Make the hole seem HUGE!!

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Doug Hammer Scottsdale, AZ (Sports Network) -- Have you ever had those days when you swore that the superintendent at the club, or the groundskeeper, cut the cups smaller? Surely they had to be bigger last week when you made nearly every important putt, right? How can you continue to miss these short putts when you are certain that you hit the putt perfectly?

Any of those questions sound familiar? I know they are to me! There are days when I could be certain that the cups are at least one inch smaller. But, sadly, they are not. You are just missing them. However, there is a way to make the hole seem too big for the golf ball.

Using a tennis ball while practicing putting, could solidify your short game.


The next time you are heading to the golf course, stick a tennis ball in the bag for your pre-round putting warm up. No, I am not suggesting to just by-pass the golf course and head straight for the tennis courts. Although I will be the first to admit that thought has occurred to me in the past! You can use that tennis ball to make putting seem a little bit easier, here?s how:
1.Take the tennis ball, a couple of regular balls and your putter up to the putting green.

2.Starting with the tennis ball at about three feet from the hole, take a few putts. You will notice that you need to be a little more firm and keep the wrists solid.

3.After about three putts, move back to four feet and hit three more putts. Repeat this process all the way out to 10 feet.

4.How did you do? Right, you noticed that the tennis ball barely will fit into a regulation size golf hole.

5.Now, try the same procedure with a real golf ball. Does the hole seem like it is much bigger? You will also notice you are hitting your putts more firmly, which is always a major key to making short putts.

I will practice this way at least once a week, mostly to work on my confidence. After about 20 or 30 putts with the tennis ball, it seems like there is no possible way to miss the hole with a regular golf ball! Good luck with this drill, and keep making those short putts!

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