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Miami Heat 2014 Draft Report Card

By Jim Brighters, NBA Editor

Addition: Shabazz Napier (24)

( - LeBron James wanted Shabazz Napier.

Consequently, the Miami Heat went out and traded for Shabazz Napier.

It can't be a coincidence that the man James tweeted about, the leader of the national champion UConn Huskies, will be in a Heat uniform next season. Napier can play and lead, but one can't help but wonder if this move was more of a concession to James than a move for the basketball team.

Point guard is definitely a need. Mario Chalmers was terrible in the Finals and is a free agent. Norris Cole was good in the playoffs until the Finals, so upgrading that spot is important.

Problem is, Napier, while he possesses intangibles, is small and not very fast. Bringing him in to run the team would be a mistake, although he does kind of remind me of Chalmers when he first started. The Big Three took him under its wing and made him a valuable contributor. Could be the same scenario with Napier.

Grade: B

06/27 14:29:50 ET