Your brain versus the computer

"You Gotta Be Kidding!"
by Mickey Charles, CEO Sports Network

We are there. It is your brain against the machine, the computer. Technologies versus the beat of your heart and hunches, arm wrestling and at cross-purposes with high-tech. Automation has entered your world and is dominating it, controlling and directing the nature of your very being. It is what it is and you have no choice but to hang on tight and go for the ride. Just remember that it is a long one and can, if steered correctly, prove to be a very profitable one.

The fact is that all the research you can absorb, every historical item, statistical fact, traditional situation, trend, smallest item and rule of the day has been available to you for years. You just haven't taken advantage of much of it. Instead, when wagering, when analyzing a game, you rely on the beat of your heart coupled with whatever idle meanderings the handicapper of the hour has for lease or sale, allegedly based upon his doing what you could have undertaken yourself and, at the same time, had the knowledge that you actually did it, not that he might have. Technology gives you access to a flood of data, almost too much.

It tells you how to play blackjack, what the subtleties are of poker beyond the now accepted "All in!" chant that makes the once very skilled card game the same as a throw of a dart, and directs you to the players' principles of craps and chemin de fer baccarat, the tenets of sports wagering and the mandates of money management. All you have to do is reach out to your keypad and start to search. A guaranteed methodology for winning? Hardly. A better way to play and provide you with an advantage similar to that of the house? Assuredly.

The casino or sportsbook does not think. They do not ruminate over every turn of the card, toss of the dice or score in any game at the pitch, on the field, across the ice or in the arena. They do not study the record of the jockey or weight of the horse. They do, however, make the odds with some degree of tradition, history and intelligence with only one purpose in confuse the player and punter, to cause you to hesitate, conjecture, ponder and brood, contemplate while lost in a myriad of decisions, statistics, sites, advisories, injury and weather reports, whether the cards have been streaking one way or the other, have the dice been hot and more than enough to drive a sane man utterly mad!

Phil HellmuthPhil Hellmuth is one of the top professional poker players in the world.
You must not meditate, wonder, speculate, be lost in thought or cater to the beats of your heart. You must exercise your brain and become an automaton, particularly when involved at the casino. There are rules for blackjack. Follow them. You locate the book of Professor Edward O. Thorp, "Beat The Dealer," and you utilize his teachings and rules as your Bible, your Commandments. You do not waver, you do not hesitate, and you do not alter what he tells you.

Read what Phil Hellmuth Jr. and Johnny Chan have to say before you head for the poker tables. Doyle Brunson should be added to the list, together with Avery Cardoza and Mike Caro. That should hold you for a bit. When it comes to sports in North America, head to The Sports Network and the section there, Inside the Numbers, where you will find consummate professionals like Jim Feist. Are they the "last word" on any given game? No, but they can certainly set the tone for same and either reinforce your own thinking or refute same and give you reason to pause, change your mind, lessen or increase your intentions, and so forth. But there must be separation...the pretenders from the pros. How will you know? You will know by checking records, asking others, taking the measure of their advice and approach to each contest or game.

You are permitted to think a bit, to explore, to use your own intelligence, to access the Internet, search, analyze, determine, equate, compare, utilize all the work that a site such as ours has done, and then toss it all into a martini shaker and remember, stirred, not shaken. Then you are ready.

There are reasons handicappers live well, bookmakers revel in billion dollar enterprises and casinos build and enjoy monumental memorials, staggering shrines, overwhelming edifices like Wynn in Vegas, testimonials to their name(s) and efforts, designed to entice, enthrall, captivate and capture your funds. You can, as with sports and bookmakers, beat them some of the time and some can beat them all of the time but all cannot beat them all of the time. Consequently, the world we inhabit today, the technology and information at hand increases your edge if you use it and, in so doing, become the bookmaker or casino that comes to battle with a determined plan that is unwavering, heartless and absent remorse or a brain that precipitates and is the precursor to the path to your heart.

Your brain must become a machine, a computer, and act like one. Fill it with knowledge, use technology to do so, search, find, study, equate, separate the negative from the positive, think and set your game plan before you go to "war" but, when you do, just push "automatic" and let the games begin. With all due respect to what is out there, it was conceived and built by the most developed and intricate computer on the planet...your mind. Take that intellect, aptitude, rationality, percipience and power and apply it. Do not waste it.

Got it? Good. Brain against

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