A Christmas Greeting to the NFL

by Mickey Charles

'Tis just weeks before the play-offs, and all through the league.
There are bruises and breaks, some feeling great and most quite fatigued.
A few stockings will be empty and not one player cares.
Nor would St. Nick leave gifts seeing how badly each fares.

In the NFC East collapse was in vogue and New York led the way.
While Dallas and Parcells secured first place and decided to stay.
The Eagles lost Donovan, always good and upstanding but never great
With a coach named Reid, slow to react except when he ate.
While the Democrats won, the ?Skins continued to lose and, sadly, fail.
Under an owner whose dreams had become increasingly stale.

Rex Grossman
Da Bears rose in the North and sugar plum dreams now dance in their heads.

Da Bears rose in the North and sugar plum dreams now dance in their heads.
While the Vikings, Packers and Lions compete with a wintry group of retreads.
New Orleans created a post Katrina clatter and rejected a long winter?s nap.
With Carolina and Atlanta still harboring plans to set a season ending trap.

The Bucs are yesterday?s news and Jon Gruden has lost all his flash.
Which leaves all to believe that they have called it a day and decided to crash.
So much for the South with no sleigh, no reindeer, no little old driver in red due.
No Donder, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen?no Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen? Just fans feeling awfully blue.

The new fallen snow in Seattle has not stopped the ?Hawks from playoff dreams.
And San Francisco, St. Louis and Arizona cannot catch them, or so it seems.
Parity has turned the NFL into mediocrity, a present from the front office unwanted.
But, as always the case, they continue to make millions uncaring, undaunted.
The Niners surprised, playing like a team anxious, hungry, lively and quick.
Still some years away with wild card dreams hitting a wall, and no thanks to St. Nick

In the AFC East, the Patriots have stopped being chubby and plump, hungry again.
With eight wins under their belt and New York two behind, can they make it ten?
The Jets with a sleigh full of toys, and fans eager to get them after years without.
The bad news is they will continue seeing the same holiday drought.
Buffalo and Miami were potential Christmas guests but no parties they?ve attended.
Neither would be that unhappy if the end of the month meant that the season had ended.

The Ravens lead the North with smoke and mirrors for Santa to enjoy.
There?s no trophy in their future so their best is the hope of a brand new toy.
Chasing them are the Bengals with a QB and game plan to pass all of the time.
Yes, give up the run and realize I said this to create two words to rhyme.
Pittsburgh is a nightmare come to life, leaving their game behind early this year.
What used to be a gang no one wanted to play is now a club with no reason to fear.
What can one say watching Cleveland except a grand HO, HO, HO!
What they hear from the fans is not a cheer to win, but to leave - Go, Go, Go!

Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning is the best there is and a joy any time of the year.

Peyton Manning is the best there is and a joy any time of the year.
Guiding ten of his mates as easily as he?d direct eight tiny reindeer.
The Jaguars, Titans and Texans have nowhere to go but down.
And all the celebrating this year will be done in the Colts? hometown.
So much for the AFC South and what the stockings hung there will contain.
For this year, and next, and the one after that, the result will still be the same.

That leaves us with the West where three of four teams sought the same gift.
All asked for a title, not very much more, something to give them a lift.
The Chargers, Broncos and Chiefs have a shot, planning to give it all that they?ve got
But the Raiders are clueless, and the fact of the matter is they don?t have a shot.

Santa makes all of his rounds without speaking a word, that right jolly old man.
From team to team, trying to be each one?s biggest fan.
But there?s just so much that he can do for them at this time of the year.
And watching some play as he flies will even cause a frown and a tear.
So, some stockings have to be left as empty as the seats in the stands.
At the games where the highlight of the day is the halftime band.

Here we are and it is almost done with not much that will surprise many of us.
But with so much to do, the NFL aside, what, you may ask, is all the fuss?
St. Nick understands, it is what men do, what they want to see under the tree.
A championship team that won?t be there and one that may never be.

To all who dream, who root, cheer and die with each pass, tackle and run.
Dream on friends and fans, be happy and look for your day in the sun.
While it may never come, think of the time of the year and what it means.
Enjoy, it?s Christmas and the Super Bowl is just one of your dreams.

Now I have to run, to a sleigh of my own, reindeer waiting for my whistle.
Flying away, as was said before, like the down of a thistle.
But before I do, there?s one thing to say as we drive off and out of sight,
Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!!!

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