It's like having a blind date

"You Gotta Be Kidding!"
by Mickey Charles CEO,

Hatboro, PA (Sports Network) -- When your best buddy tells you about this fantastic lady, the potential girl of your dreams, the one that "sounds" like a million buck, that vision of loveliness with the body that stops traffic and a personality that makes Julia Roberts appear dull by comparison. It is tough to control the saliva flow in and out of your mouth. But, did he ever see her? Was she just someone he heard of, a friend of a friend, the girl that his Aunt Becky recommended or the one that his own girlfriend said would be a dream come true for you? No matter how you shake it, the bottom line is a blind date.

Sometimes blind dates blossom into long-term romances, other times it's like trying to pick all 15 winners of a NFL week...painfully frustrating.
Sometimes you win and, more often than not, you lose and determine that the person who brought her to your attention was, in fact, blind and not the date.

That is how it is with sports, especially the NFL and predicting who is going to win and who is going to lose on a given Sunday. Prognostication is not easy and, without seeing the teams in action, becoming intimately familiar with their strengths and weaknesses, it is nothing more than speculation and a strong hunch. Those who reach out for your money and want to be paid for their studied opinions might have nothing stronger than a Ouija Board going for them...on a good day. Tarot cards would have a better chance. Even darts. Luck is the most important ingredient of all, more so than the bat dung, cat's tail and turtle broth with a touch of chicken's blood.

Oh, they might actually study, and know. But, that means that they, like you, cannot afford a blind date. One must see the teams play. That is why there is DirecTV...and this is not a commercial for them. You just have to taste the product, know it, feel what it can do, know the limits of its capabilities, come to a calculated and carefully weighed conclusion. Hardly a guarantee. Just the necessary edge.

Blind dates do not work, for the most part.

The New York Giants will not have many games that go over the total number of points that are created in Las Vegas. Their opponent might, but not the white and blue. Washington is over-rated again and the Redskins will not give Congress, or the Senate, anything to cheer about this year despite all the fancy guests in the owner's super box. Dallas has been seen and need not be seen again.

Matt Hasselbeck
Matt Hasselbeck has not been effective leading the anemic Seattle Seahawks' offense.
Have you watched Seattle? Their quarterback, Matt Hasselbeck, is a disaster looking for a place to self-destruct. Can he have a good game somewhere this season? Anything is possible...almost. But, check every game on their schedule and go against them each time they play a team that you have determined will be in the running this season. Green Bay looked like it was playing a Pop Warner team this past Monday when they demolished the Redskins, 37-0. But, they were competing against a club that had trouble finding its way out of the locker room. It proved that the visitors from the nation's capital are as bad as they were last year and the Packers could not be judged off this showing. They are still a blind date.

So are the Eagles. Philadelphia sent a message that they would be in the hunt when they lost to St. Louis in overtime, but beating up on the Seahawks this last Sunday was not impressive nor was the manner in which they did it. The Eagles are a better team than they were last year, but their next two opponents are also patsies so go with them. But know that the jury is still behind closed doors.

Tampa Bay will be tough and play in lots of games that are "unders." Ditto the Chicago Bears. Detroit and Minnesota are both holding towels poised to toss them into the center of the ring.

The Rams are trying to redeem themselves after last year and, if you have seen them play this year (and you should) they are on a mission. Gotta like them against others that you have seen play and between whom the match-up in your brain is easily determined. The painstaking prophesy follows.

Indianapolis is for real and can put points up on the board. Miami will hang tough and is on the road to recovery. Pick your spots carefully with the Dolphins. Know that they are as real as the sun that shines on their stadium.

Cincinnati is playing on heart and over its head. Watch out for these Bengals. They are slated to fall out of the tree one of these weekends and become an easier target for hunters with big guns and wallets. Baltimore is going to play some very angry games because they will lose their share and repeating a Super Bowl is not visible in the crystal bowl.

Denver and San Diego are front-runners as well, and Oakland has retreated to reading its pre-season predictions and press clippings. You have to like the Broncos just about every time out, especially at home and the Chargers figure that they can win just by putting the ball up for grabs every now and then.

Those are some of the blind dates that I have been able to see, watch how they walk and talk, determine what their plans are for the future, and meet the family and some of the friends. A few might change my mind in coming weeks since that happens on second and third dates but you gain a lot from first impressions.

After dating for only a few weeks are there any plans for an early engagement? You gotta be kidding!

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