Can you afford to pass on Brees in Round 2?
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - Are you ready to let the Adrian Peterson owner also end up with Drew Brees?

That could be your reality if you don't jump on Brees in the second round.

Current mock drafts have Brees going at an ADP of 25.3, which is the first pick of the third round. That means the owner who snagged Peterson with the No. 1 pick overall also ends up with a top-two QB.

If things play out the way they have in these mock drafts, the owner with the sixth overall pick, who presumably took Ray Rice or C.J. Spiller in the first, will be facing this major dilemma in the second round -- one pick after Aaron Rodgers goes off the board, do you take Brees to avoid him falling to the Peterson owner?

It's a tough decision, especially because taking a quarterback in the second round is not necessarily the right move.

Let's play it out. Based on ADPs, here's the hypothetical team I ended up drafting by taking Brees with pick No. 19 after selecting Rice sixth overall (position rank in parentheses):

Rice (RB6, i.e. sixth running back drafted)

Brees (QB2)

Randall Cobb (WR8)

Christopher Ivory (RB25)

Mike Wallace (WR21)

Shane Vereen (RB31)

Meanwhile, if you pass on Brees and wait until the sixth round to take your quarterback, you could still get a player like Colin Kaepernick, who is the No. 8 quarterback going off draft boards right now at an ADP of 70.2.

Here are the two hypothetical teams I drafted by passing on Brees:

Rice (RB6)

Maurice Jones-Drew (RB15)

Cobb (WR8)

Ivory (RB25)

Wallace (WR21)

Kaepernick (QB8)

Rice (RB6)

Brandon Marshall (WR4)

Darren McFadden (RB20)

Ivory (RB25)

Wallace (WR21)

Kaepernick (QB8)

The first Kaepernick roster is the deepest of the three, as Jones-Drew is a safer second running back than McFadden and Ivory is miles ahead of Vereen as a flex option.

Basically, it comes down to this question: would you rather have Brees and Vereen or Kaepernick and Jones-Drew? The latter option certainly looks better on paper.

Of course, that also means playing in a league in which an owner of a top-five running back also gets a shot at drafting Brees.

Here's a sample roster that the Peterson owner could end up with by taking Brees:

Peterson (RB1)

Brees (QB2)

Demaryius Thomas (WR6)

Hakeem Nicks (WR19)

Bradshaw (RB26)

Andre Brown (RB34)

Even with a questionable RB2 and flex spot, that team could be incredibly tough to topple. Peterson and Brees were the No. 1 players at their position last season, and Thomas likely will finish as a top-five receiver.

Still, Kaepernick has the upside of a top-three fantasy quarterback, and even if he doesn't match the fantasy points of Rodgers and Brees, I think he'll come close enough that you can let Brees slip away, even if it means watching him fall to the Peterson owner.

You just have to make sure you scoop up the 49ers quarterback before someone else does.

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