Challenging your handicapping skills

"You Gotta Be Kidding!"
by Mickey Charles CEO,

Station Casinos
Hatboro, PA (Sports Network) -- That?s what Station Casinos in Las Vegas is preparing to do, find out if you know as much about the NFL as you have told everyone within the sound of your voice you do these past few weeks. And, if can walk the walk, not just talk the talk, you have the opportunity to win cash prizes, legally, that go to the top 20 participants with $100,000 minimum for first place, $20,000 for second and $10,000 third. All for a $1,000 entry fee. Remember, this is Las Vegas and, no, you cannot mail in the entry. You have to be there to do so or have someone in Nevada that you would trust with the family enter under their name for you, your proxy.

This is the The Challenge, appropriately dubbed to see if you can substantiate your claims of being a handicapping maven among the populace, one that can, as is the point of The Challenge, beat the spread consistently over the course of the season.

Piece of cake!

Funny, that is what Napoleon said when his army approached Moscow and the same was, so I am told, heard to be uttered by Hannibal when he and his elephants arrived at the foot of the Alps.

Mercedes GL 450 SUV
A new Mercedes GL 450 SUV (one year lease) is waiting for you if you can do 67% or better for the entirety of the season.
The prognosticators, prophets, handicappers, forecasters, clairvoyants, theorists, stats adherents, oracles and outright guessers are lining up. Sign up before the deadline at 6 pm this Friday, September 1st, and you are eligible for the "Beat the House Early Bird Special" where all contestants that finish ahead of the Station Casinos Bookmaker?s entry will be eligible to win a bonus $10,000 prize. The pot has also been sweetened with a new Mercedes GL 450 SUV (one year lease) if you can do 67% or better for the entirety of the season. Both have a one winner only condition so the tie-breaker kicks in if more than one person does either or both.

Bring on the other piece of cake!!

Got it, not a problem.

Registration began August 1st and the "experts" have been lining up since. The window closes at 6 p.m. Friday, September 8th. And, to keep your heart racing, all contestants are eligible to compete in The Challenge "Mini Contest" in which the player that accumulates the most points over the final four weeks of the season can win an additional $12,500 prize.

If you want to hedge your bet, pun intended, you can have three entries at $1,000 per.

The Challenge is based upon selecting winners against the Stations Casino contest line(s) and you have to make five choices each week from all the NFL games plus a potential choice or two from some arbitrarily posted college games, usually three. Most winners is the key and selections have to be made by 6 p.m. each Friday. Of course, you must be over 21 to compete. That is a customary "given."

As with most contests, especially sports handicapping tourneys, they look easier than they are.

How can I enter if I am located in Topeka [or New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc.} and this is being held at Station Casinos in Las Vegas, even if entries and payouts are accepted and made at any Station Casino or Fiesta property?

Red Rock Casino sportsbook
The Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa has the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art sportsbook you are likely to see anywhere.
Fair question. Get the proxy referred to earlier if you are not in Nevada. And, if your plans in the weeks, or months, ahead call for a trip to Las Vegas I would suggest, and urge, that you put a stop at the Station Casinos newest addition to the landscape, the $925 million Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa, the most expensive property every built off the Strip on your itinerary. It has the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art sportsbook you are likely to see anywhere with a 96-foot video wall, powered by 18 projectors and complemented by surroundings that are nothing but first class.

Weekly selections and results of The Challenge will be posted on both and every week. Then all you have to do, if located outside of Nevada, is call your proxy with your choices and you are in the game.

Looking for a challenge this football season? Rest easy, you found it.

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