia have looked better in this match than they did in the opener against Russia, but their final pass is still lacking and they haven’t truly been able to unlock the Uruguayan defense. They’ll be disappointed in the manner in which they conceded their goal, essentially letting Suarez pass into an open net. Despite this, they looked positive after conceding and continued to take the attack to the Uruguayans.
45' Halftime!
Halftime! Uruguay 1-0 Saudi Arabia
45' Another Saudi Counter
Yet another Saudi counter, but the final ball is just a little too long for Fahad, and Godin is there to block him off and make sure the ball rolls harmlessly to Muslera.
45' Two minutes added
The officials have added 2 minutes to the end of this half.
45' Saudi Counter
Saudi Arabia with another promising counterattack, but the final ball is missing once again.
43' Saudi change
Taiseer will indeed have to leave the match, and it’ll be Almoqahwi who replaces him.
41' Taiseer injury
In the prior Saudi attack, Taiseer is able to get around one Uruguayan defender but his touch is a bit far – in stretching to get back to the ball, it looks like he may have pulled his hamstring. Unfortunate to see, and it looks like he’ll have to exit the match.
39' Another Long Shot
Even though Saudi Arabia have had most of the ball, they’re still having a hard time breaking down the Uruguayan defense at times, and have had to resort to long shots.
35' Saudis in control?
Up to this point, Saudi Arabia have actually had more possession and more completed passes than Uruguay – El Celeste have really taken their foot off of the pedal since the goal went in.
32' Saudi Possession
The game has slowed down a bit as the Saudis are enjoying a bit of extended possession
28' Hatan chance!
Almost! Alshahrani receives the ball on the left side of the pitch and whips in a long cross that goes all the way to the back post, where it finds Hatan. The Saudi forward is all alone but is still unable to put the ball on goal, as it goes over the top of the net. Promising signs for the Saudis thought!
26' Good Shot from the Saudis!
Good shot! Hatan picks up the ball on the right side but cuts the ball back to his left foot, letting loose a deadly effort that Muslera is forced to push behind.
25' Saudis must be disappointed
Saudi Arabia have done quite well in this match up to this point and will hate to concede a goal of that type. They’ll hope that it doesn’t completely deflate them and that they can continue to pressure the Uruguayans.
23' Goalkeeping Error leads to the Goal!
Alowais comes from his net to try to make the punch but completely misses his effort, and Luis Suarez, in his 100th match for the Uruguayan selection, is there to roll the ball into the back into the net – El Pistolero doesn’t miss those!
22' Corner Uruguay
The game is opening up now, as Uruguay win another corner from a Rodriguez cross that is blocked behind.
21' Saudi Chance!
Quick break from the Saudi’s this time, and the ball falls to Almuwallad, whose shot is slightly too high and doesn’t trouble Muslera.
21' Almost!
Good link-up play! A ball turned over in the midfield by the Saudis leads to a couple of quick passes from Uruguay, but Cavani’s cross is unable to find the head of any of his compatriots.
16' Another long ball from Uruguay
Uruguay are really trying to beat the Saudis on the long-ball and catch the defense sleeping – this time it’s Vecino who plays a long-ball to Rodriguez on the left wing, but the latter’s acrobatic effort is not enough to keep the ball in play.
15' Suarez Chance
Another long ball from defense this time finds Varela, who does well to keep the ball in play and find Suarez, who then takes a shot from a very tight angle that goes behind. The ball looks to have taken a deflection but a goal-kick is given.
13' Good Chance!
First clear chance! Caceres bursts up the left side and receives a long-ball, which he deftly puts into the box towards a streaking Cavani. The PSG forward is unable to turn his effort towards goal however, and it sails harmlessly over the top.
12' Good Saudi Possession
The Saudis are controlling the ball well in the midfield but are having a hard time getting the ball into their forwards to challenge the Uruguayan defenders.
7' Saudi Free Kick
A foul on Hatan by Vecino gives the Saudis a dangerous free kick just a couple of meters from the top of the Uruguayan box.
7' Solid Possession
Both teams have had solid possession to this point, and although the Uruguayans have had the more threatening attacks, the Saudis do not look afraid to move the ball with pace against the Uruguayan midfield and defense.
