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Doug Hammer Scottsdale, AZ (Sports Network) -- It amazes me how many golfers really do not know where their swing path is or where it is supposed to be. When I watch great players practice, they are constantly checking the club position at various points in the swing. Take Mike Weir for example, he checks his swing path on every shot as part of his pre-shot routine.

I challenge you to become more aware of your swing path and work to get the club "on plane" during your swing. So, what is the correct swing path? Ideally, the club should either point at or be parallel to your target line at all points in the swing. That means backswing and follow-through. Here is a simple drill that you can do to work on your swing path correctly.

A good golf swing starts with the same pre-shot routine.
You can use a fiberglass rod, similar to what I am using the in the picture, to place in the ground to help you identify your shaft plane. You can also use an old broken shaft, yard stick, etc., just as long as it is straight, approximately three feet long and can stick into the ground.

Step one is to stick the fiberglass rod into the ground so that it is parallel to your golf club at address. Be sure to place the rod back far enough so that you don't hit it!! On your initial takeaway the clubhead should stay above the fiberglass shaft. At the three-quarter point of the backswing the club should be parallel to the fiberglass shaft. This is the correct swing path for the backswing!

Step two is to move the fiberglass shaft to the follow through. Again, be sure to put the shaft in the ground parallel to your club's shaft angle at address. At the half- way point of your follow through the clubhead should be above the fiberglass shaft. At the three-quarter point of the follow-through the club should be parallel again to the fiberglass shaft.

While doing this drill, use a mirror for best results. Getting your club on the correct path will help your angle of attack into the ball and improve your ball striking immediately. If the path feels completely off, it just means you needed some big improvements! Good luck with your practice sessions!

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