Stay left hand dominant in your golf swing
Doug Hammer

Scottsdale, AZ (Sports Network) -- Much too often I see right-handed golfers overuse their right hand in the normal golf swing. In fact, very frequently, I see the left hand come off the club altogether at the top of the backswing and this can result in re-gripping during the downswing causing a casting move and inconsistent squaring of the clubface.

In a right-handed golf swing, the left hand is the dominant hand. That is about as simple and firm as it gets. The role of the right hand is primarily to assist in rotating the forearms and squaring of the clubface. In a perfect world, right-handed people should consider playing left handed (see Phil Mickelson) to allow the right hand to then be in the dominant position. Since that is not about to happen, and we all understand and agree with that, you must follow simple rules if you are to improve and, in so doing, maintain a higher level of play.

Backswing Drill
Now, switching from right-handed to left-handed may be a bit of crazy notion, as noted above, especially for those of you who have played right-handed for a very long time. So, instead, try this drill the next time you are practicing. Place a tee underneath the last two fingers on your left hand (see photo). Try to keep the tee in place as you hit balls. If the tee falls out, you have let go with the left hand at some point in your swing.

As you practice you should notice that your grip pressure is stronger with the last 3 fingers on your left hand. Do not fight this, good players grip the club tighter with these fingers and lighter with the other 7. Also keep plenty of band-aids or tape nearby as the wear patterns on your hands may change. Do not be discouraged if you get a blister - the skin just needs to toughen up in new places.

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