3' First chance!
The first shot from Los Charruas comes from Luis Suarez, as he brings down a ball that was headed down to him before unleashing a volley that’s blocked out for a throw before it can reach the goal.
1' First Thoughts
Uruguay start the game patiently, building up a rhythm and playing out of the back, content to not immediately take the attack to the Saudis.
0' Kick Off!
We're off! Its the Saudis who start with the ball!
0' Almost Ready!
The national anthems have sounded and we’re ready to kick off here in Rostov Arena
0' Match Facts
This match will be played in the sunny Rostov Arena in Rostov-On-Don, and our head referee will be the Frenchman Clement Turpin. His assistants will be Nicolas Danos, Cyril Gringore, and John Pitti.
0' Keys to the Match
The keys for this game will Uruguay will once again be their star striker duo – they’ll be hoping that they can have an easier time unlocking the Saudi defense than they did their last time out against the Egyptians. The Saudis in this match will most likely look to strike the Uruguayans on the counter – that’s the area where they showed the most promise against Russia, even if they were burned in that match.
0' Lineups
The teams are heading into the stadium and the official lineups have been released. Saudi Arabia (4-3-3): Alowais; Alburayk, Osama, Ali, Yasir; Salman, Otayf, Taiseer; Hatan, Fahad, Salem Uruguay (4-4-2): Muslera; Varela, Gimenez, Godin, Caceres; Vecino, Bentacur; Sanchez, Rodriguez; Suarez, Cavani
0' Welcome!
Hello and welcome to our coverage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup! In today’s match-up, we have Uruguay facing off against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia! La Celeste left their last game late, snatching a headed winner in the dying seconds against Egypt. On the other hand, the Green Falcons will definitely be looking to improve on their last performance, where they were beaten comprehensively by hosts Russia 5-0.
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Fernando Muslera1
Guillermo Varela4
José María Giménez2
Diego Godín3
Martín Cáceres22
82' Carlos Sánchez5
59' Matías Vecino15
Rodrigo Bentancur6
59' Cristian Rodríguez7
23' Luis Suárez9
Edinson Cavani21
Martín Silva23
Martin Campana12
Maximiliano Maxi Pereira16
Sebastián Coates19
Gastón Silva13
82' Nahitan Nandez8
59' Lucas Torreira14
59' Diego Laxalt17
Cristhian Stuani11
Jonathan Urretaviscaya20
Giorgian De Arrascaeta10
Maxi Gomez18
Saudi Arabia
22Mohamed Alowais
6Mohamed Alburayk
3Osama Hawsawi
4Ali Albulayhi
13Yasir Alshahrani
9Hatan Bahbir 75'
7Salman Alfaraj
14Abdullah Otayf
17Taiseer Aljassam 44'
18Salem Al-Dawsari
19Fahad Al-Muwallad 78'
21Yasser Almosailem
1Abdullah Almuaiouf
23Motaz Hawsawi
2Mansour Alharbi
5Omar Othman
12Mohamed Kanno 75'
16Hussain Almoqahwi 44'
11Abdulmalek Alkhaibri
8Yahia Al-Shehri
15Abdullah Alkhaibari
10Mohammad Alsahlawi 78'
20Muhannad Asiri
Óscar Tabárez 
