National Football League
AFC Injuries
NFC Injuries
Baltimore Ravens
Arthur BrownLB12/28/2014left Sunday's game against ClevelandOuthamstring
Chris CantyDE12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against ClevelandOutankle/thigh
Eugene MonroeT12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against ClevelandOutfoot
Rick WagnerT12/23/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Kevin McDermottLS12/18/2014is on injured reserveIRelbow
Terrence BrooksS12/16/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Jah ReidT12/13/2014is on injured reserveIRhand
Lorenzo TaliaferroRB12/16/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Danny GorrerCB12/09/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Haloti NgataDT12/28/2014will miss the remainder of the regular seasonSuspendedfour-game suspension served
Tramain JacobsCB12/06/2014is on injured reserveIRthigh
Jimmy SmithCB11/08/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot surgery
Christo BilukidiDE10/18/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Dennis PittaTE09/23/2014is on injured reserveIRhip
Timmy JerniganDT12/28/2014left Sunday's game against ClevelandOutfoot
Asa JacksonCB12/16/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Jeremy ButlerWR08/30/2014is on injured reserve IRshoulder
Will RackleyG08/25/2014is on injured reserve IRconcussion
Kapron Lewis-MooreDE08/25/2014is on injured reserve IRAchilles
Brent UrbanDE08/25/2014is on injured reserve IRknee
Aaron RossCB07/24/2014is on injured reserveIRAchilles
Morgan CoxLS10/20/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Buffalo Bills
No significant injuries
Cincinnati Bengals
Jermaine GreshamTE12/28/2014left Sunday's game against PittsburghOutback/leg
A.J. GreenWR12/28/2014left Sunday's game against PittsburghOuthead
Cedric PeermanRB12/28/2014left Sunday's game against PittsburghOutconcussion
Terence NewmanCB12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against PittsburghOutillness
James WrightWR12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against PittsburghOutknee
Jayson DiMancheLB12/01/2014is on injured reserveIRarm
Andre SmithT11/25/2014is on injured reserveIRtriceps
Vontaze BurfictLB12/09/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Alex SmithTE09/16/2014is on injured reserveIRbiceps
Tyler EifertTE09/10/2014is on injured reserve/designated for returnIRelbow
Sean PorterLB10/07/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
J.K. SchafferLB08/27/2014is on injured reserveIRconcussion
Trey HopkinsG08/30/2014is on injured reserveIRfibula
Marvin JonesWR10/14/2014is on injured reserveIRfoot
Cleveland Browns
No significant injuries
Denver Broncos
David Bruton Jr.S12/28/2014left Sunday's game against OaklandOutconcussion
Mitch UnreinDT12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against OaklandOutillness
Juwan ThompsonRB12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against OaklandOuthip/knee
T.J. WardS12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against OaklandOutneck
Danny TrevathanLB12/16/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Paul CornickT12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against OaklandOuttoe
Quinton CarterS12/13/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Brandon MarshallLB12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against OaklandOutfoot
Orlando FranklinG12/28/2014left Sunday's game against OaklandOutconcussion
Montee BallRB12/13/2014is on injured reserveIRgroin
Nate IrvingLB11/13/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
John YoubotyDE05/21/2014is on injured reserveIRAchilles
Kenny AnunikeDE08/30/2014is on injured reserveIRelbow
Jordan NorwoodWR08/25/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Houston Texans
No significant injuries
Indianapolis Colts
Sergio BrownS12/28/2014left Sunday's game against TennesseeOuthand
Reggie WayneWR12/28/2014left Sunday's game against TennesseeOutgroin
Jerrell FreemanLB12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against TennesseeOuthamstring
Bjoern WernerLB12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against TennesseeOutshoulder
Dwayne AllenTE12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against TennesseeOutknee
Gosder CherilusT12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against TennesseeOutgroin
Andy StudebakerLB12/28/2014left Sunday's game against TennesseeOuthand
Joe ReitzG12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against TennesseeOutknee/ankle
Ahmad BradshawRB11/18/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Cam JohnsonLB09/09/2014is on injured reserveIRtriceps
Shawn LoiseauLB08/21/2014is on injured reserveIRundisclosed
Deji KarimRB08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRundisclosed
Daniel AdongoLB08/12/2014is on injured reserveIRbiceps
Jeris PendletonDT08/12/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Ulrick JohnT08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Aaron MorganLB07/27/2014is on injured reserveIRshoulder
Donald ThomasG07/31/2014is on injured reserveIRquadriceps
Vick BallardRB08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRAchilles
Fili MoalaDE06/11/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Robert MathisLB09/29/2014is on the non-football injury listOutAchilles
A.Q. ShipleyG12/28/2014left Sunday's game against TennesseeOutankle
Jacksonville Jaguars
No significant injuries
Kansas City Chiefs
No significant injuries
Miami Dolphins
No significant injuries
New England Patriots
Dont'a HightowerLB12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against BuffaloOutshoulder
Jonas GrayRB12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against BuffaloOutankle
Brandon BrownerCB12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against BuffaloOutgroin
Dan ConnollyG12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against BuffaloOutankle
Julian EdelmanWR12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against BuffaloOutconcussion/thigh
Dominique EasleyDE12/17/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Kyle ArringtonCB12/28/2014missed Sunday's game against BuffaloOuthamstring
Jerod MayoLB10/16/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Michael BuchananDL10/06/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Alfonzo DennardCB12/27/2014is on injured reserveIRhamstring
Greg OrtonWR08/30/2014is on injured reserveIRAchilles
James MorrisLB08/30/2014is on injured reserveIRankle
Cameron GordonLB08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRundisclosed
Tyler GaffneyRB08/26/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
Aaron DobsonWR12/04/2014is on injured reserveIRhamstring
Nate SolderT12/28/2014left Sunday's game against BuffaloOutknee
Stevan RidleyRB10/16/2014is on injured reserveIRknee
New York Jets
No significant injuries
Oakland Raiders
No significant injuries
Pittsburgh Steelers
Michael PalmerTE12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against CincinnatiOutgroin
Brett KeiselDE12/01/2014is on injured reserveIRtricep
Cortez AllenCB12/06/2014is on injured reserveIRthumb
Troy PolamaluS12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against CincinnatiOutknee
Jordan ZumwaltLB08/29/2014is on injured reserveIRgroin
Le'Veon BellRB12/28/2014left Sunday's game against CincinnatiOutknee
Ike TaylorCB12/28/2014was inactive for Sunday's game against CincinnatiOutshoulder/forearm
San Diego Chargers
No significant injuries
Tennessee Titans
No significant injuries
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