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Boston Celtics 2014 Draft Report Card

By Jim Brighters, NBA Editor

Additions: Marcus Smart (6)

James Young (17)

( - The Boston Celtics built themselves a new backcourt on Thursday. Don't they have an All-Star at one of those spots already?

The C's tabbed Marcus Smart sixth, which is about where he should've gone talent-wise. What made this interesting is, Boston has Rajon Rondo, who has been the subject of trade rumors for some time as the Celtics take the slow road to rebuilding.

Smart is big enough to play the shooting guard, so the two can probably co- exist, assuming Rondo doesn't balk. Just looking at the player, Smart is a spectacular addition. He has size, leadership and moxy, but not much of a jump shot. Any team would be happy to have him, no matter if they have a top-seven point guard in the league.

Young was amazing value at No. 17. He's a baby in this draft, but has awesome potential as a wing player. Young might become a great shooter and I love that he assumed a bigger role on his Kentucky team as the Wildcats marched to the championship game.

If the C's didn't have Rondo, this draft would be sensational. Since they do, it's potentially curious, but Boston acquired talent.

Grade: B+

06/27 14:24:48 ET