Juan Antonio Pizzi 
1Fernando Muslera
4Guillermo Varela
2José María Giménez
3Diego Godín
22Martín Cáceres
5Carlos Sánchez
Substitution Nahitan Nández (on) 82'
15Matías Vecino
Substitution Lucas Torreira (on) 59'
6Rodrigo Bentancur
7Cristian Rodríguez
Substitution Diego Laxalt (on) 59'
9Luis Suárez
Goal 23'
21Edinson Cavani
23Martín Silva
12Martín Campaña
16Maximiliano Pereira
19Sebastián Coates
13Gastón Silva
8Nahitan Nández
Substitution Nahitan Nández (on) 82'
14Lucas Torreira
Substitution Lucas Torreira (on) 59'
17Diego Laxalt
Substitution Diego Laxalt (on) 59'
11Cristhian Stuani
20Jonathan Urretaviscaya
10Giorgian De Arrascaeta
18Maxi Gómez
Óscar Tabárez 
Saudi Arabia
22Mohamed Alowais
6Mohamed Alburayk
3Osama Hawsawi
4Ali Albulayhi
13Yasir Alshahrani
9Hatan Bahbir
Substitution Mohamed Kanno (on) 75'
7Salman Alfaraj
14Abdullah Otayf
17Taiseer Aljassam
Substitution Hussain Almoqahwi (on) 44'
18Salem Al-Dawsari
19Fahad Al-Muwallad
Substitution Mohammad Alsahlawi (on) 78'
21Yasser Almosailem
1Abdullah Almuaiouf
23Motaz Hawsawi
2Mansour Alharbi
5Omar Othman
12Mohamed Kanno
Substitution Hatan Bahbir (off) 75'
16Hussain Almoqahwi
Substitution Taiseer Aljassam (off) 44'
11Abdulmalek Alkhaibri
8Yahia Al-Shehri
15Abdullah Alkhaibari
10Mohammad Alsahlawi
Substitution Fahad Al-Muwallad (off) 78'
20Muhannad Asiri
Juan Antonio Pizzi 
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Team Stats
UruguayURU Saudi ArabiaKSA
1 Goals 0
1 Assists 0
13 Shots 8
4 Shots on Goal 3
3 Saves 3
0 Penalties Scored 0
0 Penalty Kicks 0
17 Crosses 19
3 Corner Kicks 4
1 Offside 2
10 Fouls Committed 13
0 Cautions/Yellow Cards 0
0 Red Cards 0
47% Ball Possession 53%
No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1Fernando Muslera 90 - 0 0 0 3
2José María Giménez 90 0 0 0 - -
3Diego Godín 90 0 0 0 - -
4Guillermo Varela 90 0 0 0 - -
5Carlos Sánchez 82 0 0 0 - -
6Rodrigo Bentancur 90 0 0 0 - -
7Cristian Rodríguez 59 0 0 0 - -
9Luis Suárez 90 1 0 0 - -
15Matías Vecino 59 0 0 0 - -
21Edinson Cavani 90 0 0 0 - -
22Martín Cáceres 90 0 0 0 - -
8Nahitan Nandez 8 0 0 0 - -
14Lucas Torreira 31 0 0 0 - -
17Diego Laxalt 31 0 0 0 - -

Saudi Arabia
No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
22Mohamed Alowais 90 - 0 0 1 3
3Osama Hawsawi 90 0 0 0 - -
4Ali Albulayhi 90 0 0 0 - -
6Mohamed Alburayk 90 0 0 0 - -
7Salman Alfaraj 90 0 0 0 - -
9Hatan Bahbir 75 0 0 0 - -
13Yasir Alshahrani 90 0 0 0 - -
14Abdullah Otayf 90 0 0 0 - -
17Taiseer Aljassam 44 0 0 0 - -
18Salem Al-Dawsari 90 0 0 0 - -
19Fahad Al-Muwallad 78 0 0 0 - -
10Mohammad Alsahlawi 12 0 0 0 - -
12Mohamed Kanno 15 0 0 0 - -
16Hussain Almoqahwi 46 0 0 0 - -
UruguayURU vs. Saudi ArabiaKSA
Minute Event
90+5' Game Over Uruguay 1-0 Saudi Arabia
90+5' Half Over Uruguay 1-0 Saudi Arabia
90+4' Free Kick Mohamed Alburayk (Saudi Arabia)
90+4' Foul Aldawsari fouled by Luis Suárez (Uruguay)
90+3' Corner Kick Lucas Torreira (Uruguay) - Completed Pass
