Tiger on the Prowl

"You Gotta Be Kidding!"©
by Mickey Charles CEO, sportsnetwork.com

Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) -- The difference in this case is that mine is not an indictment, a salacious opinion of his recently heralded trysts or a focus on what he has done to family, career, earnings, golf and his entire future. The media, from The National Enquirer to The New York Post (neither up for a Pulitzer for journalistic accomplishment), People and just about everyone with a printing press, radio broadcast studio or network reach has beaten this matter to death. Probably something his wife, Elin, came close to doing.

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods will be noticeably absent from the beginning of the PGA Tour in 2010.
It was news, no doubt, and he is arguably the biggest sports superstar on the planet. When he is not playing TV ratings for golf viewership decline by anywhere from 50% to 60%. Adoration of El Tigre has pretty much disappeared faster than a winter sun. That zillion dollar smile is in hiding and he has surrounded himself with people that will kowtow to his every wish and play to his own failings and foibles desperately trying to discover some justification for his need to prove his manhood. None either knew of the extra club in his bag or were too smitten by their friendship with him to attempt to advise a halt.

When the great fall, the mobs seize the moment. They relish it. They thrive upon it. They cannot get enough of it. There is a chink in the armor, more than one. The cracks in the Steuben glass become evident and increasingly long. The chips in the statue seem to be beyond repair.

But, when is enough enough? Tiger Woods blew it big time in one of the more astounding ego trips of our time. Why else engage in all those relationships, the extent of which no one really knows except Woods and the girls, when they are telling the truth.

His wife, Elin, is a 10 going on 11 and she has a twin sister, Josefin. You have to be kidding me! Two small children, the world of sports believing that the driven snow came in second to him when it came to purity and the perfect human being and marriage. A group of tigers is rare but when seen together they are a 'streak' or an 'ambush.' Both are applicable terms here since Tiger streaked about and was ambushed by laxity, stupidity, arrogance, egotism and the failure to simply pick up his cell phone and take it with him when he left the house. Dumb beyond belief.

Justification for what he did if kept secret? Of course not. But his fall from grace led him to learn what "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" really means. He, of course, has not helped the situation. He has taken the Titanic and put another iceberg in the other section of the hull. The worst thing about doing what he did was getting caught and forgetting who he was. Allowances made? C'mon...of course not. But, unless someone counts the cookies religiously every night no one really knows until you get caught with your hand in the jar or wherever Tiger had his recently.

Mine is neither a castigation nor condemnation. What took place is apparent. He was over the top. Boarding "Privacy," his $20 million plus yacht and setting sail with friends was not the answer. If he went elsewhere, same thing. If he was injured by his wife and does not want to show up in public yet, maybe. If he can make it with a reasonable appearance that should have been done yesterday. The media is relentless. They are sharks who are on a hunt. They are piranhas with unquenchable appetites. They will hunt until the hunt is over, and then dine on the carcass for a short period of time before seeking out their next target and victim.

Elin Woods
Elin Nordegren married Tiger Woods in 2004
Elin Woods is out skiing and enjoying an $8,000 per day villa on the slopes. Life has changed for her but, then again, it has not and her message to the world is simply, "Screw you, screw him, screw the media and I am not going to stop living because my husband was a fraud to all, starting with myself." That, in turn, gives rise to the latest slew of rumors as side dishes are now served to, and by, the media. How much will she get when she leaves? She just might not. And, he probably did not give $5 million to the first whistle blower...any other description would be edited out. Did he give something? Arguably yes and the press conference folded. That is when every other girl that ever attended a golf tournament or saw him at a hotel, or asked for an autograph and, possibly, nothing more, came out of his travel bag.

The numbers are up to $500 million. I term it ridiculous. If she, Elin, wants out and asks for some outrageous amount, he might as well take a portion of that and contest it. He screwed around. That has a negative value to it. Unless paperwork says she is entitled to that amount of money from his still existing fortune, she is not. How much embarrassment is there in staying and mending, healing? Impossible? Not really. Forgiveness? Tough but doable. A new prenup? That would do it, certainly help. Public apology, regret, penance, self reproach? That works. Impossible? Not really. Tough? Incredibly so.

How much will she bend unless it is a five-iron around his neck? Can be quite a bit when one is headed for martyrdom. Would many consider that weak, undeserved, silly? He will do it again and you will regret it insanity. Count on it. But she, Elin, comes off like Joan of Arc, he is still a putz that must be purer than the Pope from this point on, as many will forgive as condemn and the media will hover and salivate for a short time and then go on to find their next prey. After the public appearance of repentance by Tiger they will appear together as he says how stupid he was and she evinces forgiveness based upon worldly teachings and principles of her youth.

Not about to happen, right? Don't count it out. It is ugly, but there are the kids, the lifestyle without the excess and what can be. She can have it anyway, and more, and be free of him is the argument. All too true but, right now, she is waiting for him to show up and someone has been a liaison between them. Negotiations are underway and they are not totally settlement driven.

Comebacks are an American tradition and this might be the toughest of all in recent memory. One person wins no matter and, in turn, so do the kids. Elin. Tiger loses, but it all boils down to what, when, how much, where and how.

Does anyone but Elin, her sister, mother and father actually know, have a hint of what she has on her mind? Does anyone truly know where Tiger is these days?

You gotta be kidding!

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