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Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman
By Matt Stone and Preston Lerner
Reviewer: Steve Schwarz for the Sports Network

Racing legend Mario Andretti said it best in the book's forward, "Paul Newman was one of us."

One of us, that is, if you are a racing fan.

Newman always had a thing with cars, but it jumped to a completely different level when he was filming the 1969 movie classic "Winning." It was at this point that his "car thing" turned into a "a love of racing."

Once racing got into Newman's blood it never let go. Newman first drove cars himself, then went on to partner with Carl Haas as a Champ Car Series owner to win multiple titles with drivers like Michael Andretti, Nigel Mansell, Cristiano da Matta and Sebastien Bourdais.

The story is also about how the superstar movie actor was just "one of the boys" when it came to racing. He knew he was an on-screen star, but at the track as he put it "I was never a great driver...I was pretty good for about five years."

The book is about Newman as told through the eyes Matt Stone and others, from both Mario and Michael Andretti, to Sam Posey, to Danny Sullivan to Bourdais and many others who Newman touched along the way.

There are more than 150 fantastic pictures of his journey through his racing life, from his early SCCA days to his Champ Car days as a winning owner.

It's an excellent addition to any racing library and for any P.L. Newman fan.

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