Things go from bad to worse for the Mets

Chris Ruddick, MLB Editor

Rounding Third Logo Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - It was Wayne Gretzky who once called the New Jersey Devils a Mickey Mouse organization. Well, the Devils have since removed their mouse ears, but there is still a franchise that sits atop Space Mountain and that is the New York Mets.

What the Mets, specifically general manager Omar Minaya, did to New York Daily news writer Adam Rubin during Monday's press conference to fire another zero in the game of life, assistant general manager Tony Bernazard, was one of the most reprehensible, unprofessional, petty things I have seen in my time covering sports.

In case you don't know what I am talking about, it was Rubin who first brought the story of Bernazard removing his shirt earlier in the season, while challenging a Mets minor league team to a fight.

Well, Minaya admitted during Monday's presser that Bernazard has been under investigation for a while by human resources for a number of incidents and was generally not liked by many people within the organization. Firing him was basically an easy decision.

But Minaya then did the unspeakable, as for no other reason than to hurt Rubin, mentioned that the writer had been lobbying for a job in the player development area with the team, intimating that he wrote the piece on Bernazard in an effort to make him look bad so he could get the job.

First of all that notion is ridiculous and two even if Rubin was interested in a job with the team, the story was true. It is not as if Rubin wrote a piece that was false in an effort to defame Bernazard, who by all accounts did a pretty good job of that all by himself.

I cannot believe that Minaya is that incompetent that he would say something out of school like that in a public forum without the approval of owner Jeff Wilpon, who was a big proponent of the fired Bernazard.

I am sorry, but this reeks of "you took down one of our guys, now we are going to take you down."

That makes Minaya look even worse. He is not a despicable human being, he is a coward and a yes man and mark my words he is going to get fired over this.

Forget the fact that in the last two years he has put together two of the worst collapsing teams in the history of baseball, or that his team this season is going to finish fourth in the worst division in the league, he is going to lose his job because the Wilpons are going to make him the scapegoat in this fiasco.

Way to tow that company line Omar.

Don't be surprised if Minaya never gets another general manager's job in the big leagues over this. That is how much of a disgrace it is what went on this afternoon at Citi Field.

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