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National Football League
National Football League Transactions
For The Last 14 Days
05/05/2015Terrelle Pryor, QBWaived
05/05/2015Corbin Louks, WRWaived
05/05/2015Jorgen Hus, LSWaived
05/05/2015JoJo Dickson, LBWaived
05/05/2015Deontae Skinner, LBWaived
05/05/2015Tyler Ott, LSWaived
05/05/2015Bobby Vardaro, OGSigned
05/05/2015Jesse Somsel, OGSigned
05/05/2015Alfonzo Dennard, CBWaived
05/05/2015Blake Renaud, FBSigned
05/05/2015Gavin Lutman, WRSigned
05/05/2015Jordan Leslie, WRSigned
05/05/2015Taylor Heinicke, QBSigned
05/05/2015Anthony Harris, SSigned
05/05/2015Tom Farniok, CSigned
05/05/2015DaVaris Daniels, WRSigned
05/05/2015Justin Coleman, CBSigned
05/05/2015Nick Perry, SSigned
05/05/2015Trey DePriest, LBSigned
05/05/2015DeAndre Carter, WRSigned
05/05/2015Xavier Williams, NTSigned
05/05/2015Zack Wagenmann, LBSigned
05/05/2015Gannon Sinclair, TESigned
05/05/2015Jaxon Shipley, WRSigned
05/05/2015C.J. Roberts, CBSigned
05/05/2015Damond Powell, WRSigned
05/05/2015Gabe Martin, LBSigned
05/05/2015Paul Lasike, RBSigned
05/05/2015Andrae Kirk, LBSigned
05/05/2015Edwin Jackson, LBSigned
05/05/2015Trevor Harman, WRSigned
05/05/2015Alani Fua, LBSigned
05/05/2015Rob Crisp, OTSigned
05/05/2015Cariel Brooks, CBSigned
05/05/2015Darius Allen, LBSigned
05/05/2015Jerry Lovelocke, QBSigned
05/05/2015Julian Wilson, CBSigned
05/05/2015Justin Manton, PKSigned
05/05/2015Brennen Beyer, LBSigned
05/05/2015Cory Morrissey, LBSigned
05/05/2015Nick Easton, CSigned
05/05/2015Roc Carmichael, CBWaived
05/05/2015Zach Bauman, RBWaived
05/05/2015Jermaine Whitehead, SSigned
05/05/2015DeAndrew White, WRSigned
05/05/2015Dylan Thompson, QBSigned
05/05/2015Marcus Rush, DESigned
05/05/2015Patrick Miller, OTSigned
05/05/2015Darius Davis, WRSigned
05/05/2015DiAndre Campbell, WRSigned
05/05/2015Isaac Blakeney, WRSigned
05/05/2015Dres Anderson, WRSigned
05/05/2015John Carlson, TERetired
05/05/2015Jamal Young, DESigned
05/05/2015Michael Reynolds, LBSigned
05/05/2015Josh Reese, WRSigned
05/05/2015Caushaud Lyons, DTSigned
05/05/2015Josh Keyes, LBSigned
05/05/2015Rannell Hall, WRSigned
05/05/2015Chris Hackett, SSigned
05/05/2015DeShazor Everett, CBSigned
05/05/2015Ryan Delaire, DESigned
05/05/2015Courtland Clavette, LSSigned
05/05/2015Quayshawne Buckley, DTSigned
05/05/2015Dominique Brown, RBSigned
05/05/2015Quinton Alston, LBSigned
05/05/2015Mike Hull, LBSigned
05/05/2015Kendall Montgomery, DESigned
05/05/2015Ray Drew, DESigned
05/05/2015Andrew Franks, KSigned
05/05/2015Damarr Aultman, WRSigned
05/05/2015Neville Hewitt, LBSigned
05/05/2015Zach Vigil, LBSigned
05/05/2015Michael Liedtke, OLSigned
05/05/2015Christion Jones, WRSigned
05/05/2015Nigel King, WRSigned
05/05/2015Jeff Luc, LBSigned
05/05/2015Mickey Baucus, OTSigned
05/05/2015Matt Darr, PSigned
05/05/2015Cam Thomas, CBSigned
05/05/2015Erik Williams, DESigned
05/05/2015Spencer Roth, PSigned
05/05/2015A.J. Tarpley, LBSigned
05/05/2015Cedric Reed, DESigned
05/05/2015Merrill Noel, CBSigned
05/05/2015B.J. Larsen, DESigned
