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Nobody asked me, but...
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - I'm glad that it worked out right for the NHL. They deserved something like this considering all of the problems they had at the start of their season.

Two "original six" teams hooking up in the Stanley Cup - for the first time since 1979, by the way - is just a stroke of good luck.

Getting the cover of Sports Illustrated, thanks, largely to there being no horse worth a darn in the Triple Crown races is a nice touch, too.

Putting on their usual tremendous show only adds to the fun. Is there a more exciting finish in sports than an overtime NHL playoff game? The answer is no.

All right, with all of that praise out of the way, let's get back to what we have coming beginning Wednesday night:

The storylines are fabulous.

You have the Boston Bruins, Stanley Cup winners from two years ago, and the sentimental favorites of many after the tragedy with the Boston Marathon two months back. And toss in their rabid fan base, and the fact the B's are really, really good doesn't hurt, either.

And the Chicago Blackhawks. All they did was defy the norm.

After a wondrous regular season in which they blew away the field, many thought, as has happened so many times in every sport, that they would stumble along the way early in the playoffs and everything they did in the winter would be forgotten.

Not so. And toss in their rabid fan base and the fact the Blackhawks are really, really good, doesn't hurt, either.

Both teams have blown through the playoffs to set up their showdown. When was the last time two teams playing this well, so on top of their games, met with everything on the line? Been a long time.

As good as Chicago has been, Boston has been perhaps even a little better.

Yes, the Blackhawks dumped the defending champion Los Angeles Kings, but the Bruins swept away the Pittsburgh Penguins, a team many expected to win the Stanley Cup.

It's just a perfect storm with two red hot teams.

The only other thing needed, and what the NHL could use in this series, is, duh, for it to go seven games.

With the NBA Finals wrapping up on June 20 - if the series between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs goes seven games - the NHL will have a little monopoly on the sports world for almost a week.

A Game 7 for the Stanley Cup would be played June 26. No NBA to get in the way, no U.S. Open to get in the way, only baseball in midstream. In other words, it would be the NHL all the way (of course, the NFL could move the 2014 Draft to June 26 to make sure nobody gets more attention than it does, but hopefully that won't happen).

Now, who wins? A big part of me says to go with the Blackhawks. I love their energy, and their team speed, plus the confidence they gained by kicking everybody's butts for four months is invaluable.

Granted they haven't played the Bruins this season because of the condensed regular season, but that shouldn't matter, should it?

Well, in this case it does because my mind, and my heart, thinks Chicago wins, so I'm picking the Bruins.

Home ice advantage, which the Blackhawks have, won't matter. Boston will steal Game 2 in Chicago, win games 3 and 4 at home and then come back for Game 6 and take the Stanley Cup in six.

So there you have it. I'm thinking Chicago, picking the Bruins in six and will watch as the Blackhawks win in a sweep.

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