It's time for Ozzie to go in Chicago

Chris Ruddick,
MLB Editor

Rounding Third Logo Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - Ozzie Guillen recently said that he would be fine if the Chicago White Sox were to fire him. He said that he could always go back to managing in his native Venezuela, or that he could easily land a gig with Fox.

Well it may be time for him to start making some arrangements because his time on the South Side of Chicago could be coming to an end real soon if his team does not start winning.

Whether it has been his profanity-laced tirades at his own players or umpires, his questioning of MLB in regards to preferential treatment that Asian players receive compared to Latin players, his own family openly criticizing the White Sox organization on Twitter and countless other things, Guillen has done his fair share of embarrassing the White Sox organization.

General manager Ken Williams - often a target of Guillen and his family - always seemed to look the other way. For one, Guillen is a favorite of owner Jerry Reinsdorf, and two, the White Sox have for the most part been a winning organization since Guillen took the helm in 2004.

But, that 2005 World Series championship was a long time ago and Guillen's antics have gotten real old, especially when the team is not winning.

Ozzie Guillen's antics have gotten real old, especially when the team is not winning.
And the White Sox are not winning at the moment, having lost 17 of their last 21 games, and owners of the worst record in all of baseball at 11-21.

"What can we do about it? Nothing. I'm not making any excuses. We [stink]," Guillen said. "And he (Reinsdorf) watches the same games we watch. A lot of Managers of the Year get fired. They do. That's why when they gave me my Manager of the Year Award, psh. I don't care about that."

The White Sox were probably a slugger away from winning the AL Central last season. They wanted Adam Dunn at the deadline, but eventually settled on Manny Ramirez, who proved to be a major disappointment.

Well Williams addressed that huge void in the middle of the lineup this past offseason and finally landed Dunn, signing the slugger to a four-year, $56 million deal, thrusting the White Sox to the front of the pack among AL Central contenders.

Dunn, who a certain writer from The Sports Network predicted as his AL MVP, has been abysmal, hitting just .153 with a mere three home runs and 12 RBI. In his defense he did miss time following an appendectomy and I know everyone bounces back differently from procedures like that, but St. Louis' Matt Holliday has been nothing short of spectacular since returning from the same operation.

It's not just Dunn either. This whole team just isn't hitting and they may have hit rock-bottom on Tuesday when Francisco Liriano, a pitcher who hadn't been able to get anyone out this season, no-hit them.

"I wasn't in the lineup," said Guillen, whose team was no-hit for 5 1/3 innings by the Tigers' Brad Penny on April 23. "I was a very bad manager during the game, and I was worse before the game because I made the lineup."

Still, it's only May 5 and the top two teams in the AL Central at the moment are the Cleveland Indians and Kansas City Royals - the two teams who have owned the division's last two spots in each of the last two seasons.

Colorado was in a similar position with Clint Hurdle in 2009. Obviously not the lightning rod that Guillen is, but Hurdle had some success with the Rockies and his team just got off to an awful start. Whether they had tuned out or not, something clicked for that team when Jim Tracy took over and the team rolled to one of the best records in baseball the rest of the way and reached the postseason.

Bottom line was Colorado general manager Dan O'Dowd knew he had a playoff team and had to make a move to try to salvage his season. It might be time for Williams to do the same.

The media began tuning Guillen out a long time ago. Williams had better figure out if the White Sox players have started to adopt that same policy.

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