Boston Marathon - April 16, 2012
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Boston Marathon Champions (Men's Division)
2011Geoffrey Mutai2:03:02Kenya
2010Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot2:05:52Kenya
2009Deriba Merga2:08:42Ethiopia
2008Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot2:07:46Kenya
2007Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot2:14:13Kenya
2006Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot2:07:14Kenya
2005Hailu Negussie2:11:45Ethiopia
2004Timothy Cherigat2:10:37Kenya
2003Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot2:10:11Kenya
2002Rodgers Rop 2:09:02Kenya
2001Lee Bong-Ju2:09:43Korea
2000Elijah Lagat2:09:47Kenya
1999Joseph Chebet 2:09:52Kenya
1998Moses Tanui2:07:34Kenya
1997Lameck Aguta2:10:34Kenya
1996Moses Tanui2:09:15Kenya
1995Cosmas Ndeti2:09:22Kenya
1994Cosmas Ndeti2:07:15Kenya
1993Cosmas Ndeti2:09:33Kenya
1992Ibrahim Hussein2:08:14Kenya
1991Ibrahim Hussein2:11:06Kenya
1990Gelindo Bordin2:08:19Italy
1989Abebe Mekonnen2:09:06Ethiopia
1988Ibrahim Hussein2:08:43Kenya
1987Toshihiko Seko2:11:50Japan
1986Robert de Castella2:07:51Australia
1985Geoff Smith2:14:05Great Britain
1984Geoff Smith2:10:34Great Britain
1983Greg Meyer2:09:00USA (Massachusetts)
1982Alberto Salazar2:08:52USA (Massachusetts)
1981Toshihiko Seko2:09:26Japan
1980Bill Rodgers2:12:11USA (Massachusetts)
1979Bill Rodgers2:09:27USA (Massachusetts)
1978Bill Rodgers2:10:13USA (Massachusetts)
1977Jerome Dayton2:14:46Canada
1976Jack Fultz2:20:19USA (Virginia)
1975Bill Rodgers2:09:55USA (Massachusetts)
1974Neil Cusack2:13:39Ireland
1973Jon Anderson2:16:03USA (Oregon)
1972Oiavi Suomalainen2:15:39Finland
1971Alvaro Mejia 2:18:45Colombia
1970Ron Hill2:10:30Great Britain
1969Yoshiaki Unetani2:13:49Japan
1968Amby Burfoot2:22:17USA (Connecticut)
1967David McKenzie2:15:45New Zealand
1966Kenji Kemihara2:17:11Japan
1965Morio Shigematsu 2:16:33Japan
1964Aurele Vandendriessche2:19:59Belgium
1963Aurele Vandendriessche2:18:58Belgium
1962Elno Oksanen2:23:48Finland
1961Elno Oksanen2:23:39Finland
1960Paavo Kotila2:20:54Finland
1959Elno Oksanen2:22:42Finland
1958Franjo Mihalic2:25:54Yugoslavia
1957John Kelley2:20:05Connecticut (USA)
1956Antti Viskari2:14:14Finland
1955Hideo Hamamura2:18:22Japan
1954Veikko Karvonen2:20:39Finland
1953Keizo Yamada2:18:51Japan
1952Doroteo Flores2:31:53Guatemala
1951Shigeki Tanaka2:27:45Japan
1950Kae Yong Ham2:32:39Korea
1949Karl Leandersson2:31:50Sweden
1948Gerard Cote2:31:02Canada
1947Yun Bok Suh2:25:39Korea
1946Stylianos Kyriakides2:29:27Greece
1945John Kelley2:30:40USA (Massachusetts)
1944Gerard Cote2:31:50Canada
1943Gerard Cote2:28:25Canada
1942Joe Smith2:26:51USA (Massachusetts)
1941Leslie Pawson2:30:38USA (Rhode Island)
1940Gerard Cote2:28:28Canada
1939Ellison Brown2:28:51USA (Rhode Island)
1938Leslie Pawson2:35:34USA (Rhode Island)
1937Walter Young2:33:20Canada
1936Ellison Brown2:33:40USA (Rhode Island)
1935John Kelley2:32:07USA (Massachusetts)
1934Dave Komonen2:32:53Canada
1933Leslie Pawson2:31:01USA (Rhode Island)
1932Paul DeBruyn2:33:36Germany
1931James Henigan2:46:45USA (Massachusetts)
1930Clarence DeMar2:34:48USA (Massachusetts)
1929John Miles2:33:08Canada
1928Clarence DeMar2:37:07USA (Massachusetts)
1927Clarence DeMar2:40:22USA (Massachusetts)
1926John Miles2:25:40Canada
1925Charles Mellor2:33:00USA (Illinois)
1924Clarence DeMar2:29:40USA (Massachusetts)
1923Clarence DeMar2:23:47USA (Massachusetts)
1922Clarence DeMar2:18:10USA (Massachusetts)
1921Frank Zuna2:18:57USA (New York)
1920Peter Trivoulides2:29:31USA (New York)
1919Carl Linder2:29:13USA (Massachusetts)
1918Military Relay2:29:53Camp Devens
1917Bill Kennedy2:28:37USA (New York)
1916Arthur Roth2:27:16USA (Massachusetts)
1915Edouard Fabre2:31:41Canada
1914James Duffy2:25:14Canada
1913Fritz Carlson2:25:14USA (Minnesota)
1912Michael Ryan2:21:18USA (New York)
1911Clarence DeMar2:21:39USA (Massachusetts)
1910Fred Cameron2:28:52Canada
1909Henri Renaud2:53:36USA (New Hampshire)
1908Thomas Morrissey2:25:43USA (New York)
1907Thomas Longboat2:24:24Canada
1906Tim Ford2:45:45USA (Massachusetts)
1905Frederick Lorz2:38:25USA (New York)
1904Michael Spring2:38:04USA (New York)
1903John Lorden2:41:29USA (Massachusetts)
1902Sammy Mellor2:43:12USA (New York)
1901John Caffery2:29:23Canada
1900John Caffery2:39:44Canada
1899Lawrence Brignolia2:54:38USA (Massachuetts)
1898Ronald J. MacDonald2:42:00Canada
1897John J. McDermott2:55:10USA (New York)
London Marathon - April 22, 2012
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Kenyans Kipsang and Keitany capture titles
London, England (Sports Network) - Kenya's Wilson Kipsang won the men's London Marathon on Sunday, while countrymate Mary Keitany captured the women's title.

