2012 Summer Olympic Games Schedule - Basketball

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All Events at the Olympic Park & North Greenwich Arena
Saturday, July 28
09:00-(W) China vs. Czech Republic
11:15-(W) Canada vs. Russia
14:30-(W) Turkey vs. Angola
16:45-(W) United States vs. Croatia
20:00-(W) Brazil vs. France
22:15-(W) Australia vs. Great Britain
Sunday, July 29
09:00-(M) Nigeria vs. Tunisia
11:15-(M) Brazil vs. Australia
14:30-(M) United States vs. France
16:45-(M) Spain vs. China
20:00-(M) Russia vs. Great Britain
22:15-(M) Argentina vs. Lithuania
Monday, July 30
09:00-(W) Croatia vs. China
11:15-(W) Czech Republic vs. Turkey
14:30-(W) France vs. Australia
16:45-(W) Russia vs. Brazil
20:00-(W) Great Britain vs. Canada
22:15-(W) Angola vs. United States
Tuesday, July 31
09:00-(M) China vs. Russia
11:15-(M) Australia vs. Spain
14:30-(M) Lithuania vs. Nigeria
16:45-(M) Great Britain vs. Brazil
20:00-(M) France vs. Argentina
22:15-(M) Tunisia vs. United States
Wednesday, August 1
09:00-(W) Canada vs. France
11:15-(W) China vs. Angola
14:30-(W) Australia vs. Brazil
16:45-(W) Croatia vs. Czech Republic
20:00-(W) Great Britain vs. Russia
22:15-(W) United States vs. Turkey
Thursday, August 2
09:00-(M) France vs. Lithuania
11:15-(M) Australia vs. China
14:30-(M) Argentina vs. Tunisia
16:45-(M) Brazil vs. Russia
20:00-(M) Spain vs. Great Britain
22:15-(M) United States vs. Nigeria
Friday, August 3
09:00-(W) Angola vs. Croatia
11:15-(W) Russia vs. Australia
14:30-(W) Brazil vs. Canada
16:45-(W) Turkey vs. China
20:00-(W) France vs. Great Britain
22:15-(W) Czech Republic vs. United States
Saturday, August 4
09:00-(M) Tunisia vs. France
11:15-(M) Russia vs. Spain
14:30-(M) Lithuania vs. United States
16:45-(M) China vs. Brazil
20:00-(M) Great Britain vs. Australia
22:15-(M) Nigeria vs. Argentina
Sunday, August 5
09:00-(W) France vs. Russia
11:15-(W) Angola vs. Czech Republic
14:30-(W) Canada vs. Australia
16:45-(W) China vs. United States
20:00-(W) Croatia vs. Turkey
22:15-(W) Great Britain vs. Brazil
Monday, August 6
09:00-(M) Australia vs. Russia
11:15-(M) Tunisia vs. Lithuania
14:30-(M) France vs. Nigeria
16:45-(M) Great Britain vs. China
20:00-(M) Spain vs. Brazil
22:15-(M) Argentina vs. United States
Tuesday, August 7
09:00-(W) Quarterfinal #1
11:15-(W) Quarterfinal #2
15:00-(W) Quarterfinal #3
17:15-(W) Quarterfinal #4
Wednesday, August 8
09:00-(M) Quarterfinal #1
11:15-(M) Quarterfinal #2
15:00-(M) Quarterfinal #3
17:15-(M) Quarterfinal #4
Thursday, August 9
17:00-(W) Semifinal #1
21:00-(W) Semifinal #2
Friday, August 10
17:00-(M) Semifinal #1
21:00-(M) Semifinal #2
Saturday, August 11
17:30-(W) Bronze Medal Game
21:00-(W) Gold Medal Game
Sunday, August 12
11:00-(M) Bronze Medal Game
15:30-(M) Gold Medal Game

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