90+2' Free Kick Guillermo Varela (Uruguay)
90+2' Foul Cavani fouled by Yasir Alshahrani (Saudi Arabia)
90+1' Shot Yasir Alshahrani (Saudi Arabia)
90+1' Cross Yasir Alshahrani (Saudi Arabia) - Defended
90+1' Throw-In Mohamed Alburayk (Saudi Arabia)
90+1' Injury Time (Saudi Arabia)
90' Shot on Goal Mohamed Kanno (Saudi Arabia)
90' Cross Salman Alfaraj (Saudi Arabia) - On Target
90' Corner Kick Salman Alfaraj (Saudi Arabia) - On Target
90' Shot Yasir Alshahrani (Saudi Arabia)
89' Goal Kick Mohamed Alowais (Saudi Arabia)
89' Shot Luis Suárez (Uruguay)
89' Cross Diego Laxalt (Uruguay) - Off Target
88' Cross Luis Suárez (Uruguay) - Completed Pass
87' Throw-In Guillermo Varela (Uruguay)
87' Goal Kick Fernando Muslera (Uruguay)
86' Shot on Goal Edinson Cavani (Uruguay)
84' Goal Kick Fernando Muslera (Uruguay)
83' Throw-In Edinson Cavani (Uruguay)
82' Free Kick Diego Godín (Uruguay)
82' Substitution Nahitan Nandez (on). Sánchez (off). (Uruguay)
81' Foul Bentancur fouled by Mohamed Kanno (Saudi Arabia)
80' Goal Kick Mohamed Alowais (Saudi Arabia)
80' Shot Edinson Cavani (Uruguay)
80' Shot Lucas Torreira (Uruguay)
80' Throw-In Diego Laxalt (Uruguay)
79' Throw-In Diego Laxalt (Uruguay)
79' Throw-In Martín Cáceres (Uruguay)
78' Free Kick Mohamed Alowais (Saudi Arabia)
78' Substitution Mohammad Alsahlawi (on). Almuwallad (off). (Saudi Arabia)
77' Offside Diego Godín (Uruguay)
77' Shot Martín Cáceres (Uruguay)
77' Cross Carlos Sánchez (Uruguay) - Off Target
77' Free Kick Carlos Sánchez (Uruguay)
76' Foul Sánchez fouled by Yasir Alshahrani (Saudi Arabia)
76' Throw-In Martín Cáceres (Uruguay)
75' Substitution Mohamed Kanno (on). Bahbir (off). (Saudi Arabia)
74' Goal Kick Mohamed Alowais (Saudi Arabia)
73' Throw-In Guillermo Varela (Uruguay)
73' Cross Martín Cáceres (Uruguay) - Deflected - Out of Play
73' Throw-In Martín Cáceres (Uruguay)
72' Throw-In Yasir Alshahrani (Saudi Arabia)
72' Throw-In Guillermo Varela (Uruguay)
71' Throw-In Mohamed Alburayk (Saudi Arabia)
71' Cross Mohamed Alburayk (Saudi Arabia) - Blocked
70' Free Kick Fernando Muslera (Uruguay)
69' Foul Muslera fouled by Hussain Almoqahwi (Saudi Arabia)
69' Goal Kick Mohamed Alowais (Saudi Arabia)
68' Shot Martín Cáceres (Uruguay)
68' Cross Carlos Sánchez (Uruguay) - Off Target
68' Free Kick Carlos Sánchez (Uruguay)
67' Foul Suárez fouled by Salem Aldawsari (Saudi Arabia)
67' Cross Salman Alfaraj (Saudi Arabia)
67' Throw-In Salman Alfaraj (Saudi Arabia)
67' Cross Hatan Bahbir (Saudi Arabia) - Headed Out - Out of Play
67' Free Kick Hatan Bahbir (Saudi Arabia)
65' Foul Almuwallad fouled by José María Giménez (Uruguay)
65' Cross Carlos Sánchez (Uruguay) - Blocked
65' Free Kick Carlos Sánchez (Uruguay)
64' Foul Sánchez fouled by Yasir Alshahrani (Saudi Arabia)
64' Cross Carlos Sánchez (Uruguay) - Foul
64' Shot Luis Suárez (Uruguay)
63' Goal Kick Mohamed Alowais (Saudi Arabia)
62' Shot Carlos Sánchez (Uruguay)
62' Cross Edinson Cavani (Uruguay) - Off Target
