National Football League
NFC Injuries
Arizona Cardinals
Larry FooteLB12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against San FranciscoOutknee
Jonathan CooperG12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against San FranciscoOutwrist
Ed StinsonDT12/16/2014is on injured reserveIRtoe
Drew StantonQB12/26/2014is out indefinitelyOutknee
Andre EllingtonRB12/08/2014is on injured reserveIRhernia
Troy NiklasTE11/18/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Carson PalmerQB11/10/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Dave ZastudilP10/07/2014is on injured reserveIRgroin
Jonathan DwyerRB09/18/2014is on the non-football illness listOutpersonal/legal/illness
John AbrahamLB09/19/2014is on injured reserveIRconcussion
Eddie WhitleyCB08/30/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Daryl WashingtonLB06/11/2014will miss the entire seasonSuspendeddisciplinary
Darnell DockettDT08/20/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Atlanta Falcons
No significant injuries
Carolina Panthers
Josh NormanCB12/28/2014left Sunday's game against AtlantaOutleg
DeAndre PresleyWR12/22/2014is on injured reserveIRconcussion
A.J. KleinLB12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against AtlantaOutankle
DeAngelo WilliamsRB12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against AtlantaOuthand
Nate ChandlerG11/18/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Chase BlackburnLB10/28/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Richie BrockelTE10/07/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Greg HardyDE09/17/2014is out indefinitelyOutpersonal
Kevin HughesT08/30/2014is on injured reserveIRundisclosed
Kevin MatthewsC08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRshoulder
Edmund KugbilaG08/04/2014is on injured reserveIRback
Chicago Bears
No significant injuries
Dallas Cowboys
Rolando McClainLB12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against WashingtonOutknee/personal
Doug FreeT12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against WashingtonOutankle
Josh BrentDT12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against WashingtonOutcalf/personal
Dekoda WatsonLB12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against WashingtonOuthamstring
Jack CrawfordDE11/26/2014is on injured reserveIRthumb
Anthony HitchensLB12/28/2014left Sunday's game against WashingtonOutankle
Justin DurantLB10/29/2014is on injured reserveIRbiceps
Morris ClaiborneCB10/04/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Darrion WeemsT09/17/2014is on injured reserveIRshoulder
Chris WhaleyDT08/10/2014is on the non-football injury listOutknee
Amobi OkoyeDT08/26/2014is on the non-football injury listOutillness
Ben GardnerDE08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRshoulder
Sean LeeLB07/01/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Detroit Lions
Dominic RaiolaC12/28/2014missed Sunday's game against Green BaySuspendedone-game suspension served
Joseph FauriaTE12/10/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
LaAdrian WaddleT12/17/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Nick FairleyDT10/27/2014is expected to miss 4-5 weeksOutknee
Stephen TullochLB09/22/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Montell OwensRB09/30/2014is on injured reserveIRhamstring
Travis LewisLB10/18/2014is on injured reserveIRquadriceps
Nevin LawsonCB09/16/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Corey HilliardT09/11/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Bill BentleyCB09/09/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
T.J. JonesWR08/27/2014is on the physically-unable-to-perform listPUPshoulder
Larry WarfordG12/28/2014left Sunday's game against Green BayOutknee
Green Bay Packers
Davon HouseCB12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against DetroitOutshoulder
Luther RobinsonDT12/08/2014is on injured reserveIRcalf
Jamari LattimoreLB12/13/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Kevin DorseyWR11/07/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Andy MulumbaLB09/19/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Khyri ThorntonDT08/30/2014is on injured reserveIRhamstring
Nate PalmerLB08/30/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Aaron AdamsT08/30/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Don BarclayT08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Jared AbbrederisWR08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
B.J. RajiDT08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRbiceps
Minnesota Vikings
No significant injuries
New Orleans Saints
No significant injuries
New York Giants
No significant injuries
Philadelphia Eagles
No significant injuries
San Francisco 49ers
No significant injuries
Seattle Seahawks
Jordan HillDT12/28/2014left Sunday's game against St. LouisOutknee
K.J. WrightLB12/28/2014left Sunday's game against St. LouisOuthand
Jeron JohnsonS12/28/2014left Sunday's game against St. LouisOutelbow
Tharold SimonCB12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against St. LouisOutshoulder
Cooper HelfetTE12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against St. LouisOutribs
Jermaine KearseWR12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against St. LouisOuthamstring
Demarcus DobbsDE12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against St. LouisOutankle
Max UngerC12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against St. LouisOutankle/knee
Brandon MebaneDT11/11/2014is on injured reserveIRhamstring
Greg ScruggsDT11/05/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Stephen SchillingG11/08/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Cassius MarshDE10/18/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Zach MillerTE11/12/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
D'Anthony SmithDT08/30/2014is on injured reserveIRbiceps
Kevin Pierre-LouisLB11/28/2014is on injured reserveIRshoulder
Lemuel JeanpierreC09/03/2014is on injured reserveIRneck
C.J. DavisG08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRundisclosed
Heath FarwellLB08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRgroin
Eric PinkinsCB08/26/2014is on the non-football injury listOutfoot
A.J. JeffersonCB08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Jesse WilliamsDT08/01/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Taylor PriceWR07/29/2014is on injured reserveIRundisclosed
Derrick ColemanFB10/25/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Anthony McCoyTE07/31/2014is on injured reserveIRAchilles
St. Louis Rams
No significant injuries
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
No significant injuries
Washington Redskins
No significant injuries
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