National Football League
Name  Vernon Gholston
Born  6/5/1986
Height  6-3
Weight  262
College  Ohio State
8/7/2010 8:03:00 PM
Description: Coach Rex Ryan indicated Friday that DE Vernon Gholston is guaranteed a roster spot this season.
Insight: It's hard to imagine why as he has proven absolutely nothing in the NFL yet. Ghoulston basically embodies the word "bust". (
5/30/2010 2:03:00 PM
Description: Rex Ryan has been praiseworthy of Vernon Gholston's switch to defensive end, stating, "He's doing really good.
Insight: The Jets really hope the move will jump-start Ghoulston's career. Keep an eye on him as he does have amazing physical talent and, if the light ever goes on for him, he could be a monster. (
5/20/2010 10:26:00 PM
Description: Jets DE Vernon Gholston is due a $2.5 million roster bonus in March of 2011.
Insight: There is almost no shot that Ghoulston collects that money. One of the biggest draft busts ever will soon be gone from New York. (
4/25/2010 7:51:00 PM
Description: The Jets have reportedly restructured DE Vernon Gholston's contract to make it more incentive laden.
Insight: Perhaps this move will entice Ghoulston to reach his potential. With zero career sacks, Ghoulston is one of the biggest busts in Jets history. (
4/24/2010 10:01:00 PM
Description: Coach Rex Ryan confirmed that Vernon Gholston is being moved from outside linebacker to defensive end.
Insight: Ghoulston isn't quite a Jamarcus Russell-level bust, but he's close. This move is the precursor to his inevitable departure someday. (
4/21/2010 7:54:00 PM
Description: The Jets have reportedly been using Vernon Gholston at defensive end only during offseason workouts
Insight: Gholston has been awful since being drafted by the Jets and doesn't have the size to play defensive end. He is very close to being the epitome of the word "bust". (
1/29/2010 8:47:00 AM
Description: NY Daily News reports that Gholston will definitely be back with the Jets next season.
Insight: Gholston has been a bust since being drafted sixth overall in 2008. He has been limited to mostly special teams. (
Steady7/3/2009 12:34:00 PM
Description: Gholston will get an opportunity to start for the Jets while Calvin Pace serves a four-game suspension.
Insight: Gholston had a quiet rookie year with just 13 tackles and no sacks. Perhaps new coach Rex Ryan will be able to use his second year linebacker in a more productive manner. (