62' Free Kick Martín Cáceres (Uruguay)
62' Foul Suárez fouled by Osama Hawsawi (Saudi Arabia)
62' Cross Mohamed Alburayk (Saudi Arabia) - Clearance In Play
61' Cross Carlos Sánchez (Uruguay) - Clearance In Play
60' Goal Kick Fernando Muslera (Uruguay)
59' Throw-In Guillermo Varela (Uruguay)
59' Substitution Lucas Torreira (on). Vecino (off). (Uruguay)
59' Substitution Diego Laxalt (on). Rodríguez (off). (Uruguay)
58' Throw-In Guillermo Varela (Uruguay)
57' Free Kick Fernando Muslera (Uruguay)
57' Foul Godín fouled by Fahad Almuwallad (Saudi Arabia)
57' Free Kick Osama Hawsawi (Saudi Arabia)
56' Foul Almoqahwi fouled by Diego Godín (Uruguay)
56' Throw-In Martín Cáceres (Uruguay)
54' Free Kick Diego Godín (Uruguay)
54' Offside Fahad Almuwallad (Saudi Arabia)
54' Throw-In Mohamed Alburayk (Saudi Arabia)
53' Throw-In Guillermo Varela (Uruguay)
53' Cross Salman Alfaraj (Saudi Arabia) - Completed Pass
52' Free Kick Mohamed Alowais (Saudi Arabia)
52' Foul Hawsawi fouled by Luis Suárez (Uruguay)
51' Throw-In Yasir Alshahrani (Saudi Arabia)
51' Shot on Goal Luis Suárez (Uruguay)
51' Free Kick Luis Suárez (Uruguay)
50' Foul Sánchez fouled by Salman Alfaraj (Saudi Arabia)
49' Throw-In Guillermo Varela (Uruguay)
49' Throw-In Martín Cáceres (Uruguay)
48' Free Kick Fernando Muslera (Uruguay)
48' Offside Fahad Almuwallad (Saudi Arabia)
48' Throw-In Mohamed Alburayk (Saudi Arabia)
48' Cross Mohamed Alburayk (Saudi Arabia) - Clearance Out of Play
48' Cross Hatan Bahbir (Saudi Arabia) - Headed Out - In Play
48' Corner Kick Hatan Bahbir (Saudi Arabia) - Completed Pass
47' Throw-In Yasir Alshahrani (Saudi Arabia)
46' Goal Kick Mohamed Alowais (Saudi Arabia)
46' Start Half
45+3' Half Over Uruguay 1-0 Saudi Arabia
45+1' Throw-In Mohamed Alburayk (Saudi Arabia)
45+1' Injury Time (Saudi Arabia)
45' Throw-In Yasir Alshahrani (Saudi Arabia)
44' Throw-In Guillermo Varela (Uruguay)
44' Substitution Hussain Almoqahwi (on). Aljassam (off). (Saudi Arabia)
44' Cross Carlos Sánchez (Uruguay) - Headed Out - In Play
43' Throw-In Guillermo Varela (Uruguay)
38' Goal Kick Fernando Muslera (Uruguay)
38' Shot Salem Aldawsari (Saudi Arabia)
38' Throw-In Mohamed Alburayk (Saudi Arabia)
37' Cross Cristian Rodríguez (Uruguay) - Defended
37' Goal Kick Fernando Muslera (Uruguay)
37' Cross Mohamed Alburayk (Saudi Arabia) - Directly Out
36' Throw-In Yasir Alshahrani (Saudi Arabia)
36' Throw-In Martín Cáceres (Uruguay)
35' Free Kick José María Giménez (Uruguay)
35' Foul Vecino fouled by Salem Aldawsari (Saudi Arabia)
34' Cross Mohamed Alburayk (Saudi Arabia) - Completed Pass
34' Cross Fahad Almuwallad (Saudi Arabia) - Blocked
33' Throw-In Mohamed Alburayk (Saudi Arabia)
32' Throw-In Yasir Alshahrani (Saudi Arabia)
32' Throw-In Martín Cáceres (Uruguay)
30' Free Kick Abdullah Otayf (Saudi Arabia)
30' Foul Otayf fouled by Edinson Cavani (Uruguay)
29' Goal Kick Fernando Muslera (Uruguay)
29' Shot Hatan Bahbir (Saudi Arabia)
