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Houston Rockets 2014 Draft Report Card

By Jim Brighters, NBA Editor

Additions: Clint Capela (25)

Nick Johnson (42)

( - The Houston Rockets don't care about the draft at this point. Their primary goal this offseason is to shed as much salary as possible to sign gigantic names.

This summer, those names are LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. Those aren't delusions of grandeur. They inked Dwight Howard last summer and stole James Harden from the Oklahoma City Thunder the summer before.

So, Houston doesn't care about who it can get from the draft.

Capela is long and big, but isn't NBA ready. He'll be in Europe honing his craft until the Rockets call upon him.

Johnson is someone with pedigree. He was a Wooden Award finalist at Arizona this past year, his junior one. Johnson is a great athlete, great defender and could be a contributor right away. His problem was lack of height.

Houston did exactly what you'd expect on draft night. What the Rockets got wasn't bad, but if they keep punting every draft in order to focus on free agency, that will eventually bite them.

Grade: B-

06/27 19:24:39 ET