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2012 Summer Olympic Games Schedule - Table Tennis

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All Events at ExCel
Saturday, July 28
09:00-12:45(M) Singles; preliminaries
(W) Singles; preliminaries
(W) Singles; round 1
14:30-17:30(M) Singles; round 1
(W) Singles; round 1
19:00-22:00(M) Singles; round 1
(W) Singles; round 2
Sunday, July 29
09:00-12:00(M) Singles; round 2
(W) Singles; round 2
13:30-16:30(M) Singles; round 2
18:00-22:00(W) Singles; round 3
Monday, July 30
10:00-14:00(M) Singles; round 3
15:30-17:30(W) Singles; round 4
19:00-21:00(M) Singles; round 4
Tuesday, July 31
10:00-14:00(W) Singles; quarterfinals
16:00-18:00(W) Singles; semifinals
20:00-22:00(M) Singles; quarterfinals
Wednesday, August 1
10:00-12:00(M) Singles; quarterfinals
14:30-16:30(W) Singles; bronze medal match
(W) Singles; gold medal match
Thursday, August 2
10:00-12:00(M) Singles; semifinals
(M) Singles; bronze medal match
(M) Singles; gold medal match
Friday, August 3
10:00-13:00(W) Team; round 1
14:30-17:30(W) Team; round 1
19:00-22:00(M) Team; round 1
Saturday, August 4
10:00-13:00(M) Team; round 1
14:30-17:30(W) Team; quarterfinals
19:00-22:00(W) Team; quarterfinals
Sunday, August 5
10:00-13:00(M) Team; quarterfinals
14:30-17:30(M) Team; quarterfinals
19:00-22:00(W) Team; semifinals
Monday, August 6
10:00-13:00(W) Team; semifinals
14:30-17:30(M) Team; semifinals
19:00-22:00(M) Team; semifinals
Tuesday, August 7
11:00-14:00(W) Team; bronze medal match
15:30-18:30(W) Team; gold medal match
Wednesday, August 8
11:00-14:00(M) Team; bronze medal match
15:30-18:30(M) Team; gold medal match

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As of March 1, 2011, at 02:44 PM ET

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