Baltimore Ravens
Name  Brendon Ayanbadejo
Born  9/6/1976
Height  6-1
Weight  225
College  UCLA
8/27/2010 7:04:00 PM
Description: Coach John Harbaugh no longer expects LB Brendon Ayanbadejo (quad) to be ready for the start of the regular season.
Insight: Ayanbadejo might have had a chance at some meaningful IDP value at some point, but he?s merely a special teams player now. (
6/12/2010 6:33:00 PM
Description: Ravens LB Brendon Ayanbadejo (torn quad) expects to avoid contact at the beginning of training camp.
Insight: Ayanbadejo's greatest value is on special teams, so forget about him from an IDP standpoint. (
5/9/2010 10:37:00 PM
Description: Ravens LB Brendon Ayanbadejo admitted that his rehab from a torn quad is going slower than expected.
Insight: It's starting to look as though this might end up being a lost season for him. He's really more valuable on special teams anyway, though. (
3/30/2010 7:48:00 PM
Description: Ayanbadejo is nowhere near recovered yet from the thigh injury he suffered last season.
Insight: He recently stated that he's on track to participate in training camp. However, it's unlikely he'll have much of an impact this season because he's so far behind in his conditioning program. (