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Tampa Bay Rays vs. St. Louis Cardinals
07/22/14 8:15 PM ET W/LO/UW/LO/UW/LO/U
Tampa Bay47-5349-46-522-2827-20-325-2522-26-2
St. Louis54-4540-51-829-2122-23-525-2418-28-3
Quickchart Matchup
101.0 IP
138.0 IP
1.34 WHIP
0.91 WHIP
116 KO
115 KO
99 H
96 H
28 R
46 R
1.83 ERA
4.01 ERA
Partly Cloudy Partly cloudy. Winds blowing in from center field at 10-15 m.p.h. Game-time temperature: Around 85.
Tampa BaySt. Louis
- Center fielder Desmond Jennings (8/29, bruised left knee) is expected to miss the remainder of the season. Designated hitter Jerry Sands (6/23, left wrist surgery) is on the 60-day disabled list and will miss the remainder of the season. Starting pitcher Matt Moore (4/8, left elbow surgery) is on the 60-day disabled list and will miss the remainder of the season. - Center fielder Shane Robinson (8/26, left shoulder surgery) is on the 60-day disabled list and will miss the remainder of the season. Starting pitcher Jaime Garcia (6/21, left shoulder surgery) is on the 60-day disabled list and will miss the remainder of the season.
Latest News
Tampa BaySt. Louis
07/21 00:18:42 ET Rays escape Minnesota with sweep
07/20 10:07:12 ET Rays go for sweep, fifth straight win against Twins
07/20 02:09:37 ET Price shines as Rays top Twins
07/21 00:45:35 ET Gonzalez, Dodgers drop Cardinals
07/20 09:04:16 ET Kershaw seeks revenge at Busch Stadium
07/19 21:33:32 ET Kelly strong as Cardinals top Dodgers
Starters Overall
Starters Last 3
Overall Stats
Tampa Bay47-5349-46-5.2543.76.384.326
St. Louis54-4540-51-8.2523.39.373.318
Last 10 Stats
Tampa Bay7-35- 4-1.2802.93.372.372
St. Louis7-36- 4.2643.94.425.332
Away Stats
Tampa Bay25-2522-26-2.2473.99.386.314
St. Louis25-2418-28-3.2463.24.355.306
Home Stats
Tampa Bay22-2827-20-3.2613.55.381.338
St. Louis29-2122-23-5.2583.53.392.330
Recent Meetings
06/10/2014STL 1.242.303.34TAM
07/03/2011STL 3.333.583.38TAM 8.182.424.250-148/8O
07/02/2011STL 1.323.452.36TAM 5.286.371.342-127/8.5U
07/01/2011STL 3.250.389.308-131/8.5U
05/18/2008TAM 4.306.583.30STL 5.324.441.477119/9P
05/17/2008TAM 8.439.561.48STL 9.325.575.357-133/8O
05/16/2008TAM 3.324.405.35STL 1.235.382.235111/9U
06/19/2005STL 8.257.343.35TAM 5.297.324.422144/10O
06/18/2005STL 5.206.324.22TAM 2.294.412.368190/9.5U
Last 10: Tampa Bay
07/20/2014TAM 5MIN 3-132/8.5WU.306.444.395
07/19/2014TAM 5MIN 1-148/7WU.371.486.389
07/18/2014TAM 6MIN 2-124/7.5WO.333.455.389
07/13/2014TOR 0TAM 3-174/6.5WU.207.207.314
07/12/2014TOR 3TAM 10-121/7.5WO.364.424.465
07/11/2014TOR 8TAM 5-136/7LO.306.417.366
07/09/2014KAN 5TAM 4-124/6.5LO.235.324.381
07/08/2014KAN 3TAM 4102/7WP.250.344.306
07/07/2014KAN 6TAM 0-124/7LU.133.167.188
07/06/2014TAM 7DET 3-119/7.5WO.432.614.444
Last 10: St. Louis
07/20/2014LOS 4STL 3179/6.5LO.226.355.294
07/19/2014LOS 2STL 4144/7.5WU.276.414.400
07/18/2014LOS 2STL 3-126/7.5WU.250.469.314
07/13/2014STL 2MIL 11111/8.5LO.152.182.176
07/12/2014STL 10MIL 2-124/7.5WO.308.436.378
07/11/2014STL 7MIL 6138/8WO.297.676.350
07/10/2014PIT 9STL 1103/8LO.222.222.290
07/09/2014PIT 2STL 5-137/7.5WU.400.629.475
07/08/2014PIT 4STL 5-118/8WO.324.471.343
07/07/2014PIT 0STL 2-165/7.5WU.120.280.241

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