Women hope Sweet 16 next step to own March Madness TV deal

(AP Photo/Sean Rayford)

Women’s college basketball believes it has the makings for a hit reality TV show with star power driving a marketable product that has a growing audience.

So they're taking the ensemble on the road for the Sweet 16.

The NCAA changed the format of the tournament this year, featuring two regional sites instead of the traditional four. The games in Greenville, South Carolina, and Seattle are the latest step to grow the sport and show the ladies can stand on their own.


AP Rankings
Rank School Rec
1 South Carolina34-0
2 Indiana28-4
3 Iowa28-6
4 Virginia Tech29-4
5 Stanford29-6
6 UConn31-5
7 Maryland27-6
8 Utah27-4
9 LSU30-2
10 Villanova30-6
10 Notre Dame27-5
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RPI Rankings
Rank School Rec
1 South Carolina34-0
2 UConn31-5
3 Indiana28-4
4 Stanford29-6
5 Duke26-7
6 Iowa28-6
7 Virginia Tech29-4
8 Maryland27-6
9 Utah27-4
10 Iowa State22-10
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