NFL Betting Week 2 Recap: Totals Sailing Under

Courtesy of Jim Feist

Some NFL teams simply did not show up Sunday, September 14, 2014, for Week 2. And from a Las Vegas betting perspective there wasn't much scoring meaning a ton of unders in the early games, 10-5 under overall starting with the Steelers/Ravens last Thursday.

The Detroit Lions played as they usually do, on the road, that is! They are talented but again they don't live up to their potential. Carolina is playing smart football. They have handled both Tampa Bay and Detroit easily to begin the season. A year ago they start 1-3 and won the division, not so in 2014.

The Miami Dolphins faced a big let down spot and played like I expected they would after beating the pats last week. They are in a tough situation. Buffalo is 2-0 but, really, It is not ready for primetime yet. EJ Manuel is not a top tier QB. They really need the running game to be competitive.

The Jaguars, my goodness, they are much worse than I expected they would be. Both the Eagles and Redskins have dominated their defense, which was supposed to be their strong point. The Jags offense is more like watching a small college team. I'm sure we will get to see rookie QB Blake Bortles real soon, but unless their D begins to show up, it won't matter.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Washington Redskins - The Redskins looked much better after RG3 left the game. I don't want to pile on RG3, but QB Kirk Cousins looks to have better command of the pocket and makes better decisions within the frame work of the game plan. The Redskins should get a big boost of confidence off this blowout.

Last week the Titans killed the Chiefs but in Week 2 they could not stay competitive with the Cowboys. And Dallas looked horrible vs the 49ers in Week 1 but turned it around. These are two average teams that will remain average. The thing the surprised me the most is that the Dallas defense played better than most believe they can. I'm sure Jerry Jones is smiling - at least for on week!

Arizona without QB Carson Palmer played very well on its cross country trip. It's never easy to go west to east and play well. One note of caution however is that they played the NY Giants, who have not shown very much yet this season. If healthy, the Cards are for real with that defense. I'm just not sure they will be able to overcome the injury bug that has hit them. A tough loss for the Vikings losing RB Adrian Peterson. With players being injured at an unreal rate and players being arrested, perhaps deeper player rosters are needed. But even without AP, you would expect an inspired effort - which did not come. QB Matt Cassel looked like the guy no one really wants to depend on.

The Patriots came to play and refused to start the season 0-2. They really looked good on offense and defense. Look out mediocre AFC East. The monster is awake again.

The only early that was competitive and exciting was the Saints and Browns. The Saints we have a Super Bowl semi-favorite beginning the season 0-2. The Saints usually don't play well on the road or on grass, but could be dangerous going forward.

I can't take anything away from the Browns, who continue to mess around with their QB competition. Hats off to QB Bryan Hoyer for overcoming the lack of support by the execs on this team. The Browns have talent and could be a decent squad if left to play football. They are now 1-1 SU and 2-0 against the spread.

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