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2008 Summer Olympic Games
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BEACH VOLLEYBALL - Women's Results
Misty May-Treanor/Kerri Walsh, USA21-18, 21-18
Tian Jia/Wang, CHN18-21, 18-21
Xue/Zhang Xi, CHN21-19, 21-17
1stWalsh/May-Treanor, USA def. Tian Jia/Wang, CHN2-0 Sets
3rdXue/Zhang Xi, CHN def. Talita/Renata, BRA2-0
Walsh/May-Treanor, USA def. Talita/Renata, BRA2-0 Sets
Tian Jia/Wang, CHN def. Xue/Zhang Xi, CHN2-1
Walsh/May-Treanor, USA def. Ana Paula/Larissa, BRA2-0 Sets
Tian Jia/Wang, CHN def. Schwaiger/Schwaiger, AUT2-0
Xue/Zhang Xi, CHN def. Branagh/Youngs, USA2-0
Talita/Renata, BRA def. Barnett/Cook, AUS2-0
Aug-9Maaseide-Glesnes NOR def. Van Breedam-Mouha BEL2-0 Sets
Tian Jia-Wang CHN def. Kuhn-Schwer SUI2-0
Barnett-Cook AUS def. Uryadova-Shiryaeva RUS2-1
Branagh-Youngs USA def. Kadijk R.-Mooren NED2-0
Pohl-Rau GER def. Esteves Ribalta-M. Crespo CUB2-0
Juliana-Larissa BRA def. Saka-Rtvelo GEO2-1
Aug-10Walsh-May-Treanor USA def. Teru Saiki-Kusuhara JPN2-0
Schwaiger-Schwaiger, AUT def Karantasiou-Arvaniti GRE2-0
Talita-Renata BRA def. Candelas-Garcia MEX2-1
F. Grasset-Larrea Peraza CUB def. Hakedal-Torlen NOR2-0
Goller-Ludwig GER def. Augoustides-Nel RSA2-0
Xue-Zhang Xi CHN def. Koutroumanidou-Tsiartsiani GRE2-1
Aug-11Tian Jia-Wang CHN def. Van Breedam-Mouha BEL2-1
E. Ribalta-M. Crespo CUB def. Kadijk R.-Mooren NED2-0
Maaseide-Glesnes NOR def. Kuhn-Schwer SUI2-0
Branagh-Youngs USA def. Pohl-Rau GER2-0
Barnett-Cook AUS def. Saka-Rtvelo GEO2-0
Juliana-Larissa BRA def. Uryadova-Shiryaeva RUS2-1
Aug-12Walsh-May-Treanor USA def Grasset-Larrea Peraza CUB2-0
Koutrou.-Tsiartsiani GRE def. Augoustides-Nel RSA2-0
Hakedal-Torlen NOR def. Teru Saiki-Kusuhara JPN2-0
Candelas-Garcia MEX def. Karantasiou-Arvaniti, GRE2-1
Xue-Zhang Xi CHN def. Goller-Ludwig GER2-0
Talita-Renata BRA def. Schwaiger-Schwaiger AUT2-0
Branagh/Youngs USA def Esteves Ribalta/M. Crespo, CUB2-1
Pohl/Rau, GER def. Kadijk R./Mooren, NED2-0
Aug-13Saka-Rtvelo GEO def. Uryadova-Shiryaeva RUS2-1
Tian Jia-Wang CHN def. Maaseide-Glesnes NOR2-1
Barnett-Cook AUS def. Juliana-Larissa BRA2-0
Van Breedam-Mouha BEL def. Kuhn-Schwer SUI2-0
Branagh-Youngs USA def Esteves Ribalta-M Crespo CUB2-1
Pohl-Rau GER def. Kadijk R.-Mooren NED2-0
Aug-14Walsh-May-Treanor USA def. Hakedal-Torlen NOR2-0
Xue-Zhang Xi CHN def. Augoustides-Nel RSA2-1
F.Grasset-L. Peraza CUB def Teru Saiki-Kusuhara JPN2-1
Talita-Renata def vs. Karantasiou-Arvaniti GRE2-0
Schwaiger-Schwaiger AUT def. Candelas-Garcia MEX2-0
Goller-Ludwig GER def Koutroumanidou-Tsiartsiani GRE2-0
Aug-15Walsh/May-Treanor, USA def. Van Breedam/Bouha, BEL2-0
Branagh/Youngs USA def Fern.Grasset/Lar.a Peraza, CUB2-0
Tian Jia/Wang, CHN def. Nila/Ingrid, NOR2-0
Barnett/Cook AUS def Koutroumanidou/Tsiartsiani GRE2-1
Schwaiger/Schwaiger, AUT def. Goller/Ludwig, GER2-1
Xue/Zhang Xi, CHN def. Esteves/Ribalta/Crespo, CUB2-1
Talita/Renata, BRA def. Masseide/Glesnes, NOR2-1
Ana Paula/Larissa, BRA def. Pohl, Rau, GER2-0

As of August 20, 2008, at 11:54 PM ET

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