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Nobody asked me, but...
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - I don't know if you heard the news, it was a small story, not like the earth-shaking Manti Te'o one that should have gone away weeks ago but continues to be kept alive for no apparent reason.

Nah, this was barely noticed, but it's going to make a bigger impact than you'd think.

You see, the other day, I was named sports czar for one hour. Meaning anything I wanted to change in the sports world I could as long as it was done in 60 minutes or less. A lot of pressure, but I gave it my best.

My changes (in no particular order):

Every Super Bowl must be played outdoors. And it gets moved around each year to a different NFL city. The Broncos want to host the Super Bowl? Denver, your time is coming.

All artificial turf, be it football or baseball, has to go. We're getting close. This also will kill off indoor stadiums. Bye, bye.

Baseball's All-Star Game will no longer decide which league gets home field advantage for the World Series. Just stupid. What we'll do is simply flip a coin. That method has worked forever in so many ways.

Pro golf will have one set of rules and amateur golf will have its set. Mulligans, gimmes and foot wedges are fine for the amateur and will make the game more fun.

We're going to bring back the tie in pro football and pro hockey during the regular season. There's nothing wrong with a tie except on Father's Day. The way the NHL does it now is just bizarre. Our way, it's gone.

Pro basketball can say goodbye to the dunk. It's been eliminated. You get one point for any shot within 15 feet of the basket (just like a free throw). It's now two points for a basket from 15 to 20 feet out and three points for anything beyond that.

The five-man rotation is gone. We're going back to four.

A 16-team college football playoff is now reality. We don't need a bigger field like in the lower divisions. Sixteen will do. If you're not in the top 16, you're not going to win anyway.

Every major golf tournament will have an 18-hole playoff Monday if there's a tie. The U.S. Open is the only major that does it. TV execs hate it because they want closure on Sunday, but it's more fair to the players. Way more fair.

No professional athletes can compete in the Olympics.

If a high school senior wants to go straight to the NBA, let him. Making some of these kids go to college for a year is absurd. He doesn't want to be there and is only taking up a spot at the school for somebody who does. Let him make a living.

The NFL or college football halftime interview with the coach is gone. We learn nothing and the coaches hate it.

Every alarm clock will have a 60-minute snooze. What? How'd that get in here?

Any NFL play that needs to be reviewed gets reviewed. This garbage about not having any timeouts left so you can't challenge is dumb. Get it right.

The designated hitter will join the Dodo bird. And won't be missed, either.

The Ryder Cup will be played every year. It's just great theater.

Every NFL game will be on pay-per-view. You'll still get your local team, but if you want to watch a different game, and don't want to subscribe to the Sunday Ticket for an entire season, just pony up for one game.

No big game starts later than 8 p.m. ET If you live on the West Coast, well, hurry home. We have to let kids see the games.

Preseason Heisman Watch lists no longer exist (see Dodo bird). They serve no purpose. Besides, who heard of Johnny Football before November?

Oh, my time is up. Darn, I had plenty more. Well, we'll save those for another day.

Drew Markol has been a sportswriter and columnist for several newspapers in the Philadelphia area for more than 25 years.

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