Time to give A-Rod a break?

Chris Ruddick, MLB Editor

Rounding Third Logo Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - For anyone who wants to rip and criticize Alex Rodriguez for his press conference in Tampa on Tuesday, I have a simple question -- what exactly were you people expecting?

Knowing everything you know about Alex Rodriguez, what world do you live in that you actually believed he was going to completely come clean? If you saw the first interview last week, you had to know that this was going to be the same thing, just on a much larger scale.

Even if he had given you every last detail, would it have made a difference? There is nothing that Rodriguez could have said on Tuesday that would have changed some opinions of him.

I am not here to praise Rodriguez, but the bottom line is that there has never been as high-profile a player as A-Rod to come forth on this topic. This is all unchartered territory for a player of his caliber. He has admitted to using steroids, and there haven't been many to do that at his level.

Of course, the notion that he did not know what he was putting into his body is laughable. The "young and dumb" argument never works, but I understand why he is playing that card. Would hearing all the gory details really make a difference?

Honestly, I am surprised we have gotten as much from him as we have.

You have to understand, this is not J.C. Romero or Guillermo Mota. Rodriguez is one of the top-five players to ever play the game, and he is desperately trying to protect his legacy.

What more do you people want? He has apologized. Is it really important to know his cycle schedule?

If it comes out that he was taking the drugs for a longer period of time than he has stated, then I may have a different opinion, but I am moving on. Rodriguez used steroids and he has apologized. Like I have said before, he was definitely not alone.

Now, let's play ball.


You know, I was hoping that at some point I would see or hear a comment from the ageless wonder Jamie Moyer on all the Alex Rodriguez stuff. Thankfully, my prayers were answered by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Moyer, who was Rodriguez's teammate in Seattle for four years, told the paper, among other things, that A-Rod probably has no shot at the Hall of Fame.

"I don't see how he has a chance," Moyer told the Inquirer. "Who in their right mind would vote for anyone who got caught taking that stuff? It's about respecting the game. I'd be disappointed in anybody in that situation. When people have had an impact on your life, you want to feel for them. But how can I feel for him? To me, if you're doing it, you know it's illegal. I commend him for coming out and saying it, but why didn't he say it seven years ago?"

Moyer also said Rodriguez's home run numbers are now tainted.

"Of course they are," Moyer added. "This changes everything -- the way people look at him, the way people act toward him. It's a shame. What does he have to play for now? Who's going to believe him? What credibility does he have now?"

Actually, as the elder statesman of the league I really have no problem with Moyer commenting on Rodriguez, as his is one of the opinions I actually care to listen to, and especially since he was a former teammate and probably at one point a mentor to A-Rod.

I just hope Jamie repeats this sentiment to his teammate Romero, who will be sitting out the first 50 games of the season for violating the league's steroid policy.

Oh that's right, Romero did not know he was taking a banned substance? Rodriguez is being destroyed over that fact, but I guess we should believe Romero.

If Rodriguez's numbers are tainted, does that mean Romero's 0.00 ERA in last year's playoffs is tainted as well?

You can drop off your World Series ring anytime you want, Jamie. I don't want you to live with the shame of having a steroid abuser contribute to your World Series championship.

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