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Final 2014 NL Strikeout Rate Leaders
Complete through Sunday, September 28th

From The Sports Network

1Ben Revere, PHI12.84960113417
2Denard Span, WAS10.36561050233
3Andrelton Simmons, ATL9.66054032022
4Jonathan Lucroy, MIL9.27158566220
5Justin Morneau, COL9.26050234680
6Buster Posey, SFG8.86954747380
7Jean Segura, MIL8.070513284210
8Chase Utley, PHI7.885589531390
9Pablo Sandoval, SFG7.58558839470
10Daniel Murphy, NYM7.58659639250
11Aramis Ramirez, MIL7.175494211330
12Zack Cozart, CIN6.97950625705
13Josh Harrison, PIT6.88152022422
14Casey McGehee, MIA6.810261667170
15Charlie Blackmon, COL6.896593311356
16Matt Holliday, STL6.7100574741720
17Adeiny Hechavarria, MIA6.78653626164
18Jason Heyward, ATL6.69857367630
19Anthony Rendon, WAS6.610461358552
20Neil Walker, PIT6.588512451121
21Matt Carpenter, STL6.411159595892
22Jordy Mercer, PIT6.28950635455
23Hanley Ramirez, LOS6.18444956610
24Jimmy Rollins, PHI6.110053864133
25Dee Gordon, LOS6.110760931433
26Seth Smith, SDP6.08744369440
27Adrian Gonzalez, LOS5.9112591562110
28Aaron Hill, ARI5.99250128570
29Miguel Montero, ARI5.89748956960
30Gerardo Parra, ARI5.710052932526
31Starlin Castro, CHC5.710052835420
32Andrew McCutchen, PIT5.6115548841060
33Domonic Brown, PHI5.69147334140
34Jhonny Peralta, STL5.611256058640
35Jayson Werth, WAS5.611353483930
36DJ LeMahieu, COL5.59749433227
37Hunter Pence, SFG5.413065052330
38Adam LaRoche, WAS5.410849482280
39Anthony Rizzo, CHC5.3116524731540
40Billy Hamilton, CIN5.211756334149

As of September 29, 2014, at 02:33 AM ET

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