$1,600,000 International Crown
Caves Valley Golf Club
Par 71 - 6628 Yards
Owings Mills, Maryland
Jul 24 - Jul 27, 2014
Sunday's fourth round matches
I Park (KOR) def. C Hedwall (SWE), 4 & 2
P Phatlum (THA) def. I Kim (KOR), 1-up
P Lindberg (SWE) def. A Jutanugarn (THA), 6 & 5
C Ciganda (ESP) def. N Choi (KOR), 8 & 6
S Ryu (KOR) def. S Yokomine (JPN), 1-up
B Recari (ESP) def. M Parmlid (SWE), 3 & 2
A Nordqvist (SWE) def. M Higa (JPN), 3 & 2
B Mozo (ESP) def. M Jutanugarn (THA), 3 & 2
M Miyazato (JPN) def. O Sattayabanphot (THA), 3 & 1
A Munoz (ESP) def. A Miyazato (JPN), 2 & 1
Saturday's third round matches
C Hedwall/A Nordqvist (SWE) def. M Lee/K Webb (AUS), 4 & 3
P Lindberg/M Parmlid (SWE) def. K Kirk/L Wright (AUS), 7 & 5
C Ciganda/A Munoz (ESP) def. Y Tseng/H Yao (TPE), 6 & 5
B Mozo/B Recari (ESP) def. C Kung/T Lu (TPE), 1-up
I Park/S Ryu (KOR) def. M Higa/M Miyazato (JPN), 4 & 3
A Miyazato/S Yokomine (JPN) def. N Choi/I Kim (KOR), 3 & 2
C Kerr/L Thompson (USA) def. A Jutanugarn/M Jutanugarn (THA), 3 & 2
P Phatlum/O Sattayabanphot (THA) def. P Creamer/S Lewis (USA), 1-up
Friday's second round matches
A Jutanugarn/M Jutanugarn (THA) def. C Kung/T Lu (TPE), 3 & 2
P Phatlum/O Sattayabanphot (THA) def. Y Tseng/H Yao (TPE), 1-up
M Higa/M Miyazato (JPN) def. M Lee/K Webb (AUS), 3 & 2
K Kirk/L Wright (AUS) vs. A Miyazato/S Yokomine (JPN), halved
C Hedwall/A Nordqvist (SWE) def. I Park/S Ryu (KOR), 1-up
N Choi/I Kim (KOR) def. P Lindberg/M Parmlid (SWE), 1-up
C Kerr/L Thompson (USA) def. B Mozo/B Recari (ESP), 3 & 2
P Creamer/S Lewis (USA) def. C Ciganda/A Munoz (ESP), 1-up
Thursday's first round matches
B Mozo/B Recari (ESP) vs. A Jutanugarn/M Jutanugarn (THA), halved
C Ciganda/A Munoz (ESP) def. P Phatlum/O Sattayabanphot (THA), 4 & 2
C Hedwall/A Nordqvist (SWE) vs. M Higa/M Miyazato (JPN), halved
A Miyazato/S Yokomine (JPN) def. P Lindberg/M Parmlid (SWE), 2-up
I Park/S Ryu (KOR) def. K Kirk/L Wright (AUS), 3 & 2
M Lee/K Webb (AUS) def. N Choi/I Kim (KOR), 1-up
C Kung/T Lu (TPE) def. P Creamer/C Kerr (USA), 4 & 3
Y Tseng/H Yao (TPE) def. S Lewis/L Thompson (USA), 1-up
Spain swept all four of their singles matches on Sunday to capture the first ever International Crown. There are two groups of four teams, which played three days of four-ball matches. The top two teams from each group (Thailand, Spain, Japan and Sweden) and one wildcard team (Korea) will play Sunday singles, where there will be 10 matches. The winning team for each match gets two points and if teams tie, they will get one point each. Final Team Scores - Spain 15, Sweden 11, Korea 10, Japan 10, Thailand 9, United States 6, Chinese Taipei 4, Australia 3.