Who won the offseason?
Philadelphia, PA ( - It's every football fan's dream to catch a pass from their favorite NFL quarterback.

For actor Kevin Connolly, that dream became a reality Wednesday when Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson showed up for a cameo in the new Entourage movie.

Spoiler alert: it didn't go so well.

While running a post pattern, Connolly tripped over a sprinkler and broke his leg in two places.


But, as Entourage director Doug Ellin noted, Connolly still held on for the catch. Apparently, Turtle's man to man coverage is lacking.

Anyway, while Connolly was busy contemplating the thread count of his hospital bed, NFL free agency was in full swing. Here's how it turned out.

The Winners

Tom Brady

Brady didn't switch teams this offseason but more importantly, neither did Julian Edelman (re-signed for four years, $17 million). Mini-tron, as Brady calls him, was New England's go-to receiver in 2013, hauling in 105 catches for 1,056 yards and six touchdowns.

Brady's performance wasn't up to his usual standards last season (87.3 QB rating was his lowest since 2003) but with Edelman back in the fold and Rob Gronkowski making progress in his recovery from ACL surgery, things are looking up for Tom Terrific. Having Brandon LaFell at his disposal (three year, $9 million contract) shouldn't hurt either.

Toby Gerhart

After four years of backup duty behind Adrian Peterson, Gerhart finally got his own team. The Jaguars inked him to a three-year deal earlier this month in what might turn out to be the smartest move of the offseason.

Gerhart's 6-foot, 230-pound body was built for ground and pound but he also has the jets to make defenders miss in the open field. With Maurice Jones-Drew likely to sign elsewhere, Gerhart should get the rock 15-to-20 times per game. One thousand yards rushing seems like a near certainty for Gerhart in 2014.

Josh McCown

Gerhart wasn't the only free agent to set up shop in the Sunshine State. McCown, a backup in Chicago the past three seasons, decided to reunite with former Bears head coach Lovie Smith in Tampa Bay.

Smith has already named McCown the starter, ending the Mike Glennon Era in Tampa less than a year after it started. With 13 touchdown passes and a 66.5 completion percentage last season, the needle is definitely pointing up on McCown.

Emmanuel Sanders

The negotiating tactics of his agent may have rubbed some people the wrong way (specifically the Kansas City Chiefs), but in the end, Sanders couldn't have asked for a better landing spot. Now Sanders is getting paid $5 million a year to catch passes from Peyton Manning. If Sanders gets anywhere close to the 137 targets Eric Decker saw last year (that's the man he's replacing), he'll be a monster in fantasy.

Ben Tate

For the last few seasons, Tate has held the title of the league's best backup running back. So what are we supposed to call him now that he's with Cleveland?

Call him a winner. With clowns like Edwin Baker and Fozzy Whitaker to compete with at halfback, Tate may never leave the field. Tate owners should rent out a storage unit for all the extra fantasy points they're going to be getting.

The Losers

Every Chargers running back

Of all the teams Donald Brown could have played for, why did he have to choose San Diego? The backfield was busy enough with Ryan Mathews and Danny Woodhead splitting the workload. Now quarterback Philip Rivers has three hungry mouths to feed.

Brown, Mathews and Woodhead are all talented but is it really a three-man job? With Woodhead, Brown and Mathews combining for 493 carries last season, I just don't see how this ends well for fantasy owners.

Mike Glennon

A month ago, Glennon was the face of Tampa Bay football. Now he's just another bench player holding a clipboard.

With Josh McCown making $10 million over the next two seasons, the Bucs are obligated to play him. McCown is an older quarterback (34) so it's possible he could get hurt. But if that's Glennon's only hope of seeing the field next season, fantasy owners will want to look elsewhere.

Jimmy Graham

First, Graham told the Saints not to give him the franchise tag. They did anyway.

Next, New Orleans traded Darren Sproles to Philly for pocket change, provoking this angry tweet from Graham: "Wow unbelievable. Shocked and disappointed on everything that's gone on this offseason."

And worst of all, the NFL has banned Graham's signature touchdown celebration, making all goal post dunks a 15-yard penalty.

Poor Jimmy.

Cam Newton

Things were tough enough with Cam having to deal with Carolina's entirely new receiving corps. But now ankle surgery will sideline the Panthers' franchise QB for the next four months.

The consistently unreliable Derek Anderson (69.1 QB rating in 59 career appearances) is next up on the Panthers' depth chart at quarterback. Can Vinny Chase play quarterback?

Geno Smith

The Michael Vick experiment has ended in Philadelphia. So now it's moving to New York.

Head coach Rex Ryan hasn't said for sure who will be the Jets' QB in Week 1 but all signs are pointing to Vick. And if that wasn't bad enough news for Smith, guess what number Vick wears? Seven, the same as Smith. Should we let them settle this in the Octagon?

For those wondering, Rob Gronkowski is also going to be in the Entourage movie. Sounds like a matchup nightmare for Johnny Drama.

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