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National Football League

NFC Injuries
Arizona Cardinals
Daryl WashingtonLB06/11/2014will miss the entire seasonSuspendeddisciplinary
Darnell DockettDT08/20/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Atlanta Falcons
Zeke MottaS08/24/2014is on the physically-unable-to-perform listPUPneck
Mike JohnsonT08/24/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Sam BakerT08/18/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Marquis SpruillLB08/24/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Terren JonesT08/03/2014is out indefinitelyOutneck
Sean WeatherspoonLB06/16/2014is on injured reserveIRAchilles
Drew DavisWR08/24/2014is on the physically-unable-to-perform listPUPfoot
Carolina Panthers
Kevin MatthewsC08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRshoulder
Matt BlanchardQB08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRconcussion
DeAndre PresleyWR08/26/2014is on the physically-unable-to-perform listPUPshin
Cam NewtonQB08/24/2014is questionable for 9/7 against Tampa BayQuestionableribs
Edmund KugbilaG08/04/2014is on injured reserveIRback
Frank AlexanderDE06/11/2014will be eligible to return on 10/5 against ChicagoSuspendedfour-game suspension
Chicago Bears
Jordan MillsT08/20/2014is questionable for 9/7 against BuffaloQuestionablefoot
Zach MillerTE08/15/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Marquess WilsonWR08/04/2014is out indefinitelyOutclavicle
Dallas Cowboys
Jakar HamiltonS08/28/2014will be eligible to return on 10/5 against HoustonSuspendedfour-game suspension
Amobi OkoyeDT08/26/2014is on the non-football injury listOutillness
Anthony SpencerDE08/22/2014is out indefinitelyOutknee
Henry MeltonDT08/25/2014is probable for 9/7 against San FranciscoProbablegroin
Ben GardnerDE08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRshoulder
Orlando ScandrickCB08/11/2014will be eligible to return on 10/5 against HoustonSuspendedfour-game suspension
Demarcus LawrenceDE07/29/2014is expected to miss 8-10 weeksOutfoot
Sean LeeLB07/01/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Detroit Lions
Kyle Van NoyLB08/28/2014is out indefinitelyOutundisclosed
DeJon GomesS08/27/2014is on injured reserveIRneck
T.J. JonesWR08/27/2014is on the physically-unable-to-perform listPUPshoulder
Green Bay Packers
Aaron AdamsT08/29/2014is expected to be placed on injured reserveOutknee
Andrew TillerG08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRundisclosed
Joe ThomasLB08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRundisclosed
Rajion NealRB08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
JC TretterG08/24/2014is expected to miss 5-6 weeksOutknee
Letroy GuionDT08/29/2014is questionable for Thursday's game against SeattleQuestionablehamstring
Don BarclayT08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Jared AbbrederisWR08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Brandon BostickTE08/22/2014is out indefinitelyOutleg
B.J. RajiDT08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRbiceps
Minnesota Vikings
Jamarca SanfordS08/30/2014is on injured reserveIRundisclosed
Jerome SimpsonWR08/29/2014will be eligible to return on 9/28 against AtlantaSuspendedthree-game suspension
Dom DeCiccoLB08/20/2014is on injured reserveIRhip
Linval JosephDT08/11/2014is questionable for 9/7 against St. LouisQuestionablecalf
Chase FordTE08/04/2014is out indefinitelyOutfoot
Robert BlantonTE08/03/2014is out indefinitelyOuthamstring
Josh SamudaG06/11/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
New Orleans Saints
Kenny StillsWR08/27/2014is questionable for 9/7 against AtlantaQuestionablequariceps
A.J. DavisCB07/24/2014is on injured reserveIRundisclosed
New York Giants
Mario ManninghamWR08/30/2014is on injured reserveIRcalf
Trindon HollidayWR08/30/2014is on injured reserveIRhamstring
Geoff SchwartzG08/25/2014is out indefinitelyOuttoe
Marcus HarrisWR08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRhip
Odell Beckham Jr.WR08/19/2014is doubtful for 9/8 against DetroitDoubtfulhamstring