05/05/2015Justin Hamilton, DTSigned
05/05/2015Andrew Hudson, LBSigned
05/05/2015Andre Davis II, WRSigned
05/05/2015Tyson Chandler, OTSigned
05/05/2015Clay Burton, TESigned
05/05/2015Jermaine Barton, OTSigned
05/05/2015Jack Tabb, TESigned
05/05/2015Harold Spears, TESigned
05/05/2015Stephon Sanders, LBSigned
05/05/2015Bobby Richardson, DLSigned
05/05/2015Markus Pierce-Brewster, LBSigned
05/05/2015Ashaad Mabry, DLSigned
05/05/2015Cyril Lemon, OLSigned
05/05/2015Malcolme Kennedy, WRSigned
05/05/2015Sean Hickey, OTSigned
05/05/2015R.J. Harris, WRSigned
05/05/2015Doniel Gambrell, OLSigned
05/05/2015Kaleb Eulls, DLSigned
05/05/2015Tavaris Barnes, DLSigned
05/04/2015David DeCastro, GFifth-year club option exercised for 2016
05/04/2015Reid Fragel, OTClaimed off waivers from Atlanta
05/04/2015Austin Spitler, LBReleased
05/04/2015Ricky Sapp, LBReleased
05/04/2015Trey Wolfe, CBWaived
05/04/2015Jerry Rice Jr., WRWaived
05/04/2015Kenny Okoro, DBWaived
05/04/2015Ty Nsekhe, OTWaived
05/04/2015Gabe Miller, LBWaived
05/04/2015Rishaw Johnson, GWaived
05/04/2015Kenneth Horsley, DTWaived
05/04/2015Edawn Coughman, OTWaived
05/04/2015Braylon Bell, WRWaived
05/04/2015Steve Beauharnais, LBWaived
05/04/2015Isaako Aaitui, NTWaived
05/04/2015Ty Zimmerman, SWaived
05/04/2015Kyle Knox, LBWaived
05/04/2015Marcus Ball, SWaived
05/04/2015Joe Madsen, CWaived
05/04/2015Whitney Mercilus, LBSigned to a four-year, $26 million contract extension
05/04/2015Chase Thomas, LBWaived/injured
05/04/2015Jeremy Kelley, WRWaived
05/04/2015Paul Cornick, OTWaived
05/04/2015Alex Carrington, DESigned to a one-year contract
05/04/2015Brandon Vitabile, CSigned
05/04/2015Tyler Varga, RBSigned
05/04/2015Junior Sylvestre, LBSigned
05/04/2015Robert Smith, SSigned
05/04/2015Justin Sinz, TESigned
05/04/2015Jean Sifrin, TESigned
05/04/2015Al-Hajj Shabazz, CBSigned
05/04/2015Ezell Ruffin, WRSigned
05/04/2015Josh Mitchell, CBSigned
05/04/2015Zack Hodges, LBSigned
05/04/2015Terrell Hartsfield, DESigned
05/04/2015Cody Galea, LBSigned
05/04/2015Donald Celiscar, CBSigned
05/04/2015Quan Bray, WRSigned
05/04/2015Bryan Bennett, QBSigned
05/04/2015Collin Mooney, RBSigned
05/04/2015Matt Wile, PSigned
05/04/2015Brandon Wegher, RBSigned
05/04/2015Terry Redden, DTSigned
05/04/2015Garry Peters, DBSigned
05/04/2015Steve Miller, DESigned
05/04/2015Arthur Miley, DESigned
05/04/2015Dean Marlowe, SSigned
05/04/2015Darious Cummings, DTSigned
05/04/2015Damiere Byrd, WRSigned
05/04/2015Brian Blechen, LBSigned
05/04/2015Harrison Smith, SFifth-year club option exercised for 2016
05/04/2015Matt Kalil, OTFifth-year club option exercised for 2016
05/04/2015Demetrius Wilson, WRSigned
05/04/2015Tyrell Williams, WRSigned
05/04/2015Cole Stoudt, QBSigned
05/04/2015Dreamius Smith, RBSigned
05/04/2015Brian Parker, TESigned
05/04/2015Ryan Mueller, LBSigned
05/04/2015Johnny Lowdermilk, SSigned
05/04/2015Josh Lambo, KSigned
05/04/2015Gordon Hill, DBSigned
05/04/2015Brock Hekking, LBSigned
05/04/2015Curtis Grant, LBSigned
05/04/2015Eric Frohnapfel, TESigned
05/04/2015Jahwan Edwards, RBSigned
