NASCAR HOF should shake 'n bake with Hollywood

Chris Symeon, Motorsports Editor

The Inside Line Charlotte, NC (Sports Network) - If the International Boxing Hall of Fame can induct Sylvester Stallone, then why can't the NASCAR Hall of Fame enshrine a Hollywood celebrity as well.

Better yet, when the voting panel for the NASCAR HOF meets on Tuesday in Charlotte to select its five-member class for 2012, maybe they should think about electing a class for the NASCAR Hollywood Drive to Fame.

Yo, Adrian, he did it. With the crowd on hand chanting, "Rocky," and the popular theme song from the Academy Award-winning movie playing in the background, Stallone was inducted into the IBHOF on Sunday in Canastota, NY.

If the NASCAR HOF's 55-member panel (one of them being the fan vote) were ever to choose a class of characters, here's the first five who come to my mind:

Shake it and bake it, NASCAR fans. Ricky Bobby from "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" would go fast in the selection process. To not put Will Ferrell's character in the class would be the same as Ricky Bobby and crew chief Cal Naughton Jr. (John C. Reilly) not going together like Chinese food and chocolate pudding.

Carl Edwards would certainly cast a vote for Ricky if he were on the panel.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Stroker Ace deserves a place in the Hall. Not only was he the fastest driver in a chicken suit, Stroker Ace was born to race. Stroker also had his own theme song, which was performed by the Charlie Daniels Band.

Carl Edwards would certainly cast a vote for Ricky Bobby if he were on the panel.
Believe it or not, Burt Reynolds turned down the role of astronaut Garrett Breedlove in "Terms of Endearment," as Reynolds had already committed to starring as the stock car racing champion in Stroker Ace. Smart move? Jack Nicholson took the role in Terms of Endearment and went on to win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for the 1983 film.

Park "Herbie" in the Hall. The No.53 Volkswagen Beetle, with red, white and blue racing stripes, has earned a spot on "Glory Road." Hopefully, NASCAR won't take Herbie to its research and development center in nearby Concord, NC for further inspection anytime soon. That would be a hefty penalty.

Whenever the Love Bug ever is enshrined, "Herbie: Fully Loaded" star Lindsay Lohan should do the honors, assuming she's not under house arrest at the time.

Make room for a "Six Pack" in the NASCAR HOF. Brewster Baker, portrayed by Kenny Rogers, belongs in the Hall, with the orphaned children in the 1982 comedy inducting him.

Even though Swifty (Robby Still) calls him a "no good, rotten, washed up, fork tongue, black hearted, double dealing, backstabbing, alci bum," Baker has made a name for himself in Hollywood's stock car racing cast of characters.

By the way, you watch your mouth, Shiftey. It's Swifty, you toad sucker.

Finally, you can't exclude Cole Trickle from the class. It's Tom Cruise. It's "Days of Thunder." Need I say anymore.

I know. I know. You're probably wondering why the loveable characters from "Cars" -- Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson), Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) and Doc Hudson (Paul Newman) to name a few -- didn't make the cut.

Right now, they're revving up for their sequel, which is scheduled for release on June 24.

How about we let those boys have at it next year.

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