College Football Must Go See A Doctor

"You Gotta Be Kidding!"
by Mickey Charles, CEO Sports Network

When I was gathering and saving words of wisdom from my father, one of the things he told me was, "If thirty people tell you that you are limping but you look down and believe you are walking fine, go see a doctor!" What do we know about the BCS that those who contrived it are unable to see?

Let's have a look, a close one. The BCS poll is based upon the Harris Interactive (media types that likely never see as many of the teams actually play as one would suppose) and the USA Today polls. The latter is voted by coaches but an undisclosed number that are too busy to witness any teams but the ones on their schedule or the plasma screen at home or in the office.

And, the real syrup on the ice cream is that it is also activated and directed by a computer, generating what someone has inserted and programmed as strength of schedule, won-lost records, victories against top-25 teams, etc. The fallacy is so obvious that it is frightening. How do you determine strength of schedules other than by evaluating standings of teams voted on by people who do not see them all play and just check final scores? Another factor, naturally, is a team's record based upon numbers and results but not truly a determination of how they got the score or the standing. Sort of like Oklahoma rolling it up against nearly everyone they played, whenever they could. Maybe the teams they played were not that good, after all, if they allowed that to happen. Kind of like boxer "Tex" Cobb years ago punching out everyone he could on the way to the ring - maintenance man, security guard, cleaning lady, ticket taker, announcer - to build up his record of victories.

Urban Meyer
Urban Meyer is 43-8 since taking over the Gators program in 2005.

This then is shaken, not stirred, to give the world a BCS average which, of course, determines the teams in the BCS rankings. For example, although Texas defeated Oklahoma, the Sooners won the Big 12 championship and, thus, finished ahead of the Longhorns in the standings. Florida, by virtue of having defeated Alabama, the then-number one ranked team in the nation, jumped to 2nd in the BCS poll. Sort of like a poor man's game of checkers but one played on the collegiate gridiron and in the polls for space on TV and millions of dollars in revenue. College big business? Nah! Just coincidence.

Both Oklahoma and Florida were 7-1 against teams that were in the top-25 at one time or another this year with emphasis on "at one time or the other."

Anyone that says we do not need a national playoff system, some level of elimination at the end of the season, and that the BCS is the determinant of choice simply does not understand how the system works against common sense and reality.

That which is very necessary is, for example, an 8-team playoff, where 1 plays 8, 2 plays 7, etc. The second week, they have the national semifinals and two weeks later the championship game. Hell, Forrest Gump could figure out the obvious. Why not the NCAA and its presidents? When the money and TV come into play the networks would love it, pay more and sponsorships and advertisers would line up. Avarice kicks in to the delight of all, and greed rushes to the head of the class. Naturally (is everyone listening?) this could still be done in a bowl environment and the teams and conferences could make even more money!!!! Look at what has evolved from the Sugar, Rose, Orange and Fiesta Bowls. How to get to those eight? I am working on that.

By the year 2012 every fourth college in the nation, maybe every third by some estimates, will be in a Bowl game somewhere in the United States. It also translates into 70-80 entertainers to come out of American Idol to vie for places at these games to start the festivities with the singing of the National Anthem or become involved in the halftime entertainment.

The bottom line is that the BCS manner of selecting who is what regarding ranking(s), which teams are the ostensible best two in the nation playing for the "invisible championship," is flawed and full of more holes that Swiss cheese. "It is all that we have!" Meaning what? It is unacceptable. A sham. A discredit to the establishment of a true national champion among college football teams. To believe that college sports are part and parcel of the academic and character building process of these institutions of higher learning is to believe in the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and Oz. Sports are big business among the literary and, that being said and acknowledged, football is the chairman of the board.

Those who contrived and developed the BCS system of establishing, except for the final score of that "championship" game, who are the best teams in the country, privileged to play for the title, were last seen selling elixir from the back of a Conestoga Wagon.

Florida and Oklahoma are terrific teams; it will be a grand matchup and possibly the highest scoring contest in championship history, not to mention one of the most watched. But, are they really the two best deserving of this stage, based upon polls and a computer tallying what has been given to it, a computer that has never seen any of the teams play? You gotta be kidding!

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