2015 LPGA Symetra Tour Statistics
(Complete through Guardian Retirement Championship)

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Putting AverageScoring AverageRookie of the Year
Silvia Cavalleri28.00Lee Lopez71.00Augusta James24,285
Esther Choe28.00Maude-Aimee Leblanc71.44Brittany Henderson12,783
Chie Arimura28.50Brianna Do71.44Silvia Cavalleri7,054
Santiwiwatthanaphong28.63Jimin Kang72.00H.Morita-WanyaoLu6,862
Laura Jansone28.71Rachel Rohanna72.00Luciane Lee4,705
Numa Gulyanamitta28.80Megan McChrystal72.06Kelli Bowers4,556
Lee Lopez28.81Giulia Molinaro72.13Celine Herbin4,528
Renee Skidmore29.00Sue Kim72.33Emily Tubert4,231
Cindy LaCrosse29.14Cydney Clanton72.42Elizabeth Nagel4,034
Alice H. Kim29.18Lindy Duncan72.44Megan Grehan3,953
Rounds Under ParGreens in Reg.Birdies
Maude-Aimee Leblanc 9/16Cydney Clanton.736Maude-Aimee Leblanc 61
Lee Lopez9/16H. Morita-WanyaoLu.726Brittany Benvenuto53
Stephanie Kono4/8Megan McChrystal.726Lee Lopez52
Giulia Molinaro4/8Rachel Rohanna.708Samantha Richdale51
Jimin Kang3/6Dani Holmqvist.706Daniela Iacobelli50
Sue Kim4/9Brianna Do.705Rachel Rohanna50
Emma De Groot4/9Veronica Felibert.702Brianna Do48
H. Morita-WanyaoLu 7/16Emma De Groot.698Casey Grice46
Samantha Richdale7/16Celine Herbin.697Megan Grehan45
Daniela Iacobelli7/16Maude-Aimee Leblanc.691Megan McChrystal45
Lindy Duncan7/16Samantha Richdale.691
EaglesDriving DistanceDriving Accuracy
Veronica Felibert4Maude-Aimee Leblanc282.4Augusta James.881
Brianna Do4Rachel Rohanna274.8Jimin Kang.857
Jayde Panos3Daniela Iacobelli274.0Paola Moreno.857
Lindy Duncan3Emily Tubert273.7Stephanie Connelly.857
Ulrika Van-Niekerk 2Giulia Molinaro267.8Grace Na.849
Maude-Aimee Leblanc 2Cydney Clanton266.5Lee Lopez.848
Lee Lopez2Jayde Panos266.1M. Lopez Porras.843
Dani Holmqvist2Joanna Coe264.0Jenny Suh.841
Jean Chua2Jimin Kang263.9Tracy Stanford.837
Tracy Stanford2Lauren Doughtie262.3Fabiola Arriaga.830
Brittany Altomare2
Daniela Iacobelli2
Cydney Clanton2
Laura Kueny2
Fiona Puyo2
Jennifer Kirby2
Kathleen Ekey2
Emily Childs2
Mia Piccio2
Katelyn Sepmoree2
Ashley Knoll2
Note - Players must compete in at least 1/3 of tournament rounds played.

As of April 27, 2015, at 03:24 PM ET
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