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Golden State Warriors Playoff Results

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YearOpponentW/LSeries ResultRound
1950SyracuseL2-0 *Eastern Division Semifinals
1951SyracuseL2-0 *Eastern Division Semifinals
1952SyracuseL2-1 *Eastern Division Semifinals
1956SyracuseW3-2 *Eastern Division Final
1957SyracuseL2-0 *Eastern Division Semifinals
1958SyracuseW2-1 *Eastern Division Semifinals
BostonL4-1Eastern Division Final
1960SyracuseW2-1 *Eastern Division Semifinals
BostonL4-2Eastern Division Final
1961SyracuseL3-0 *Eastern Division Semifinals
1962SyracuseW3-2 *Eastern Division Semifinals
BostonL4-3Eastern Division Final
1964St. LouisW4-3 #Western Division Final
BostonL4-1NBA Final
1967LA LakersW3-0 #Western Division Semifinals
St. LouisW4-2Western Division Final
PhiladelphiaL4-2NBA Final
1968St. LouisW4-2 #Western Division Semifinals
LA LakersL4-0Western Division Final
1969LA LakersL4-2 #Western Division Semifinals
1971MilwaukeeL4-1 #Western Conference Semifinals
1972MilwaukeeL4-1Western Conference Semifinals
1973MilwaukeeW4-2Western Conference Semifinals
LA LakersL4-1Western Conference Final
1975SeattleW4-2Western Conference Semifinals
ChicagoW4-3Western Conference Final
1976DetroitW4-2Western Conference Semifinals
PhoenixL4-3Western Conference Final
1977DetroitW2-1Western Conference First Round
LA LakersL4-3Western Conference Semifinals
1987UtahW3-2Western Conference First Round
LA LakersL4-1Western Conference Semifinals
1989UtahW3-0Western Conference First Round
PhoenixL4-1Western Conference Semifinals
1991San AntonioW3-1Western Conference First Round
LA LakersL4-1Western Conference Semifinals
1992SeattleL3-1Western Conference First Round
1994PhoenixL3-0Western Conference First Round
2007DallasW4-2Western Conference First Round
UtahL4-1Western Conference Semifinals
2013DenverW4-2Western Conference Quarterfinal
San AntonioL4-2Western Conference Semifinals
2014LA ClippersL4-3Western Conference Quarterfinal

As of May 4, 2014, at 07:17 PM ET

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