Kipsang finished with a time of 2 hours, 4 minutes and 44 seconds, only four seconds off the course record.

Fellow Kenyan Martin Lel, a three-time London champion, ended with a time of 2:06:51, just one second ahead of 2010 winner Tsegaye Kebede of Ethiopia for second place.  continue>>
Berlin Marathon - September 30, 2012
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Kenya's Mutai wins Berlin Marathon
Berlin, Germany (Sports Network) - Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya captured the Berlin Marathon in a narrow finish over countryman Dennis Kimetto.

The two crossed the finish line within one second of each other, Mutai breaking the tape first in a time of 2 hours, 4 minutes and 15 seconds. Kimetto's time of 2:04:16 was the fastest marathon debut in history.

Mutai, who also won the 2011 Boston Marathon and the 2011 New York Marathon, clinched the World Marathon Majors title -- a series that includes results from Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York over a two-year period.  continue>>
Chicago Marathon - October 7, 2012
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Ethiopia's Kebede wins Chicago Marathon
Chicago, IL (Sports Network) - Tsegaye Kebede of Ethiopia captured the Chicago Marathon on Sunday.Kebede set a course record, crossing the finish line in a time of 2 hours, 4 minutes and 38 seconds. The old mark of 2:05:37 was established by Kenya's Moses Mosop last year.

It was a clean sweep of the top three spots for Ethiopia, as Feyisa Lilesa finished 14 seconds behind the winner and Tilahun Regassa was third with a time of 2:05:27.  continue>>
New York Marathon - November 4, 2012
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NYC marathon canceled
New York, NY (Sports Network) - The New York City marathon scheduled for Sunday has been canceled as the city still struggles to recover from the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

It was a joint decision between the city government and race organizers to cancel the event, and no determination has yet to be made on whether or not to reschedule the race.  continue>>
Standings (M)Standings (W)
2011-12 World Marathon Championship - Leaderboard (Men)
RankNameCountryPtsTop Performance
1stGeoffrey MutaiKenya751st - '12 Boston; 1st - '11 NYC
1st - '11 Boston; 2nd - '11 Berlin
T-2ndAbel KiruiKenya402nd - '12 Olympics
1st IAAF World Championship
T-2ndMoses MosopKenya401st - '11 Chicago; 2nd - '11 Boston
T-2ndEmmanuel MutaiKenya402nd - '11 NYC; 1st - '11 London
T-2ndWesley KorirKenya401st - '12 Boston; 2nd - '11 Chicago
T-6thWilson KipsangKenya353rd - '12 Olympics; 1st - '12 London
T-6thPatrick MakauKenya351st - '11 Berlin; 3rd - '11 London
8thMartin LelKenya302nd - '12 London; 2nd - '11 London
9thStephen KiprotichUganda251st - Olympics
10thTsegaye KebedeEthiopia213rd - '12 London; 3rd - '11 NYC
The World Marathon Majors is a series consisting of five of the largest and most renowned marathons in the world: Virgin London Marathon, Boston Marathon, BMW Berlin Marathon, Bank of America Chicago Marathon and ING New York City Marathon. In creating the World Marathon Majors, the organizers of these five races recognized an opportunity to advance the sport, raise awareness of its athletes and increase the level of interest in elite racing among running enthusiasts.

The total score for each athlete in a series will consist of points earned from a maximum of four Qualifying Races during that two-year cycle. To be eligible for the jackpot, an athlete must compete in a minimum of one Qualifying Race during each year of the series.

1st place - 25 points
2nd place - 15 points
3rd place - 10 points
4th place - 5 points
5th place - 1 point
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