BCS or BS?

"You Gotta Be Kidding!"
by Mickey Charles CEO, The Sports Network

Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) -- It has been said that the factory of the future will be run by two employees, a man and a dog. The man's task will be to feed the dog and the dog's job will be to keep the man from touching the equipment. That, in essence, is the descriptive commentary on what awaits in the Orwellian world that, in some respects, is already here.

Enter the BCS.

In a world of instant replays the technology is utilized to correct the failings of all too often inept and maladroit humans in striped shirts who command the activity unfolding before them with the assistance of a child's whistle seemingly welded to their hands. But, it is the mortal mishap and miscarriage that we are adjusting with a review of it; to correct it, not replace it.

Oklahoma football fans
With a win at the Sugar Bowl, Oklahoma Sooners football fans would again get to say, "We're Number One!"
What can a computer tell us, Hollywood versions aside for those of you that have seen War Games and are familiar with "Joshua," that we do not program it to do? Yes, those that have chosen over the years, the endless stream of selection committees and good ol' boy networks that have proliferated sports awards and games, have given new meaning to imbecility. But, their prejudices, somehow, gave rise to legitimate considerations for post season bowl games and championship basketball selections and bracketing. There always seemed to be more good choices, luckily, than the glaring failures.

Then we are provided with the ultimate insult, and b.s., the BCS. The machines of a Star Wars generation were now going to take control of sports before concentrating on the rest of the planet. Oh, goodie! The erroneous theory was that bigotry, prejudice, favoritism, bias, the preconceived and intolerant would disappear faster than the snow under the sun of the next day. Wrong.

Number One among college football royalty would be evaluated and determined by Big Blue wearing sneakers and a made-to-order jockstrap. Institutions of higher learning put all else on hold until the various ranking bodies made their choices, voted upon who would have the opportunity to shout "We're Number One!" and start painting signs that would make it to the eyes of the cameramen in New Orleans, placards that hailed their heroes and, at the same time, beseeched Mom and Dad to send more money.

The collective voices of the student bodies were raised in Norman, Oklahoma, as well as, Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Los Angeles, California. Those of the first two, however, knew that they did not deserve to be heard above the din and outrage of the campus of USC or the media from coast to coast. LSU and Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl for the bragging rights to proclaim themselves the best college football team in the nation for this year, once they win, of course. However, the rest of those who know have already declared, contrary to the machines or the outcome of either game (LSU/Oklahoma or USC/Michigan), that the boys from California are undeniably the best team in the country.

USC football fans
USC fans will have to settle for another Rose Bowl appearance, after getting snubbed by the BCS.
Once the cardinal and gold defeat the blue and gold, as they well might, they could raise a finger in the air to herald that fact and don't be surprised if it is not the one closest to the thumb.

Not inviting USC to the Sugar Bowl to play one or the other, LSU or Oklahoma, with the former having the inside track after the results of the last weekend of the season, was the epitome of mechanical failure. George Lucas is already looking into yet another sequel featuring these devices that have failed miserably and how utilizing them elsewhere could easily bring down the establishment as we know it today.

The Sooner juggernaut went poof! against Kansas State, LSU continued to roll and got better as the season went on, while USC scored so many points one had to wonder if the opposition always showed up for the second half.

The machines do not have eyes or feelings. They cannot understand the game, emotion or visible improvements or declines of each of the teams. The machines are beset with statistics and infused balance determinants that have little to do with a total understanding of the game. The numbers alone are insufficient. Humanity still has the upper edge. Eyesight supersedes software. Experienced evaluation rescinds and repeals scads of stats and a plurality of programming.

January 4th should look like alphabet soup with LSU playing USC. The Sooners could not even win their conference championship game, but Kansas State is not an option for New Orleans, while LSU won the SEC. USC sat atop the Pac-10. Technology has failed. It happens. Doubt it? Check your latest Microsoft software, written by folks that never asked what you wanted.

The BCS is b.s. There is no doubt about that. It is the lazy man's way to a championship game that should really be determined by a playoff among the top teams. Inequity is running amuck. Political football is the latest craze and the obvious is being avoided. Playoffs.

College football is a money machine. It prints cash faster than the Federal Reserve. The student-athletes make the Israelites of pyramid-building days in Egypt look like free spirits. The decision makers tout that a series of playoffs would be too harsh on their players, too taxing of their time. Really? Does that deserve a response?

The BCS b.s. bowl choices system was last seen on its knees praying for a Trojan loss to the Wolverines. However, one has nothing to do with the other right now. USC should be warming up on Bourbon Street in the weeks ahead. Instead, the Trojans will be heading to Pasadena and a very friendly fan base where they have won their last two Rose Bowl games against Michigan in 1990 and Northwestern in 1996. Their overall Rose Bowl record is 20-8. Not bad.

How good is a machine? What did you tell it to do? That is how good it is. Is the BCS a worthy system of determining the best team(s) in the nation? My response is b.s. Will someone in charge finally admit that they have failed? You gotta be kidding! They forgot to feed the dog.

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