Prince AmukamaraCB08/16/2014is questionable for 9/8 against DetroitQuestionablegroin
Cooper TaylorS08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Eric HermanG08/08/2014will be eligible to return on 10/5 against AtlantaSuspendedfour-game suspension
Peyton HillisRB08/06/2014is out indefinitelyOutankle
Troy KropogT08/01/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Bennett JacksonCB08/02/2014is out indefinitelyOutankle
David WilsonRB08/07/2014is on injured reserveIRneck
Jayron HosleyCB06/11/2014will be eligible to return on 10/5 against AtlantaSuspendedfour-game suspension
Philadelphia Eagles
Travis LongLB08/29/2014is expected to be placed on injured reserveOutknee
Arrelious BennWR08/29/2014is on injured reserveIRconcussion
Chris PolkRB08/28/2014is questionable for 9/7 against JacksonvilleQuestionablehamstring
Josh HuffWR08/24/2014is out indefinitelyOutshoulder
Lane JohnsonT07/04/2014will be eligible to return on 10/5 against St. LouisSuspendedfour-game suspension
San Francisco 49ers
Aldon SmithDE08/29/2014will be eligible to return on 11/9 against New OrleansSuspendednine-game suspension
Marcus LattimoreRB08/26/2014is on the non-football injury listOutknee
Kaleb RamseyDT08/26/2014is on the physically-unable-to-perform listPUPundisclosed
Garrett CelekTE08/26/2014is on the physically-unable-to-perform listPUPback
Trey MillardFB08/25/2014is on the non-football injury listOutknee
Marcus MartinC08/24/2014is out indefinitelyOutknee
Chuck JacobsWR08/20/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Antoine BetheaS08/27/2014is questionable for 9/7 against DallasQuestionableconcussion
Adam SnyderG08/27/2014is questionable for 9/7 against DallasQuestionableknee
Glenn DorseyDT08/02/2014is out indefinitelyOutbicep
Kendall HunterRB07/26/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
NaVorro BowmanLB08/25/2014is on the physically-unable-to-perform listPUPknee
Brandon ThomasG08/25/2014is on the non-football injury listOutknee
Keith ReaserCB08/25/2014is on the non-football injury listOutknee
LaMichael JamesRB08/25/2014is probable for 9/7 against DallasProbableelbow
Seattle Seahawks
C.J. DavisG08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRundisclosed
Heath FarwellLB08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRgroin
Percy HarvinWR08/29/2014is probable for Thursday's game against Green BayProbableankle
Eric PinkinsCB08/26/2014is on the non-football injury listOutfoot
A.J. JeffersonCB08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Kevin NorwoodWR08/04/2014is out indefinitelyOutfoot
Jesse WilliamsDT08/01/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Taylor PriceWR07/29/2014is on injured reserveIRundisclosed
Anthony McCoyTE07/31/2014is on injured reserveIRAchilles
St. Louis Rams
Demetrius RhaneyC08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Sam BradfordQB08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Isaiah PeadRB08/22/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Barrett JonesG08/17/2014is out indefinitelyOutback
Mason BrodineTE08/08/2014is expected to be placed on injured reserveOutankle
Stedman BaileyWR06/11/2014will be eligible to return on 10/13 against San FranciscoSuspendedfour-game suspension
Trumaine JohnsonCB08/24/2014is expected to miss 4-6 weeksOutknee
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Mike JamesRB08/25/2014is probable for 9/7 against CarolinaProbableshoulder
Charles SimsRB08/15/2014is expected to miss 3-4 monthsOutankle
Washington Redskins
Darryl SharptonLB08/30/2014is on injured reserve/designated for returnIRankle
Brandon MeriweatherS08/25/2014will be eligible to return 9/21 against PhiladelphiaSuspendedtwo-game suspension
Stephen BowenDE08/25/2014is questionable for 9/7 against HoustonQuestionableknee
Mike CaussinTE08/22/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Jerry Rice Jr.WR08/02/2014is on injured reserveIRshoulder
Courtney Bridget Jr.CB07/10/2014is on injured reserveIRshoulder
Leonard HankersonWR08/05/2014is out indefinitelyOutknee
Tanard JacksonS07/10/2014is suspended indefinitelySuspendeddisciplinary
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