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Nobody asked me, but...
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - Actually, somebody did ask me a rather interesting question about Augusta National.

No, not if I thought it was good or bad that Augusta is offering green jackets to two females (for the record, I thought it was a very good idea).

This question was more personal. It was, simply: If offered, would you (meaning me) like to be a member at Augusta National?

My answer: I'd have to think about it.

Now, I'm not sitting by the phone waiting for the membership committee to give me a call. Nor do I rush to the mailbox hoping there's a letter, or stare out the window and hope the UPS truck stops at my house with a green jacket.

But let's, for yucks, say they did.

What would be the good?

  • Duh, you're a member at one of the most prestigious clubs in the whole world. There are some other private clubs that claim to be more exclusive (you know who you are), but you're not Augusta and you don't have the Masters every April. You probably have a lot of scratch and that's never a bad thing.

  • You get to wear the cool green jacket. I know everybody likes to rip the jacket as being unfashionable and gaudy. Good. Go ahead and rip it. I think it would look darn good hanging on my shoulders with my sporty Wal-Mart golf shirt underneath.

  • You get to play Augusta. I can't stress that enough. You get to play Augusta.

  • Ever wonder what it would be like to try and putt those greens that befuddle the best players in the world every time. Now, you'd get to find out over and over.

  • The food. From what you hear, it's superb and I bet that's accurate. Plus, can't you just taste the sweet tea?

    What would be the bad?

    Well, hang on for a minute, I'm trying to think of something bad. Oh, OK, and this is actually a biggie, the golf course really isn't open for play all that much.

    In fact, the course is closed from late May until mid-October. Sure, that's one way to help make it look so nice all the time, but golfers want to golf.

    And you know you're not playing much leading up to the big tourney in April, either, so the golfing opportunities are kind of limited. It's not a deal breaker, but it is a negative.

    In the end, when you weigh the good and the bad, I bet it's pretty darn cool to walk up to the tee at the start of Amen Corner with your buddies and tee off. I can think of many worse ways to spend my time while explaining which way the wind is blowing.

    Quite frankly, I'd be the perfect Augusta member.

    Living in suburban Philadelphia, and not being a CEO of a huge conglomerate, it would be very difficult for me to make many trips to Augusta.

    I don't have a private jet; my kids are young and will be in school for a long time; and getting the money together or the time off to make it worthwhile would never be easy.

    That's why I'd be the ideal guy to give a green jacket. I'd rarely be at Augusta, and would rarely play the course, but I'd always speak well of it and tell everyone I know how cool it is to be a part of the club.

    Augusta, reportedly (nobody on the outside really knows for sure), has roughly 300 members. Making me No. 301 could be done easily and I'd promise to slip into the far locker at the end of the row.

    So, gentlemen and ladies, whenever you feel like adding a non-wealthy, but friendly hack with an incurable slice, I'm not that hard to find.

    Oh, gotta go, I think I just saw the UPS truck.

    Drew Markol has been a sportswriter and columnist for several newspapers in the Philadelphia area for more than 25 years.

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