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2012 Summer Olympic Games Schedule - Cycling

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(All Times Local)

All BMX Events at Olympic Park - BMX Circuit
Saturday, July 28
10:00-(M) Road Race, finals
Sunday, July 29
12:00-(W) Road Race, finals
Wednesday, August 1
12:30-(W) Individual Time Trial
14:15-(M) Individual Time Trial
Thursday, August 2
16:00-(W) Team Sprint, qualifying
16:15-(M) Team Sprint, qualifying
16:45-(W) Team Sprint, semifinals
16:50-(M) Team Pursuit, qualifying
17:40-(M) Team Sprint, semifinals
17:50-(W) Team Sprint, finals
16:10-(M) Team Sprint, finals
Friday, August 3
16:00-(W) Keirin, round 1 & repechages
16:15-(M) Team Pursuit; round 1
16:45-(W) Keirin, round 1 & repechages
17:00-(W) Team Pursuit, qualifying
17:45-(W) Keirin, round 2
17:55-(M) Team Pursuit, finals
18:35-(W) Keirin, finals
Saturday, August 4
10:00-(M) Sprint, qualifying
10:25-(M) Omnium; flying lap
10:55-(M) Sprint, 1/16 finals
16:00-(M) Sprint; 1/16 finals repechages
16:10-(W) Team Pursuit; round 1
16:40-(M) Sprint; 1/8 finals & repechages
17:00-(M) Omnium; 30km points race
17:40-(M) Sprint; races for 9th-12th places
17:45-(W) Team Pursuit; finals
18:20-(M) Sprint; round of 16
18:25-(M) Omnium; elimination race
Sunday, August 5
10:00-(M) Omnium; 4km individual pursuit
11:00-(W) Sprint; qualifying
16:00-(W) Sprint; 1/16 finals
16:35-(M) Sprint; quarterfinals
16:50-(W) Sprint; 1/16 repechages
17:00-(M) Omnium; 15km scratch race
17:35-(W) Sprint; 1/8 finals
18:05-(W) Sprint; 1/8 repechages
18:10-(M) Omnium; 1km time trial; final event
18:45-(M) Sprint; race for 5th-8th places
18:50-(W) Sprint; race for 9th-12th places
Monday, August 6
16:00-(M) Sprint; semifinals
16:10-(W) Omnium; 250m time trial
16:45-(W) Sprint; quarterfinals
17:05-(W) Omnium; 20km points race
17:40-(M) Sprint; finals
18:20-(W) Omnium; elimination race
18:40-(W) Sprint; final (5-8)
Tuesday, August 7
10:00-(M) Keirin; round 1
10:15-(W) Omnium; 3km individual pursuit
11:15-(M) Keirin; round 1
16:00-(W) Sprint; semifinals
16:10-(W) Omnium; 10km scratch race
16:35-(M) Keirin; round 2
16:50-(W) Omnium; 500m time trial, final event
17:25-(W) Sprint; finals
17:55-(M) Keirin; finals
Wednesday, August 8
15:00-(M) BMX Seeding phase runs
15:00-(W) BMX Seeding phase runs
Thursday, August 9
15:00- (M) BMX Quarterfinals
Friday, August 10
15:00-(M) BMX Semifinals
15:08-(M) BMX Finals
16:30-(W) BMX Semifinals
16:40-(W) BMX Finals
Saturday, August 11
12:30-(W) Moutain Bike, cross-country, finals
Sunday, August 12
13:30-(M) Moutain Bike, cross-country, finals

*Times Subject to Change*

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