05/04/2015Nick Dzubnar, LBSigned
05/04/2015Titus Davis, WRSigned
05/04/2015Cameron Clemmons, OTSigned
05/04/2015Tyreek Burwell, OTSigned
05/04/2015Cameron Botticelli, DESigned
05/04/2015Ben Beckwith, GSigned
05/04/2015Manuel Asprilla, CBSigned
05/04/2015Chi Chi Ariguzo, LBSigned
05/04/2015Matt Hall, OTWaived
05/04/2015Jeff Demps, RBWaived
05/04/2015Gannon Conway, DEWaived
05/04/2015Kadron Boone, WRWaived
05/03/2015Jake Waters, QBSigned
05/03/2015Todd Thomas, LBSigned
05/03/2015Matt Robinson, LBSigned
05/03/2015Christopher Reed, OLSigned
05/03/2015Nick Marshall, CBSigned
05/03/2015Connor Hamlett, TESigned
05/03/2015Corey Grant, RBSigned
05/03/2015Eric Crume, DTSigned
05/03/2015Thurston Armbrister, LBSigned
05/03/2015Brian Vogler, TESigned
05/03/2015John Timu, LBSigned
05/03/2015Olsen Pierre, DESigned
05/03/2015Levi Norwood, WRSigned
05/03/2015Cameron Meredith, WRSigned
05/03/2015Rick Lovato, LSSigned
05/03/2015Cameron jefferson, OTSigned
05/03/2015Anthony Jefferson, SSigned
05/03/2015Chad Hamilton, GSigned
05/03/2015Jacoby Glenn, CBSigned
05/03/2015Jeremiah Detmer, KSigned
05/03/2015Shane Carden, QBSigned
05/03/2015Bryce Callahan, CBSigned
05/03/2015Qumain Black, CBSigned
05/03/2015Jonathan Anderson, LBSigned
05/03/2015Kyle Miller, TEWaived
05/02/2015Rod Smith, RBSigned
05/02/2015Tory Slater, DESigned
05/02/2015Alex Singleton, LBSigned
05/02/2015Trovon Reed, CBSigned
05/02/2015Thomas Rawls, RBSigned
05/02/2015Quayshawn Nealy, LBSigned
05/02/2015Ronald Martin Jr., SSSigned
05/02/2015Keenan Lambert, SSSigned
05/02/2015Austin Hill, WRSigned
05/02/2015Jesse Davis, OTSigned
05/02/2015Nate Boyer, LSSigned
05/02/2015Justin Tukes, TESigned
05/02/2015Eric Tomlinson, TESigned
05/02/2015Kip Smith, PSigned
05/02/2015Denzel Rice, DBSigned
05/02/2015Travis Raciti, DESigned
05/02/2015Raheem Mostert, RBSigned
05/02/2015B.J. McBryde, DESigned
05/02/2015Cole Manhart, GSigned
05/02/2015John Harris, WRSigned
05/02/2015Andrew Gleichert, TESigned
05/02/2015Jordan Dewalt-Ondijo, LBSigned
05/02/2015Devante Davis, WRSigned
05/02/2015Mike Coccia, CSigned
05/02/2015Malcolm Bunche, GSigned
05/02/2015Brett Boyko, GSigned
05/02/2015Rasheed Bailey, WRSigned
05/02/2015Josh Watson, DLSigned
05/02/2015Jordan Taylor, WRSigned
05/02/2015Kyle Roberts, OLSigned
05/02/2015Connor Rains, OLSigned
05/02/2015Chuka Ndulue, NTSigned
05/02/2015Matt Miller, WRSigned
05/02/2015Dillon Day, OLSigned
05/02/2015Kalon Davis, OLSigned
05/02/2015Zaire Anderson, LBSigned
05/02/2015Kevin Whimpey, OTSigned
05/02/2015Ross Scheuerman, RBSigned
05/02/2015Eli Rogers, WRSigned
05/02/2015Collin Rahrig, GSigned
05/02/2015Bradon Prate, DESigned
05/02/2015Tyler Murphy, WRSigned
05/02/2015B.J. Finney, CSigned
05/02/2015Reese Dismukes, GSigned
05/02/2015Miles Dieffenbach, GSigned
05/02/2015Dominique Davis, DESigned
05/02/2015Nigel Crawford-Kinney, DTSigned
05/02/2015Cameron Clear, TESigned
05/02/2015Zac Stacy, RBAcquired from St. Louis
05/02/2015Zac Stacy, RBTraded to New York Jets
05/01/2015Josh Cribbs, RSReleased
05/01/2015DeVier Posey, WRAcquired from Houston
