In Lake Buena Vista, the waiting is the hardest part

Chris Ruddick,
MLB Editor

Rounding Third Logo Lake Buena Vista, FL (Sports Network) - Sorry for my hacky Tom Petty reference, but I have been cooped up here in the media center at the Winter Meetings for the better part of 14 hours now, waiting for something, anything, to happen.

I thought there would be a ton of action at these meetings. At least more than the last few snoozefests. I mean, all the deadlines have passed, contracts have been tendered, arbitration has been offered and rejected or accepted. With all the big free agents in play, these meetings should have been a wild, rumor-filled free-for-all.

But something happened between the time the Nationals inked Jayson Werth on Sunday night and now. Or, better yet, I should say nothing has happened.

Cliff Lee seems no closer to being signed than he was at the start of the week. Teams are still kicking the tires on Carl Crawford and the Kansas City Royals apparently want a small country in return for Zack Greinke.

The Royals are becoming that guy in your fantasy league who always talks about trades, but when push comes to shove just never pulls the trigger. Kansas City did it with Joakim Soria last year and now they are doing it with Greinke.

With all due respect to Ty Wigginton, Kevin Correia, Ronny Paulino and D.J. Carrasco, they aren't the names I expected or wanted to hear at these meetings.

Everyone seems to have a varying opinion on Washington's intentions with regard to Cliff Lee.
Everything can change on Wednesday. Early Tuesday, it seemed as if the Nationals were big on Lee. By dinnertime, that story had flipped then flipped back about 10 times. They were in, they were out, they offered seven years, there was no way they offered seven years. Who knows? Everyone seems to have a varying opinion on Washington's intentions with regard to Lee.

They just gave Jayson Werth $126 million. I'd say they are in on Lee.

This we do know, though: The Yankees and Rangers have made their offers. But it might not matter because Lee apparently has a seven-year deal on the table from another team.

The Yankees say they won't go seven years. So there is a mystery team hovering out there. I think it's the Angels, but are they really a mystery team? They are always in on the big free agents. The Twins love Lee and wanted him badly at the trade deadline, but I just can't see them ponying up the $150 million- plus it appears it will take to sign him.

Word leaked on Tuesday that the Rangers were willing to listen to offers for third baseman Michael Young. You have to think Texas is looking to clear money for something, be it Lee or an extension for Josh Hamilton. Or maybe they will make a run at Carl Crawford, who really only has two suitors in the Angels and Red Sox.

One name that could pop up a lot in the next couple of days is Milwaukee first baseman Prince Fielder. The Brewers met on Monday and came to the realization that they are just not going to re-sign him. So, in other words, shop is open.

There was an unfounded rumor on Monday that the Dodgers were close to sending James Loney and Jonathan Broxton to the Brewers for the slugger, but that was dismissed about as quickly as it went across Twitter.

Baltimore is looking to make a big move here. Landing Fielder would certainly fit the bill. The O's came close to acquiring shortstop Jason Bartlett from Tampa Bay on Tuesday, but that fell apart.

The Orioles are in business and have some young parts that could go the other way. Would the Brewers consider a package spearheaded by Jeremy Guthrie? Perhaps.

It was a very slow Day 2 here at the Winter Meetings. Hopefully business picks up a little on Wednesday.

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