Everyone has an opinion

"You Gotta Be Kidding!"
by Mickey Charles, CEO Sports Network

Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - Everyone has an opinion...good, bad, indifferent, objective, biased, shared, honest, predisposed, narrow-minded, prejudiced, intolerant, colored, bigoted, based on fact, directed by unsubstantiated rumor and innuendo, dogmatic, insulting, short-sighted, humorous and, well, you get the point.

And, many of us offer those opinions without being asked. You know the drill.

Nobody asked me but...

How desperate is your life if you are waiting to see what happens with Jon and Kate? You cannot be serious if they are essential to your daily routine. C'mon!!!

Now we really know why Big Papi is so big and how he got that way. Does anyone really care, from the MLB to the fans or, especially, his team? Does your opinion matter?

How come so many pitchers are now finding it "entre nous" and in vogue to wear as many beads as they can around their necks, whether made by kids or some Haitian woman promising them a perfect season if not just a game down the road?

Should anyone in the NBA reach out to Allen Iverson?
Would the bubble gum manufacturers of the world go out of business if Terry Francona of the Boston Red Sox switched to tobacco or just drinking water? How about baseball players in general? Quick, what is Francona's nickname and think dictator.

Do athletes really believe that there is a Supreme Being out there that favors them over their competition? Is there? Nah!

Why do NBA players, where it all began, feel that their manhood and basic "looks" are enhanced by covering the arms, legs, necks, hands and more with tattoos which, for the most part, are not even appealing? That malaise has spread like wildfire to other sports and the public in general. Where is yours and can we see it? Do we want to? Are you going to send us a photo of yours, of your girlfriend's? Yes, we will post it.

Would the NHL survive if they stopped the fighting between the players and just played hockey? How about drawn swords or pistols at dawn the day after the game...and selling tickets to see that but leaving the game alone...to be played as a game?

Do people go to NASCAR to watch the driving talents of the competitors or to wait for a crash, fiery or otherwise? It is hard to believe that makes your day.

What is so martial about mixed martial arts...competition that is a street fight in a cage? Between the MMA and UFC we have gone back in time about 1,000 years or more. Do not, please, tell me that there is talent there. You just want to see the mayhem, blood, action and two maniacs intent on maiming one another...and it is legal. C'mon, admit it.

Is there any play in the NFL that takes place without a penalty of some sort occurring one way or the other? How can old, fat, out of shape (for the most part) referees that have other day and night jobs when not doing this, keep up with the action and be accurate? One weight lifter that could play as quickly as blow a whistle is not reflective of the entire fraternity, is he? What do you think?

Is Allen Iverson going to end his career in Europe, play for a team there, open a chain of tattoo parlors, and buy a villa on the French Riviera or Costa Del Sol in Spain? His spotlight only has one working bulb left and that is on its last season of glow, a small one. Should anyone in the NBA reach out to him? Who?

Will Jack Nicholson give up acting and change his courtside seat to one on the bench if Phil Jackson decides to call it a day? Speaking of Phil, how tough is it to coach and win with teams led by Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant? Larry Brown and Pat Reilly, hailed as coaching geniuses, proved that it is not coaching that wins championship flags and rings. It is the talent on the hardwoods. What, you don't agree? Hmmmm.

How can Joe Girardi be congratulated when Rodriguez hits a game winning home run or Burnett shows up with a masterful performance? That is like complimenting a husband when his wife has gone through nine months of pregnancy, labor and delivery. He ought to try that some time.

Can soccer ever become a big time sport in North America or is it relegated to being that elsewhere on the planet with only flashes of interest here? Our mix of people gives it a chance but only a small one dependent upon an even smaller following. Are you a soccer fan? What do you watch, games here or the Premier League in the UK, Italy, Spain, and elsewhere? Is it really 90 minutes of boredom?

What Lance Armstrong accomplished was fantastic but there is a time to stop pedaling.
Should all baseball parks have the same distances to the outfield fences or does the variety help the game? The same would be boring and not change the playing field out there all the time. It is an adventure or a welcome sight when those short porches show up. What is your choice?

Tiger Woods is capable of dominating golf for the next 10-15 years at a minimum. Do we get tired of his winning; do we wait for Tom Watson to test the trials and tribulations of time, the travails that he encountered at the British Open? How many are out there that can play with El Tigre? What will happen to crowds and attendance, sponsorships, TV, the sport as whole if he goes on vacation or even starts to lose? Do you see any cubs coming out of the woods...not from Tiger and his wife, the playing woods!

Is college basketball that much more interesting than the NBA? If not for Kobe, Shaq, Lebron and a few others, would you really watch if your favorite team is not playing? What about college football? Is it true that we will have 100 Bowl games by the year 2020? The way the national champion is decided is ridiculous. We need a playoff system.

Are the fans in Philadelphia really the worst anywhere, for any sport at any time? A few bad apples do spoil the bunch in the barrel or at the upper levels and, in the case of the City of Brotherly Love, outside the stadium itself. What is your top ten for bad fans...good ones...knowledgeable...out of touch with reality?

How can Senators Jon Kyl and Orrin Hatch question the Delaware Sports Gaming and talk about impacting the integrity of anything when they come from Washington D.C. and Congress? Integrity? They have to be kidding! As far as the professional leagues and their posturing against this effort, it is a stance that is nothing more than politics and Delaware will not have any effect of professional sports whatsoever other than offering the public another place to try and win a few dollars on the basis of a sporting outcome.

Lance Armstrong should let the air out of his tires. What he accomplished was fantastic but there is a time to stop pedaling.

How can Shaquille O'Neal be taken seriously when he is planning his own reality sports competition TV show, reading movie scripts and considering a musical career? Has the big guy finally packed it in or can he seriously make the Cavaliers a contender? Best bet for Lebron is to move on.

I wonder if Michael Phelps is really, really, really going to concentrate on being a fish or turn to celebrity in his spare time and enjoy the fruits of that instead of the next summer Olympics. My vote is not to do anything with the gills or webbed feet for a few more years and think being on a Wheaties Box.

It is good to forgive and forget, to give everyone a second chance but does any team in the NFL really want to have Michael Vick on its roster? Is it worth it? What he did was almost unconscionable but sports in America has the same sort of people in it as walk the halls of Congress so some owner will twist adding Michael into a p.r. plus.

Everyone has an opinion but does it impact or get us anywhere, is anyone listening? You gotta be kidding!

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