29' Cross Yasir Alshahrani (Saudi Arabia) - Off Target
28' Goal Kick Fernando Muslera (Uruguay)
27' Cross Mohamed Alburayk (Saudi Arabia) - Directly Out
27' Cross Salman Alfaraj (Saudi Arabia) - Blocked
26' Throw-In Taiseer Aljassam (Saudi Arabia)
26' Cross Taiseer Aljassam (Saudi Arabia) - Clearance Out of Play
26' Corner Kick Taiseer Aljassam (Saudi Arabia) - Clearance Out of Play
26' Shot on Goal Hatan Bahbir (Saudi Arabia)
25' Shot Edinson Cavani (Uruguay)
25' Throw-In Yasir Alshahrani (Saudi Arabia)
23' Goal Luis Suárez (Uruguay). Assist by Sánchez
23' Shot on Goal Luis Suárez (Uruguay)
23' Cross Carlos Sánchez (Uruguay) - On Target
23' Corner Kick Carlos Sánchez (Uruguay) - On Target
22' Cross Cristian Rodríguez (Uruguay) - Blocked
21' Goal Kick Fernando Muslera (Uruguay)
21' Shot Fahad Almuwallad (Saudi Arabia)
21' Cross Carlos Sánchez (Uruguay) - Defended by Keeper
20' Corner Kick Edinson Cavani (Uruguay) - Completed Pass
20' Cross Edinson Cavani (Uruguay) - Clearance Out of Play
19' Goal Kick Mohamed Alowais (Saudi Arabia)
18' Throw-In Guillermo Varela (Uruguay)
17' Free Kick Ali Albulayhi (Saudi Arabia)
17' Foul Matías Vecino (Uruguay)
17' Throw-In Guillermo Varela (Uruguay)
16' Throw-In Mohamed Alburayk (Saudi Arabia)
16' Free Kick Ali Albulayhi (Saudi Arabia)
16' Foul Albulayhi fouled by Luis Suárez (Uruguay)
15' Goal Kick Mohamed Alowais (Saudi Arabia)
15' Cross Guillermo Varela (Uruguay) - Directly Out
14' Free Kick Matías Vecino (Uruguay)
14' Foul Sánchez fouled by Abdullah Otayf (Saudi Arabia)
14' Throw-In Guillermo Varela (Uruguay)
14' Throw-In Mohamed Alburayk (Saudi Arabia)
13' Goal Kick Mohamed Alowais (Saudi Arabia)
13' Shot Edinson Cavani (Uruguay)
13' Cross Martín Cáceres (Uruguay) - Off Target
12' Free Kick José María Giménez (Uruguay)
12' Foul Suárez fouled by Salem Aldawsari (Saudi Arabia)
11' Throw-In Mohamed Alburayk (Saudi Arabia)
11' Throw-In Mohamed Alburayk (Saudi Arabia)
10' Throw-In Yasir Alshahrani (Saudi Arabia)
9' Free Kick Guillermo Varela (Uruguay)
9' Foul Varela fouled by Salem Aldawsari (Saudi Arabia)
8' Cross Salman Alfaraj (Saudi Arabia)
8' Corner Kick Salman Alfaraj (Saudi Arabia) - Completed Pass
8' Shot Mohamed Alburayk (Saudi Arabia)
8' Free Kick Mohamed Alburayk (Saudi Arabia)
6' Foul Bahbir fouled by Matías Vecino (Uruguay)
6' Free Kick Mohamed Alowais (Saudi Arabia)
6' Foul Alfaraj fouled by Carlos Sánchez (Uruguay)
6' Throw-In Yasir Alshahrani (Saudi Arabia)
4' Cross Salem Aldawsari (Saudi Arabia)
4' Free Kick Osama Hawsawi (Saudi Arabia)
4' Foul Alburayk fouled by Cristian Rodríguez (Uruguay)
3' Cross Mohamed Alburayk (Saudi Arabia) - Clearance In Play
3' Throw-In Yasir Alshahrani (Saudi Arabia)
3' Throw-In Yasir Alshahrani (Saudi Arabia)
2' Throw-In Martín Cáceres (Uruguay)
2' Shot Luis Suárez (Uruguay)
2' Throw-In Luis Suárez (Uruguay)
1' Goal Kick Fernando Muslera (Uruguay)
1' Start Half
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