When do you take out the garbage?

"You Gotta Be Kidding!"
by Mickey Charles, CEO Sports Network

In my neighborhood we take it to the curb on Monday and Thursday evenings for pick-up on Tuesday and Friday, respectively. Simple. Apparently, from what I have seen, they do not have any trash pick-ups at Yankee Stadium, so all the rubbish and waste must be disposed of in a manner of which we, as sports fans, are unaware. The same can be said of the homes of Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi, GM and Manager of the team.

The Bronx Bombers, which they have not been at all times this season, seem to be holding perpetual tryouts during the most crucial of games, juggling players more often than an act would at Ringling Brothers or Barnum and Bailey, and creating an atmosphere among fans that are relegated to waiting for the newest way to lose a game.

I have been cautioned to remember that, last year, after play on July 4th, they were two games under .500 and 11 1/2 back. Two years ago they lost Gary Sheffield and Hideki Matsui for the season and panic set in up in The Bronx. They mixed and matched faster than a bartender at a Lions Club gathering and wound up stealing Bobby Abreu at the trade deadline. No one, however, has been seen wearing the mask of a highwayman these days, very few out there are willing to help out and, despite the fact that the season resembles more of a marathon than sprint, adding pitchers (and they do need more than one) or anyone else is not a plausible option right now.

Kyle Farnsworth
Kyle Farnsworth is an accident waiting to happen and one occurs just about every time he finds his way to the mound.
The fact of the matter is that Jonathan Albaladeijo, Andrew Brackman and Brian Bruney are among the pitchers who are on injured reserve. They would all be better served, as would be the Yankees, if they were placed on a reserve somewhere to live out their remaining days, athletic or otherwise. I do not wish them ill but they do a disservice to the Yankee uniform. A brief glow of light does not a summer's day make, so any potential to which Cashman and/or Girardi have clung to date is diaphanous and ridiculous.

Kyle Farnsworth is an accident waiting to happen and one occurs just about every time he finds his way to the mound. This is not something new. He is bad, he is not a frontline pitcher, he gives up homeruns at an alarming pace and has trouble finding the strike zone without a mine detector of some sort.

Dan Geise has trade potential but I am not sure how many more ushers are required for the new Stadium. LaTroy Hawkins, at a given moment, makes Farnsworth look like Allie Reynolds has come back in another body. The man could not be helped with a German Shepherd accompanying him, man or dog. Dave Robertson should just sit back in the bullpen and enjoy the games, refuse to come out if called upon and deny he is available. Jose Veras belongs in the minor leagues if they will have him, where he should play out whatever time he has remaining as a baseball player.

Phil Hughes was a mistake, like investing in a bad stock, and should be sold, taking a loss that can, possibly, be declared. Carl Pavano has an episode on "Cold Case" being readied about him and ranks with the top three mistakes the Yankees have ever made regarding a player's potential. Darrell Rasner should just sit, watch and take notes.

When it comes to catchers, Jose Molina will never be able to hit his weight, if that. Oh yes, it is 235 from last reports. The man gets a hit and Girardi thinks that Bill Dickey has come back, maybe Yogi Berra. Not!!! They need him to give Posada a break? Give the fans a break and get what you can for him. How many trash bags do we have left?

A Yankee fan might be able to tolerate Wilson Betemit but emphasis on "tolerate." Somewhere along the line, Girardi must have read a book about revolving doors and felt that the principle of same must be applied to his team. Also, there is no basis in fact, from the time baseball began, that left-handed batters hit right-handed pitchers better or that the opposite is true...i.e., right-handed batters hit left-handed pitchers better. And vice versa when it comes to pitchers. It just looks good. Like the insanity of 100 pitches and it is time to walk to the mound to make a change. Who the heck ever came up with that statistic?

Brett Gardner? Not even a good name for a Yankee. Is that the criteria? Of course not but it merits the comment based upon what we have seen so far. However, two hits against the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium on Sunday, one of them a single sending home the winning run off Jonathan Papelbon, the Prince of Fenway, with two outs in the 10th inning might be the jolt of confidence the rookie needed.

Jose Molina
When it comes to catchers, Jose Molina will never be able to hit his weight, if that.
Yo, Joe, you are approaching the All-Star break and still do not know what to do with your team. Are we missing something here? Are you? Has Cashman screwed things up so badly that there is no hope without total reorganization? Blame it on the economy and get rid of the trash. The team will always be rolling in money. It is their fate and destiny, also the result of who they are and where they live.

Divine intervention is not about to occur. Forget it. George Steinbrenner is not available to call into the dugout but the heirs apparent, Hank and Hal, his two sons, will not idly sit back for very long. Not the family style. The Boss gave his sons - as well as his wife and two daughters - new titles in the organization, stamping their status as the next generation. George Steinbrenner, who has gone under the title of principal owner for several years, was renamed as the franchise's chairperson, while Hank and Hal were dubbed the Yankees' co-chairpersons. Just as an FYI, Jennifer Steinbrenner Swindal, Jessica Steinbrenner and Joan Steinbrenner were named as vice chairpersons. I would not count on them asking Girardi over for dinner any time soon to discuss the team. But, Hank and Hal? They'll skip dinner and just have a meeting.

And, trash bags will be at the ready. You can count on that because it is overdue and they do collect in the Steinbrenner neighborhoods.

Can the Yankees move into fourth gear and overtake the Red Sox, vastly overrated, or Tampa Bay, playing with a devil may care attitude that has them in first place right now? Maybe, if all the stars, on the field and in the skies, wind up in perfect alignment. Joe Girardi is not a first-year manager with a team that needs a rebuilding program. They just need to schedule garbage pick-ups. Soon.

Is there any chance that Girardi or Cashman will change things around and recognize the mistakes made while checking the legacy of the New York Yankees? One has to wonder where pride, self-respect, identity, history and what your team stands for have gone. Maybe they need more full-length mirrors installed in the locker room. How about a blow-up of the standings every day? Maybe no one should be able to cash their checks until the team is in first place.

Are they the same serious team they used to be, when they were winners all the time? You gotta be kidding!

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