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Summer Olympics USA Roster: Wrestling

From The Sports Network

Name (Men)DisciplineDOBHometown
Chas BettsGreco-Roman, 84kg03/08/86Colorado Springs, CO
Jordan BurroughsFreestyle, 74kg07/08/88Lincoln, NE
Dremiel ByersGreco-Roman, 120kg09/11/74Colorado Springs, CO
Ellis ColemanGreco-Roman, 66KG08/16/91Colorado Springs, CO
Tervel DiagnevFreestyle, 120kg11/19/85Columbus, OH
Jared FrayerFreestyle, 66kg10/07/78Norman, OK
Sam HazewinkleFreestyle, 55kg03/04/84Norman, OK
Jake HerbertFreestyle, 84kg03/06/85Ann Arbor, MI
Justin LesterGreco-Roman, 66kg09/30/83Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Spencer MangoGreco-Roman, 55kg07/06/86Marquette, MI
Ben ProvisorGreco-Roman, 74kg06/26/90Stevens Points, WI
Coleman ScottFreestyle, 132kg03/19/86Waynesburg, PA
Jake VarnerFreestyle, 96kg03/24/86State College, PA
Name (Women)DisciplineDOBHometown
Ali BernardFreestyle, 67kg04.11.86New Ulm, MN
Kelsey CampbellFreestyle, 55kg06/05/85Colorado Springs, CO
Clarissa ChunFreestyle, 48kg08/27/81Honolulu, HI
Elena PirozhkovaFreestyle, 63kg10/13/86Greenfield, MA

As of July 12, 2012, at 03:10 PM ET