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Russian biathlete withdraws from 2014 Games

( - Russian biathlete Irina Starykh has withdrawn from the Olympic team after an alleged doping violation.

Starykh said the positive test was a "misunderstanding" and has asked for another sample to be tested, but added that she did not want to be a distraction for the team.

"This news was highly unexpected for me," said Starykh in a letter to the Russian Biathlon Union. "I am truly sorry that this story is linked to my name.

"I immediately decided to ask for a test of the 'B' sample, as I consider everything that had happened to me as a misunderstanding. However, until the end of all proceedings, I consider it to be unacceptable to stay with the team. I well know that in the eyes of the public I will throw a shadow on the team as long as there are no results of the 'B' sample."

Galina Nechkasova was elevated from an alternate to replace Starykh for the women's team.

01/30 12:40:15 ET