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2014 LPGA Symetra Tour Statistics
(Complete through Garden City Charity Classic)

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Putting AverageScoring AverageRookie of the Year
Numa Gulyanamitta29.28Marissa Steen71.12Min Lee53,487
Therese Koelbaek29.43Veronica Felibert71.23Yueer Cindy Feng51,992
Wei-Ling Hsu29.68Yueer Cindy Feng71.28Lee Lopez36,115
Ashley Sholer29.75Min Seo Kwak71.33Demi Runas33,223
Brittany Altomare29.81Wei-Ling Hsu71.55Gonzalez Escallon28,983
Alice H. Kim29.85Min Lee71.63Madison Pressel27,909
Min Seo Kwak29.92Brittany Altomare71.74Casey Grice19,521
Stephanie Connell29.95Jackie Stoelting71.83Katelyn Sepmoree14,875
Sara-Maude Juneau29.96Sara-Maude Juneau71.94P. Loomboonruang14,199
Eileen Vargas29.97Lindy Duncan71.94Cheyenne Woods12,047
Rounds Under ParGreens in Reg.Birdies
Yueer Cindy Feng19/36Marissa Steen.797Kendall Dye189
Min Seo Kwak25/48Veronica Felibert.797Gonzalez Escallon184
Veronica Felibert18/35Yueer Cindy Feng.776Daniela Iacobelli176
Lindy Duncan26/52Rebecca Artis.770Jackie Stoelting169
Min Lee24/49Kelly Shon.765Therese Koelbaek164
Wei-Ling Hsu18/38Caroline Powers.758Min Seo Kwak162
Marissa Steen20/43Maude-Aimee Leblanc.747Brittany Altomare162
Brittany Altomare25/54Min Lee.744Calle Nielson161
Jackie Stoelting24/53Emma Jandel.744Min Lee161
Stephanie Na13/29Jessica Wallace.732Sara-Maude Juneau160
EaglesDriving DistanceDriving Accuracy
Casey Grice5Kendra Little264.4Sehee Son.904
Laura Wearn5Laura Wearn263.7Rebecca Artis.883
Breanna Elliott5Nicole Vandermade262.6Stephanie Connelly.876
Carolin Pinegger5Daniela Iacobelli261.9Natalie Sheary.864
Jaclyn Jansen4Rachel Rohanna261.0Jenni Jenq.842
O. Jordan-Higgins4Maude-Aimee Leblanc261.0Lee Lopez.842
Marta Silva4Jordan Ontiveros259.2M. Lopez Porras.833
Hannah Yun3Sadena Parks258.1Jane Rah.832
Jackie Stoelting3Lauren Doughtie257.9Tracy Stanford.831
Garrett Phillips3Ashleigh Albrecht257.4Shannon Fish.824
Lauren Doughtie3
Brittany Altomare3
Veronica Felibert3
Daniela Iacobelli3
Rachel Rohanna3
Lili Alvarez3
Emily Talley3
Amy Meier3
Madeleine Sheils3
Krista Puisite3
Note - Players must compete in at least 1/3 of tournament rounds played.

As of September 15, 2014, at 04:41 PM ET

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· Lewis, Hur share lead in Alabama

· Kim moves to 10th in world rankings

· Hyo-Joo Kim wins wild Evian Championship

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