Emotional Watson earns second win

Kevin Currie, Golf Editor

Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - Bubba Watson describes himself as goofy and emotional. On days like Sunday, you get to see Watson displaying both feelings.

The goofy side is seen for the first 63 holes of most tournaments, but come late in the final round he can get pretty serious.

Yet, during the final round of his win at the Farmers Insurance Open, he admitted that, "I'm looking at people flying around in kites. I'm looking at how beautiful the water is. I'm scared of heights, so I'm looking at the cliffs. So I'm looking at stuff I shouldn't be looking at while I'm trying to play golf. So my caddy's like, get focused. We're playing golf still."

And who doesn't look around at the scenery during a round of golf?

Watson is what every recreational golfer dreams to be. He's never had a lesson and still hits the ball as far as anyone on tour.

In his own words, "I still think I'm goofy Bubba Watson from Bagdad, Florida, that hits a ball, every once in a while with a pink shaft, real far."

Ain't that the truth?

Watson, who averages 315.4 yards off the tee, always seems to have a smile on his face, rarely showing the nerves he said he feels before and during every round he plays.

The smile tends to disappear from his face after his rounds. Once he started to answer questions Sunday during multiple television interviews, and again in the press room, the emotional side of Watson comes out fast.

Watson was very close to his father, who passed away last October. After his first victory last June, Watson could barely talk about his father because his emotions were pouring out. At the time, Watson's father was seriously ill.

Once again yesterday, Watson had to compose himself when asked about his father. He said in one television interview, he remembered Tiger Woods' first win after his father died and it was tough because your father isn't there to hug you.

Though, his father wasn't the only family member on Watson's mind on Sunday.

"It's my sister's birthday today, so it was nice for our family that I won on my sister's birthday," he said.

Watson's game has come a long way from his days on the Nationwide Tour, where he said, "I learned a lot about myself and how my mind is messed up."

The game has grown, but Watson still keeps it this simple - "I just try to kill my driver and have wedges in there (to greens) as much as possible."

Isn't that what every golfer wishes they could do?


John Daly hasn't had full-time status on the PGA Tour since 2006. Since then, he has lived on sponsor exemptions and his status as a past champion.

Daly has had plenty of battles with the PGA Tour over the years, including his being suspended. For him to go after specific PGA Tour events for not getting sponsor invites is the wrong way to go.

"I'll tell you this - I'll never go back to the (Bob) Hope and I'll never go back to Phoenix, no matter what happens. I won't even send letters anymore," Daly said last Thursday. "It hurt me for those two tournaments not to give me spots."

Admittedly, he has a point. Daly went on to say, he has helped the Thunderbirds, who run the tournament in Phoenix, and aided the celebrities at the Hope.

That being said, Daly needs to bite his tongue on these type of things.

As a huge fan favorite, many tournaments would be quick to accept him. However, if he is going to start calling out sponsors for not getting invites, he is barking up the wrong tree.

If the number of tournaments he can play in is limited to begin with, why narrow the field even more? Maybe those events wanted to go a different direction for a year?

If he can't live with a 'no' that might be a one-year thing, Daly will find himself playing more and more on the European Tour instead of the PGA Tour.

He joked that he has a virtual lifetime exemption on the European Tour with his two major championships. If he continues to call out PGA Tour sponsors, he may find himself without any events to play, unless he somehow regains his tour status.


- "I'm definitely playing in the future, no doubt." That was Tiger Woods' response when asked when we'll see him again on the PGA Tour. Is it too much to ask the guy to say he'll be back at the Match Play or Doral? Lighten up, Tiger.

- European Tour regulars now own six of the top-10 spots in the world rankings, and 13 of the top top-20.

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