05/01/2015DeVier Posey, WRTraded to the New York Jets
05/01/2015Eric Ward, WRWaived
05/01/2015Ronnie Wingo, RBWaived
05/01/2015Jacques Smith, LBWaived
05/01/2015Jordan Mabin, CBWaived
05/01/2015Reid Fragel, OTWaived
05/01/2015Brandan Bishop, CBWaived
05/01/2015Jameis Winston, QBSigned to a four-year contract
04/30/2015Stevie Brown, SSigned to a one-year contract
04/30/2015Manny Ramirez, CAcquired from Denver
04/30/2015Manny Ramirez, CTraded to Detroit
04/30/2015Dont'a Hightower, LBFifth-year club option exercised for 2016
04/30/2015Chandler Jones, DEFifth-year club option exercised for 2016
04/30/2015Michael Floyd, WRFifth-year club option exercised for 2016
04/30/2015Malcolm Bronson, SSigned to a two-year contract
04/30/2015Ryan Tannehill, QBFifth-year club option exercised for 2016
04/30/2015Lance Lewis, WRWaived
04/30/2015Fouimalo Fonoti, GWaived
04/30/2015Trindon Holliday, WRReleased
04/30/2015Philip Wheeler, LBSigned
04/30/2015Tom Crabtree, TERetired
04/29/2015Jocquel Skinner, CBReleased
04/29/2015Robert Golden, SRe-signed
04/29/2015Troy Kropog, OTPlaced on the reserve/PUP list
04/29/2015Fitzgerald Toussaint, RBRe-signed
04/29/2015Chris Polk, RBSigned to a one-year contract
04/29/2015Damon Harrison, DLRe-signed to a one-year contract
04/29/2015L.J. Fort, LBWaived
04/28/2015Dion Jordan, DESuspended for the 2015 season for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy
04/28/2015Kendall Wright, WRFifth-year club option exercised for 2016
04/28/2015Stephon Gilmore, CBFifth-year club option exercised for 2016
04/28/2015Maurice Jones-Drew, RBRetired
04/28/2015Chris Jones, PSigned to a two-year contract extension through 2017
04/28/2015Kevin Zeitler, GFifth-year club option exercised for 2016
04/28/2015Dre Kirkpatrick, CBFifth-year club option exercised for 2016
04/28/2015Quanterus Smith, DEWaived
04/27/2015Tony Carter, CBRe-signed to a one-year contract
04/27/2015Fletcher Cox, DTFifth-year club option exercised for 2016
04/27/2015Michael Brockers, DTFifth-year club option exercised for 2016
04/27/2015Jonte Green, CBWaived
04/27/2015Robert Griffin III, QBFifth-year club option exercised for 2016
04/27/2015Michael Cox, RBWaived
04/27/2015Jerrell Freeman, LBRe-signed to a one-year contract
04/26/2015Luke Kuechly, LBFifth-year club option exercised for 2016
04/24/2015Dontari Poe, DTFifth-year club option exercised for 2016
04/24/2015Riley Reiff, OTFifth-year club option exercised for 2016
04/24/2015Bobby Rainey, RBRe-signed to a one-year contract
04/24/2015Jaiquawn Jarrett, SRe-signed
04/24/2015Chris Polk, RBQualifying offer withdrawn, declared a free agent
04/24/2015Hakeem Nicks, WRSigned to a one-year contract
04/23/2015Quinton Coples, LBFifth-year club option exercised for 2016
04/23/2015Kerry Taylor, WRWaived
04/23/2015Will Hill, SRe-signed to a one-year contract
04/23/2015Justin Tucker, KRe-signed to a one-year contract
04/23/2015Greg Jennings, WRSigned to a two-year contract
04/23/2015Bear Pascoe, TESigned to a one-year contract

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